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Guidelines for Creating Labels and Variants for KB Articles

Here are our suggested guidelines for Creating Labels and Variants for KB Articles.

Labelling your Knowledge Articles

We have a feature to label the answer with a suitable title. This helps to uniform the response and act as a smart filter when used in tickets. 

· Keep the labels neutral that best relates to the FAQ answer & sample questions. 

Bad Examples

o How to replace my laptop? 

o Where can I go if I need a new laptop? 

o How can one request a new laptop? 

o Can I get a new laptop? 

o Where is the laptop request form? 

In the bad example above the red text with strikethrough is unnecessary noise that will cause the bot to not make correct matches when users ask their question

Good Examples

o Request a laptop 

o Change of address 

o Install a Printer etc. 

· If you are using symbols (i.e. , - /…) please include a space in front and behind symbol 

Question Variants

Question Variants are alternate ways users may ask the same question. They are phrases comprising one or more words that semantically mean the same in context of a specific question and answer

Therefore, all variant phrases mean the same and should elicit the exact same response from the bot. 


· what's the forecast, how's the weather looking, is it going to rain 

· can I wear casuals on Friday, what's the dress code, are jeans & t-shirts allowed at work 

Question variants are notwords that mean the same semantically across contexts. If the words mean the same within the entire knowledge base, they qualify as synonyms. This includes: 

· Abbreviations 

· Acronyms 

· Typos 

· Synonyms 

· Compound words with hyphens/spaces etc. 

To add synonym, please email your Customer Success Lead. 


· pre-publication, pre-pub, prepub 

· CMS, content methode' system 

· Snow, Service-Now, Servicenow, Service Now, ITSM 

Reminder: When creating a question Variant don’t forget that like question labels, they need to be neutral. 

Best Practice

· Avoid using filler words and use neutral labels instead 

· Add question variants only if necessary, i.e. in response to a failed user utterance. 

o We recommend that you have no more than 3-5 variants in total 

· Question variants should "ideally" never be one word only; remember - question variant is a phrase 

· Always remember that the Bot is not only looking at the question and variants BUTalso the response when answering a user's question.

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