What Makes An Invisible Ticketing System A Need Of The Hour?

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What Makes An Invisible Ticketing System A Need Of The Hour?

Effective employees are the backbone of every successful and fruitful organization. This is why employers prefer to hire a pool of best-fit candidates. Though people have finally accepted living with the pandemic culture, we cannot forget the fact that the pandemic has separated employees from their office, teammates, and their routines for the past two years. The sudden shift towards remote and hybrid work culture has added chronic stress, reduced morale, dissatisfaction, fragmented support, and dropped team spirit among employees.  This eventually affected the overall performance of the employees. Employee productivity, satisfaction, motivation, and support are critical factors for the smooth running of any business. Corporate leaders must understand the key benefits of employee performance so that they can cultivate reliable and objective methods for estimating employees. This is why creating an inclusive work environment that prioritizes personalized employee support is so crucial right now- whether they work from home or in-office.

From ensuring that employees have well-functioning laptops and other necessary devices to addressing your employees’ issues and queries- there are many things that need to be handled. Undoubtedly, the pandemic outbreak has strengthened the necessity of an efficient and smart service desk that can offer a well-functioning ticketing system.  This is where comes into the picture.’s invisible ticketing system empowers employees by providing personalized employee support – making tickets invisible.   Doesn’t that sound interesting?

In this article, we’ll discuss how using an invisible ticketing system can help you streamline your employee support and enhance your ROI. Before we dig deeper, let’s understand more about the invisible ticketing system and its major benefits.

What Makes A Robust Ticketing System A Necessity?

Needless to say, when employees work remotely, they will encounter various IT and HR related issues such as password resetting, installing new software, configuring laptops, access denial to documents related to work policy or employee medical support etc. Earlier, whenever employees come across such issues, they will approach service desk agents via email, calls, or messages and seek quick support, even though they have a ticketing system. The service desk is under additional pressure because of this highly inefficient process. Managing employee queries and issues inappropriately can often lead to confusion among employees.

In most cases, service desk agents fail to provide timely support to the employees. When employees don’t receive instant support for their issues, they often feel frustrated. Thus, employees will be forced to find solutions to the problems mentioned above on the internet or old mail/documents by themselves. Thus, a lot of time will be wasted during their work hours, and they won’t be able to focus on their office tasks. A study by McKinsey found that employees devote around 1.8 hours every day searching for the right information- approximately 9 hours in a week. This is a serious issue that is harmfully affecting employee productivity and overall business revenue.

Thus, it is important for employers to provide a robust ticketing system that can offer instant and personalized support to the employees without switching between their laptop screens or tabs. And that’s how’s invisible ticketing system works.’s Invisible Ticketing System: A Need of the Hour

At – we believe that employee experience should be something frictionless, and employee support should be accessible within 15 seconds. It is true that Gen Z employees didn’t prefer a traditional ticketing system that provides fragmented support. What they need is a better and more robust ticketing system that is invisible.

Talking about’s invisible ticketing system- it makes it easier for the modern workforce to gain personalized support without relying upon conventional means of communication such as phone calls and emails. An invisible ticketing system leverages an advanced conversational AI interface that allows employees to create tickets themselves, and learn the status of the tickets. When an employer provides a ticketing system that is invisible, they can help their employees generate, track, and close those tickets without spending much time. Employees can also interact with an agent if they have any queries. The bot will automatically send updates of the tickets on collaborative platforms like MS Teams and Slack, where employees spend most of their time.  Once a ticket is resolved, it will be automatically closed and employees will get notified about the same.

Top Reasons To Use Invisible Ticketing System

In this present work culture, it is extremely important for both Fortune 500 companies and Startups to prioritize more personalized employee support and exceptional employee experience. While using's invisible ticketing system, employers can offer a modernized employee experience because it ensures:

In other words, the employee does not need to create a ticket. In this case, the employee is concerned about when the issue will be resolved. All they need to do is interact with a conversational AI-powered chatbot. It will provide the most up-to-date information.

For instance, if an employee encounters an error on his/her password and needs more information on resetting a password, he/she needs to chat with a bot that appears right inside MS Teams/ Slack window - "Please give me more information about resetting my password," and the chatbot replies "No problem, it isn't too complicated." And the bot will provide all necessary documents and provide a seamless employee experience.

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