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HR At Hdi Support World Live Event 2021
Service Desk is proud to be a part of the spotlight event 'Support World Live'- an innovative and interactive event organized by HDI. The event - which kicks off here on November 6 at Orlando - aims to unite the IT service and support industry through hundreds of sessions, case studies, workshops and panel discussions. is pleased to announce that we will conduct a session on November 10 at Expo Hall Theatre. The session titled 'Teamsification of Service Desks will be led by Manish Sharma- COO, 

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Check out this blog to know more about Teamsification and why it is important in this post-pandemic era. 

Teamsify your service desk to enhance your organization's performance

Our world has been in a new stage of transformation for some time now. Corporations and nations have been focused on equipping themselves with new technologies and business models as they strive to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving world. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has been viewed as the tipping point for the 21st century. Businesses need to have a plan to deal with disruptions to ensure business continuity. It will also be a momentous event that will accelerate the transformation of society through digitization. 

Digital platforms can provide the best results by multitasking as human beings do. In order to offer your employees seamless support, your traditional fragmented model is no longer effective. A service desk that is capable of providing personalized and effective employee support is not limited to answering questions posed by your employees. That is where Teamsification of service desk comes to your rescue

Teamsification of the Service Desk: What is it?

The Teamsification of service desks is a way of using one desk to serve a range of functions. According to, Teamsification is the process of automating and holistically supporting your employees via Microsoft Teams. Your employees can get their issues resolved and tasks automated on the collaborative platform they use to work remotely. In short, Teamsification doesn't just provide a unified experience, it opens up the possibility of advanced AI automation that can result in a much higher level of efficiency. 

As part of Teamsifying your service desk, Microsoft Teams is integrated to provide employees with personalized support. With Teamsification, you can provide ideal support services to your remote employees, from onboarding new employees to training them in micro-skills. As Teamsification allows your employees to receive wholesome support on a single platform, HR managers can streamline their processes effectively. 

Why Teamsification of Service Desks is Necessary in this New Normal?

As per the reports of McKinsey, employees lose a great deal of time and resources when they are unable to find and keep the needed data readily available to them. The report states that employees spend 9.3 hours searching and gathering information each week, or an average of 1.8 hours a day. It is as if companies hire 10 employees, but only nine turn up for work; the one is off searching for answers but contributing nothing to the company. The average day is filled with front-line employees switching between over 20 applications. In some large companies, onboarded employees spend months learning how to use the various applications within the organization.

What do employees face in the workplace in terms of support?

Here are some the major challenges new hires face at the workplace. 

  1. Knowledge Gap

    As per the research of ITSM tools, while ITSM professionals claim that they know the company's business processes in-depth, 39% of them would like to learn more about the company. There can be several problems arising from this. Let's say the knowledge base in your organization does not have enough information to resolve all the problems your employees may encounter. Consequently, your employees are likely to be dissatisfied with the assistance they receive.

    When all cases were routed to support agents, they became overburdened with requests, making it hard to provide quick and efficient support. The lack of support often led to a decrease in productivity and engagement among employees.

  2. Complex ticketing system

    For many companies, the employee ticketing system is effective, but it is not usually as fast as other methods of obtaining employee support. It is often difficult for traditional service desk users to track and create support tickets. Traditional ticketing systems are not suitable for employees who are not comfortable with using such platforms. An employee raising a ticket might experience delays resulting from a lack of communication or a priority issue before their issue is resolved. Consequently, non-technical staff become frustrated and turn to basic support channels for help.

  3. Issues Other Than IT Support

    Most organizations treat ITSM as the primary means of employee support and HR as secondary, but this is a misconception. There may be issues that your employee cannot resolve through an IT service desk, for example, understanding business processes, communicating with clients, etc. Employees in another department had difficulty getting automated support. This makes it difficult for your employees to get a satisfactory solution to their problems within the desired time frame.

  4. There is no personalized support.

    Each newly hired employee would have to face this challenge. It is often difficult for employees to establish a relationship with an organization without physically meeting their managers and team members. As soon as they begin their work, these employees may experience several doubts, which must be addressed right away.

    However, traditional service desks often provided template solutions to specific problems instead of understanding the context of employees' issues. This left employee questions unanswered, and the service desk investment was in vain.

Employees are undoubtedly challenged to adapt to the organizational culture and fully understand their roles without personalized support to guide them, a weak knowledge management system, and other challenges. Their work will be adversely affected, which will in turn negatively affect their overall productivity and the organization's ROI. You may be wondering how to find a permanent solution to all these problems. 

Teamsification offers a powerful solution to resolve all these issues. The Teamsification aims to teamsify (by bringing together) the most frequent tasks from a range of enterprise applications into one convenient platform i.e. MS Teams. This allows organizations to boost employee productivity immediately. A Teamsified Service Desk provides your employees with a central location to resolve all of their issues. To relieve employees of the hassle of finding answers to all major issues on a single virtual platform, Teamsification helps employees find answers to all major issues on a single virtual platform. 

Benefits of Teamsifying Your IT Service Desk

It is true that your organization will be able to overcome all of the IT-related hurdles by Teamsifying your IT service desk. You gain access to a wide variety of tools and features all under one unified platform. 

The following are some of the key benefits you can reap from teamsifying your service desk: 

  1. Automated reset of your passwords

    Most IT support issues involve changing or resetting passwords. Manually resetting employee passwords took a significant amount of the IT department's time that could have been used for other tasks. Teamsifying your service desk automates the process of resetting employee passwords. To reset their password, your employees can chat with the service desk. It will save your IT department time and effort resetting the passwords manually so that they can concentrate on more pressing issues.

  2. Quick Access To New Tools And Software

    Whether it's online work or offline, employees are always looking for new tools and software. Within 15 seconds, Employees will have access to the right tools through Teamsification of IT Service Desk.

  3. Offering employee support by using conversational AI

    By using artificial intelligence, a Teamsified service desk can provide fast and tailored support for employees. Conversational AI allows your employees to interact with bots instead of contacting support agents for assistance. Employees will be able to converse human-like with a machine that understands the context of their problems. From the moment your employees log in to the platform until they have their issue resolved, your chatbots will assist them.

    You're able to provide your employees with solutions to their problems within a few seconds with this feature. Generally, chatbots can solve employee problems at this stage of support. If your employees need skilled support, they can get their case referred to an experienced agent by sending a message.

  4. Provide right information at right time

    Businesses often need to establish enterprise knowledge bases or portals that store all the pertinent data and information about the enterprise for knowledge management. While working remotely, employees may encounter various issues and often look for instant answers to their queries.

    You can provide personalized services to your customers, gain valuable insights about your processes, enhance the productivity of your employees, and take advantage of cost-effective methods when you access, share, and update your business knowledge in the digital age.

  5. Create automated tickets

    The Teamsification of your service desk makes the ticketing process invisible to your employees because it automates the entire process. It eliminates the need for employees to create, track, and close support tickets. A simple chat with the chatbot will automatically create tickets for them. The chatbots help employees route their cases to a support agent by automatically creating a ticket for the case and sending the same to the agent.

    You can keep your employees informed of the status of their tickets via the service desk in real-time. The solution presented by the agent is communicated to your employees through chatbots, allowing for the ticket to be closed. Meanwhile, your employees can stay relaxed and wait for the issues to get resolved as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Teamsifying your HR Service Desk

By Teamsifying your HR service desk, your HR managers are able to streamline processes that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming. Here are some fundamental practices for handling remote employees through the Teamsification of your HR service desk

  1. Streamlines employee onboarding process

    Teamsification of HR service desk teams makes the employee onboarding process more automated and personalized. Additionally, it sends new employees a welcome email as soon as they join the organization. With the right user persona, you can supply your new employees with their login credentials, company policy, job details, details about their colleagues, and much more without manually inputting information. It ensures smooth and targeted onboarding for remote employees, especially when onboarding remote employees.

  2. Automate your recruiting tasks and improve your candidates' experience

    The traditional recruiting process is time-consuming for HR Teams and results in poor candidate experiences. HR managers often struggle to recruit remote employees due to difficulty screening applications and shortlisting candidates. A Teamsified HR service desk will automate many recruitment processes that will help secure the right talent for your organization. Teamsifying HR service desks allow you to create personalized screening questions which guide your shortlisting process. Also, it enables you to automate answering the questions your candidates might have regarding their roles and your recruitment process.

  3. Conversational chatbots for employee support

    When looking for help and getting their concerns resolved, remote employees are frequently confused and lost. There is no option for them to physically approach their peers or relevant authorities for answers to their questions. A Teamsified HR service desk provides employees with an easy way to resolve issues by using AI chatbots.

  4. Provide effective training to employees

    A Teamsified service desk also helps you in getting your employees trained in specific skill sets. By including all the necessary training resources in your enterprise knowledge base, you make them available to your employees for remote learning. Using videos, animations, pictures, and milestones to enhance your training content will make it more engaging. Having your employees train themselves on these service desks boosts their confidence and saves you money on hiring dedicated trainers.

  5. Automated surveys for employees

    A Teamsified HR service desk helps you gather employee feedback and assess their engagement with your organization if you wish to obtain feedback from them. You can customize the questions based on the employee, location, and department to ensure they are relevant. Management will be able to take essential HR decisions knowing what employees think.

  6. Educating Your Employees On Your HR Policies

    Teamsification of your HR service desk enables you to keep your employees updated on HR policies via the centralized collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams. Getting access to HR policies in the organizations they work for requires employees to read lengthy handbooks and manuals. Today, this is no longer true. Teamsified service desks allow employees to ask all questions relating to HR policies through AI chatbots on Microsoft Teams. Our service desk assists them with personalized answers, ensuring that all of their questions are answered.

Conclusion: Teamsifcation of service desks: Need of the hour

Since remote working is becoming more prevalent, your service desk should be Teamsified to meet the needs of your workforce. There is no doubt that if you want to increase productivity in your organization, you need to switch from traditional service desks to an automated employee support system. Supporting employees with the right services will make them feel more at ease and keep them engaged for longer. You won't believe how easy, fast, and profitable it is. It will make your employees indeed happy, motivated and loyal. Now is the right time to get started with Teamsification. 

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