Implementing Ms Teams Helpdesk For Employees Has Many Benefits – Let’S Look At Them

Implementing Ms Teams Helpdesk For Employees Has Many Benefits – Let’S Look At Them
MS Teams

MS Teams has been a constant companion for millions of professionals around the world. The platform has helped organizations set up virtual workspaces and allowed users to communicate and collaborate with their peers through a centralized digital platform.

In the age of digitization, it has become increasingly important to cater to the needs of employees working remotely. Organizations can no longer continue with the traditional approach to providing employee support. MS Teams helpdesk modernizes the support provided to your employees with the help of an AI-based service desk. The modern service desk allows you to provide personalized support to your employees, irrespective of their location.

MS Teams helpdesk leverages the functionality of the collaborative platform by allowing users to obtain seamless support without switching to a different platform. This facilitates the centralization of employee support to resolve the issues faced by your team members in the best way possible. AI allows MS Teams users to get their queries resolved and processes automated by putting in minimum effort.

Conversing With AI Chatbots

The traditional helpdesks often routed every case to dedicated support agents, getting them overburdened and exhausted. This resulted in unnecessary delays in employees getting answers to basic queries. MS Teams helpdesk reduces this excessive dependence on support agents with the help of conversational AI.

As the name suggests, conversational AI allows MS Teams users to interact with AI chatbots to obtain answers to their questions and get their issues resolved. Instead of directly approaching the support agents, your employees can initiate a chat and have their issues resolved within a few seconds. Commonly known as the’10-second service desk’, MS Teams helpdesk understands the context of the issue raised by the users, uses the enterprise knowledge base, and returns with a quick solution tailored specifically for the concerned employee.

This prevents users from having to depend on support agents, especially in the case of an emergency. If you have added relevant information to your knowledge, you can rest assured that MS Teams users can obtain answers to their questions.

Auto-resolution Of Issues Through Invisible Ticketing

Ticketing systems in traditional helpdesk often confuse non-technical employees and render them helpless. When employees cannot locate a channel to create support tickets and follow a specific process, they resort to making calls and writing emails to the concerned authority to get their issues resolved.

MS Teams helpdesk makes the ticketing system accessible to every employee by automating the entire process. The feature of the invisible ticketing system allows MS Teams users to create support tickets simply by chatting with virtual assistants. If the chatbots do not resolve the issue faced by an employee, they can ask the platform to bring a suitable agent on board to handle their case. The helpdesk would immediately create a ticket on behalf of the concerned employee and send all relevant details to a support agent.

While the agent is handling the case, the user would get regular updates and notifications regarding the status of the case. As soon as the agent provides a tailor-made solution and the user is satisfied with the same, MS Teams helpdesk would automatically close the ticket and record necessary details in the knowledge base. This makes the entire ticketing process faster, easier, and more efficient.

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Automation Of Repetitive Processes

IT support agents must perform a range of repetitive processes to handle employee requests throughout the year. From the day a new employee joins an organization, they receive requests for resetting/changing passwords, installing software platforms, providing access to specific tools, and much more. If carried out manually, the IT department would spend a good chunk of time performing repetitive tasks.

MS Teams helpdesk relieves your IT support staff by automating such repetitive processes. By building API connections to different systems, the modern helpdesk allows your employees to get specific tasks performed without getting the IT support agents involved. For example, if they are willing to change their passwords, a simple chat would initiate getting their identity verified and getting the password changed within a few seconds.

This helps your employees get their requests handled almost immediately and allows your IT staff to focus on more productive business areas.

Seamless Onboarding Of Remote Employees

MS Teams helpdesk allows you to streamline the process of onboarding remote employees. In the wake of hybrid workplaces, you cannot continue with traditional onboarding strategies. The AI-driven helpdesk allows your HR managers to provide specific resources to the new employees based on their user persona.

The automated platform allows you to provide your employees with personalized welcome letters, team members' contact details, work policies, login credentials, and all other details required to start their journeys with your organization. This modern approach to onboarding remote employees allows you to reach out to the new hires in the best way possible.

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Communicating Employee Benefits

Especially in the absence of physical interactions, new employees are often unaware of the benefits they are entitled to. Instead of making them reach out to their HR managers, MS Teams helpdesk allows users to obtain all information regarding the benefits offered to them at their fingertips.

All you need to do is add the necessary details to your enterprise knowledge base. Whenever an MS Teams user needs to access these details, they can simply interact with the chatbots and answer all their questions. This allows your employees to get their queries resolved on the same platform they use for work on a daily basis.

Getting Your Employees Trained Digitally

MS Teams helpdesk can also be used for getting users trained in specific skills through conversational microlearning. The fairly new learning mode allows users to consume bite-sized content for getting trained instead of reading lengthy handbooks and taking up time-consuming courses. By adding the necessary training resources to your knowledge base in the preferred format, you can have your employees access the same from their devices and get themselves trained at their convenience.


These were some of the many benefits of implementing MS Teams helpdesk within your organization. The AI-based helpdesk is here to stay and helps MS Teams users obtain quick and personalized support at their fingertips.

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