Top 10 Things To Automate In The Service Industry

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Top 10 Things To Automate In The Service Industry
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In today's world, 'automation' plays a crucial role in improving worker productivity and experience. Businesses need a platform that provides built-in features that simplify issue-resolution. AI-powered automation can collect additional information and directly respond to the issues without stressing the team. A healthy AI model provides employees with a precise and complete support system. 

We'll discuss the ten things to automate in the service industry for enhanced employee efficiency and productivity. 

10 Key Areas To Automate In The Service Industry

  1. Email responses to employees:
    With automated email response software, the employees receive a prompt reply, and agents are also happier since fewer emails are waiting on their attention. We can create a few corresponding email templates to save time for employees who wish to reach out to you via email.  

  2. Ticket Routing:
    Instead of having agents assign tickets, replacing this manual process with AI and automation is a better solution. How often do erroneous tickets get misattributed to the wrong staff members? How much time does every day go into reassigning tickets? This negatively impacts employees' experience.  

  3. Timely updates to Employees:
    Automation keeps your employees informed of the status of their tickets or requests. It also allows your agents to resolve the tickets faster. When the service desk is smart enough to understand employee needs, fewer tickets are raised. If issues are not resolved, alerts can go to the highest level, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.  

  4. Leveraging Knowledge Management:
    Knowledge management is fundamental to service desk automation. It provides the right information to the right person at the right time, making routine tasks more organized and standardized. Beyond the limitations of a traditional knowledge base, knowledge management uses tools that make knowledge more accessible, engaging and interactive.  

  5. Monitor Metrics:
    Instead of manually tracking metrics or using a point system, automation can help businesses focus on a complete overview of an employee's performance. For example, you can customize the following data collection:
    - The first level of communication decision
    - The number of tickets entered monthly / weekly.
    - Number of service requests received monthly / weekly
    - Percentage increase in the problem area
    - SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance rate
    - Lost business hours
    Service desk managers can get an in-depth view of each employee's performance, and executives can instantly evaluate their performance.  

  6. Ticket Resolution:
    The auto-resolution concept is mainly based on a virtual assistant concept, which has been gradually adopted among many companies. Enterprises can automate L1 support to provide employees with automated responses, engage employees with different types of information, and even create tickets for further technical support.  

  7. Processes:
    Automation simplifies and makes it easier to manage processes like onboarding, which takes a lot of time and manual effort to complete. It reduces the stress of employees and managers. Overall, the processes become more efficient and faster.  

  8. Technical Support:
    Automation helps in resolving employee technical issues remotely. From password resets to software downloads to email client setups and IT service restarts, automation allows employees to keep track of issues remotely and have little effort on their part. Additionally, the service desk managers can focus on other key priorities.  

  9. Employee feedback:
    There are multiple methods to measure a service desk's performance, as we have already discussed. However, none of these metrics matter if the level of service is subpar. One solution is to create and receive employee feedback regularly.  A great way to ensure constant employee feedback is to make the process automatic. Tools are available to automatically collect feedback and access it when needed to measure the Service Desk's performance and quality.  

  10. Enhancing Team Productivity: Appropriate automation tools enable employees to ask questions and get answers without interrupting the service desk. These tools improve the quality of the work employees deliver and productivity among employees.

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of using an automation tool? Get in touch with us, and we'll tell you more.

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