This Week In Microsoft Teams - 6th Feb 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 6th Feb 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft says Users Should Switch to Teams Before it's Too Late

Microsoft has reminded users to prepare for the shift to Teams, offering Skype for Business Online customers a July 31, 2021 deadline for their migration. Still, companies are migrating at their own pace, which is why Microsoft has issued the six-month notice.   

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6 Ways to Boost Customer Service on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic solution to managing your contact center, and you won't need external solutions. However, the most effective CX strategies utilize the solutions around them to increase NPS scores and customer loyalty.   

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Microsoft Updates Live Captions Feature of Teams

Microsoft is updating an existing feature: live captioning. The company is offering new ways to enhance our online connections. Microsoft is a key player in a world where video and virtual interactions are increasingly the norms as people work from home.   

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Building Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Many organizations have learned the hard way interactive discussions don't work very well in large groups. If you have a Microsoft Team meeting with 10 or 15 participants and need a group discussion, it should be possible. When groups go too large, chaos ensues. Thus, breakout rooms are useful.   

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Microsoft Teams: Why New Features go to Colleagues Before You

Microsoft has explained that not all Teams get the same features simultaneously, even within the same company. Director of Program Management, Martin Rinas, at Microsoft, says it has to support so many people, device types, and connectivity types.   

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Microsoft Teams will be Fully Customizable Shortly

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a new Advanced Communications package for Teams, which makes enhanced meeting customizations available to organizations.Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to customize meeting experiences following the announcement of branded lobbies.   

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Microsoft Teams Now has a Tool to Handle Approval Requests

Microsoft Teams users can now get an Approvals app that allows them to manage and share approvals for items like expense reports and other requests. You can approve items from a chat or channel or Microsoft Teams Approvals directly.   

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Presenter View for Microsoft Teams is Available in Public Preview Mode

MS Teams allows you to share PowerPoint presentations directly on video calls. It will be much easier to keep track of your presentation with a new Presenter View, helping you share more meaningful content. In public preview mode, this feature is now available for Teams and could be made available soon.   

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Microsoft Productivity Score

Information about where businesses are on their digital transformation journey is what Microsoft Productivity Score is all about. According to Microsoft, the score shows you how your employees use various tools and shows how you can enhance team experience.   

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Microsoft Teams: New In-Meeting Share Experience

Microsoft Teams lets users share presentations on meetings and video calls. To keep the share tray clutter-free, Microsoft is redesigning the share screen to make it easier to view presentations during meetings and video calls.   

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Microsoft will Launch Conversational Artificial Intelligence in Outlook

Microsoft announced several new features designed to help people find balance at work and home. The list includes-   

  • Microsoft Teams integration with interactional AI,

  • transforming documents and photos into digital information, and

  • securing sensitive information.

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Microsoft Teams Now Lets You Keep Working Despite an Internet Outage

The biggest update to Microsoft Teams is the new offline experience that will help you continue to continue work - even if your internet connection goes down. With the offline software, Teams users can work when they don't have access to the internet.   

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Microsoft Teams Now Supports Approvals and Tasks Publishing

According to the new Approvals feature, Teams users can manage, share, and approve requests quicker. Users can add approval requests in chat or through the Approvals app, add required details, attach files, and then select and share them to approvers.   

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100 Million Students Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft sees the education sector as a market with significant potential. Over 200 million users of Microsoft Education products were announced last month, including teachers, students, and faculty leaders. The company also unveiled new hardware designed for school children at the same time.   

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