Why Does Your Organization Need An HR Helpdesk?

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Why Does Your Organization Need An HR Helpdesk?

Why Does Your Organization Need An HR Helpdesk?

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Why Does Your Organization Need An HR Helpdesk?

Of all the resources utilized by an organization, the human resource is the most challenging to manage. Irrespective of its industry, an organization consists of employees with unique likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences. As no two employees are the same, it makes the task of managing their operations difficult. This is where, the HR department comes in. HR professionals shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of the employees and providing them with all necessary resources to make the work environment conducive to their needs. 

Over time, the needs of employees have gone through a major change. With the increasing relevance of working remotely, employees today need flexibility in their tasks and are looking for seamless employee support from their organization. This makes it difficult for HR managers to look after every need of every employee manually. 

This issue can be resolved by implementing an HR help desk

What Is An HR Help Desk?

In simple words, an HR help desk is a digital representation of your HR department. It provides your employees with all the HR-related services and resolves them from a centralized platform. A single software platform stores all the information and resources to cater to the individual needs of your employees. 

With an HR help desk, your HR managers can keep track of the needs of all your employees and reach out to them without any delays. Instead of physically approaching the HR professionals and support agents, a help desk allows your employees to obtain support with a few simple clicks. 

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Challenges Tackled By An HR Help Desk

Here are some of the major challenges that can be tackled with the implementation of an HR help desk

Fragmented HR Support To Employees

Traditional HR support was often fragmented and unorganized, making it difficult to obtain adequate support on time. As there was no centralized platform for the employees to raise their concerns and obtain resolutions, they often resorted to the traditional methods of reaching out to the HR team, i.e., making calls and sending emails.

Lack Of Personalized Support

Traditional HR processes often fail to provide personalized solutions to the issues faced by the employees. Especially in an emergency, employees often had to struggle to obtain answers to questions that were unique to them.

Low Employee Engagement

Inadequate HR support often leads to low employee engagement. This is because employees cannot connect with the company they work for and lack a genuine drive to go to work every day. When your employees cannot seek personalized support and necessary resources to continue with their work, they lose the motivation to give their best and work passionately for the organization.

Low Productivity

Low engagement often leads to decreased productivity of the employees. When your employees are not provided with sufficient support from the HR department, they cannot give their 100% in their work. Low productivity further reduces their motivation to work for the company, leading to an unwanted vicious circle the company would be trapped in.

Benefits Of Having An HR Desk In Your Organization

Here are some of the major benefits of implementing an HR help desk within your organization: 

Seamless Remote Working By Integration With Collaborative Platforms

The use of collaborative platforms has skyrocketed in the last two years. Platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams have found immense adoption worldwide across different industries. These platforms have been successful in helping professionals communicate and collaborate with their peers while working remotely.

You can leverage the functionality of these collaborative platforms by integrating your HR help desk with them. Modern help desks can be integrated with collaborative platforms to make remote working more effective. With this integration, your employees can have their HR-related issues resolved while working on their daily tasks. They no longer need to switch to a different platform to seek HR support.

Also, integrating your HR help desk with your collaborative platform allows your HR managers to reach out to every employee working in your organization with a few simple clicks.

Centralization Of HR Support

An HR help desk solves the problem of having fragmented HR support. It allows you to centralize all your HR processes with the help of a single unified platform. By implementing an HR help desk, your HR managers can support every employee, irrespective of the department they work in. Also, the help desk allows you to store all details regarding your employees on a centralized platform, further making the work of the HR department easier.

Automated And Personalized Employee Support

An HR help desk allows you to provide personalized support to your employees. Modern help desks are equipped with technologies like conversational AI that involve the use of dedicated AI chatbots. These chatbots understand the context of the issues raised by your employees and provide them with solutions that are specifically tailored according to their needs.

An automated HR help desk helps you reduce the dependence on support agents. The AI chatbots can be used to provide primary support to your employees without the case getting routed to the agents directly. All you need to do is fill your enterprise knowledge base with relevant data. When a question is asked, the chatbots would automatically scan your knowledge base and return with a solution that is best suited for them.

Relieving Your Employee From Ticketing Complications

The modern HR help desks are equipped with technologies that automate the entire ticketing process. This prevents your employees from having to go through the complications of creating and managing their support tickets.

If you have integrated your HR help desk with your collaborative platform, your employees can create support tickets simply by chatting with the virtual assistants. The chatbots will then route the tickets to suitable agents. They would also provide the agents with sufficient information about the concerned case and the employees with valuable insights.

As the HR support agents handle their cases, the help desk would send automated notifications to the concerned employee to keep them updated about their cases. When the agent comes up with a final resolution, the chatbots convey the same to the concerned employee without any delay. If the employee is satisfied with the resolution, the case is automatically closed, and details are recorded in your knowledge base.

Such auto-resolution of issues allows your employees to create and manage their tickets with utmost ease and efficiency.

Streamlined Onboarding Of Remote Employees

With an HR help desk, you can use onboard your remote employees without any hassles. Modern and automated HR help desks allow you to send personalized emails to the new employees to welcome them to your organization.

Along with a personalized warm welcome letter, HR managers can provide the new employees with the contact details of their peers, their login credentials, company guidelines, orientation dates (if any), and all other resources they require to start working with you. A digital and centralized help desk lets your managers ensure that the new employees are comfortable working with their new team(s).

Training Your Employees Via Microlearning

Microlearning allows your employees to get trained in specific skills without spending more than 10 minutes on training sessions every day. It requires you to add relevant training materials and resources for your employees to your knowledge base and have them access the content according to their convenience. Modern employee help desks allow managers to provide individual employees with the training materials on their respective devices and get them trained in an organized manner.

Getting trained through microlearning boosts the morale and confidence of your employees as no external trainer is involved. This motivates them to apply the newly learned skills to their work and give their best.

Anonymous Harassment Reporting

Employees often hesitate before reaching out to HR professionals and reporting cases of workplace harassment. An HR help desk provides these employees with a platform to raise their concerns and report their cases anonymously. A centralized platform would allow managers to see the reported cases, address them, and take appropriate manners at the earliest.

Letting Employees Know About Their Benefits

Employees are often ignorant about the benefits entitled to them by the organization they work for. An HR help desk allows your HR managers to provide the employees with information about their benefits on their respective devices. Instead of approaching the HR team directly, employees can interact directly with the chatbots on the help desk and obtain all necessary details about their benefits.


These were some of the major reasons why your organization needs an HR help desk. If you are willing to make the job of your HR department easier and more effective, it is always advisable to implement modern and automated HR help desks.

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What is an HR Helpdesk?

An HR Helpdesk is an organization's centralized resource or service that provides instant support, guidance, and answers to employees and managers regarding various HR-related inquiries and issues.

Why is an HR Helpdesk considered a must-have for organizations? 

Various reasons make an HR Helpdesk essential for organizations such as: 

  1. Quick issue resolution
  2. Consistency in HR processes
  3. Right employee support
  4. Compliance with policies and regulations
  5. Elevate employee experience
  6. Boost HR support agents' productivity

What types of issues can an AI HR Helpdesk address or resolve?

An AI-powered modern HR service desk can manage a wide range of HR-related issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Employee hiring
  2. Benefits and compensation inquiries
  3. Employee onboarding and offboarding
  4. Performance management and evaluations
  5. Leave management and time-off requests
  6. HR policy clarification and interpretation
  7. Conflict resolution and employee relations
  8. Training and development opportunities
  9. HR system and technology support

How does HR helpdesk automation benefit employees?

HR helpdesk automation benefits employees in several ways:

Accessible HR support
With an AI HR helpdesk, employees can easily access HR support agents who can provide guidance, answer questions, and address concerns, ensuring they receive the support they need regarding HR-related matters.

Instant issue resolution
An HR Helpdesk enables quick and efficient resolution, allowing employees to resolve HR-related problems promptly, reducing frustration, and elevating employee productivity and overall experience.

Instant Availability of HR-related information
A modern AI HR helpdesk empowers employees by providing the required information and resources to navigate HR processes, understand their rights, and make informed decisions.

How does an HR service desk benefit the organization? 

An HR service desk provides several benefits to the organization, including:

  1. Streamlined HR tasks and processes
  2. Improved  work efficiency
  3. Compliance and risk management
  4. Improved HR analytics
  5. Positive employer brand
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