How Rezolve.Ai Hr Help Desk Enhances The Employee Experience

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How Rezolve.Ai Hr Help Desk Enhances The Employee Experience
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The productivity of an organization is directly related to the productivity of its employees. Even if the quality of your products/services is top-notch, you will struggle with attaining your organizational objectives if your employees are not thoroughly engaged

It is a common misconception that employees' overall experience working in an organization depends merely on their remuneration and designation. In 2021, the needs of employees across the board have gone through a major shift. As the approach towards work changed with the increasing popularity of remote working, the daily needs of employees changed considerably

Let us have a look at some of the major employee needs that an organization should cater to in 2021: 

Major Employee Needs In 2021

  1. The Need To Greater Work Flexibility

    Employees are no longer inclined to work for a fixed number of hours daily if they are not going to be productive. The shift in the work culture has made employees working in all major industries work for flexible hours as far as the work is done and their tasks are not hampered. According to Statista, 53% of telecommuters in the US view flexible scheduling as the top benefit. Higher flexibility provides employees with higher freedom of mind while working, resulting in more productivity.

  2. The Need To Work Remotely

    Although the trend of working remotely skyrocketed once a pandemic hit the world, employees in industries like IT and eCommerce have preferred working remotely for a few years now. Now that the world is recovering from the COVID-19 situation and organizations have begun on-premise work again, many employees still prefer working remotely.

    Remote working allows employees to work from the comfort of their homes and get their tasks done conveniently. If an employee's profession allows them to function with a laptop and a stable internet connection, they are more likely to work remotely and at their own convenience. Lately, organizations across the world have been working towards making remote working more conducive to changing how companies operate.

  3. The Need For Seamless Collaboration

    Along with working remotely, employees in 2021 need to collaborate with their peers and managers through a seamless platform. This makes communication more effective and allows the team members to overcome the limitations of working without a physical workspace.

    This need for seamless communication and collaboration is fulfilled by implementing online collaborative platforms within an organization. Platforms like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more help employees interact with their peers, share important documents, and keep track of their work on a single unified platform.

  4. The Need For Personalized Support

    Whether they are working remotely or on-premise, employees today look for personalized support from the organizations they work in. A lot of their engagement and productivity depend on the kind of support provided to them. Employees can no longer function smoothly with generic support that often gets delayed as the agents are overburdened with cases. They need quick solutions to their issues that are tailored according to their specific needs and preferences.

Enhancing Employee Experience With is an AI-driven HR help desk that allows you to provide personalized support to your employees. It helps your HR managers approach every employee working in your organization and keep track of their progress through a centralized platform. 

With, your employees and managers can automate several HR processes to streamline your support services. The automated HR help desk is designed to understand the context of the issues faced by your employees and provide them with solutions that are best suited for their needs. AI allows to learn and grow as they consume more data and information regarding your employees. This helps your employees obtain quick, automated, and holistic support whenever they are in need. 

Implementation of allows your employees to get their issues resolved within a few seconds and continue with their work hassle-free. This makes them feel valued by the organization they work in, leading to higher engagement. When the employees are genuinely driven towards their work, it is bound to result in higher productivity. Automating your HR help desk with helps you adapt to the new approach of providing seamless support to your employees through a centralized platform. 

Here are some of the most effective ways in which HR help desk can be used to enhance the experience of your employees: 

  1. Teamsification Of HR Help Desk

    You can improve the employee experience within your organization by integrating with Microsoft Teams, a process named by the company as "teamsification." Teamsification of HR help desk allows your employees to obtain quick and seamless HR support through their Microsoft Teams account. This prevents your employees from switching to a different platform for getting their issues resolved. They need to open a new tab for the help desk and obtain support on the same platform that they use for work.

    A teamsified HR help desk also helps your HR managers to track their processes and analyze them to obtain valuable insights about their HR support. This way, a single unified platform of Microsoft Teams can obtain and provide streamlined HR support.

  2. Context-driven Support Using AI Chatbots

    One of the biggest benefits of implementing is that it uses AI chatbots to provide your employees with proactive support. Whenever your employees need to answer their issues or questions, they can chat with virtual assistants on Microsoft Teams. The human-like nature of the chatbots makes it easier for the employees to interact with them explain their issues.

    The use of conversational AI allows the chatbots to understand the context of the issue raised by the employees. They note the historical data of specific employees while interacting with them to provide them with holistic support. Also, as the chatbots interact with your employees and learn new information, they become more personalized in their approach. allows your employees to interact with the AI chatbots to obtain direct support instead of approaching support agents from the get-go. Based on the questions asked, the chatbots scan your knowledge base and develop personalized solutions within a few seconds.

    If your employees need further support, they can ask the chatbots to route their cases to the HR support agents. This way, acts as a connecting link between your employees and the agents who provide them with personalized support.

  3. Streamlining Employee Recruitment

    Recruitment managers often find it difficult to segregate the applications and entertain the questions asked by the candidates regarding the recruitment process. HR help desk allows your managers to automate all significant recruitment processes to ensure quicker and more efficient hiring of employees.

    With an automated HR help desk, your recruitment managers can shortlist applications, make relevant selections, schedule job interviews, and provide personalized answers to the questions asked by the candidates. This helps you hire the right employees for the right jobs the right way.

  4. Automating The Ticketing System allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues by automating the ticketing system. The traditional help desks often complicated the ticketing process for employees who are not familiar with the technology. The AI-driven help desk relieves your employees from making any effort to create and track their support tickets.

    With, your employees can create tickets simply by initiating a chat using Microsoft Teams. This would make the help desk route the concerned case to dedicated HR support agents. While the agents look into the matter and work on the case, the help desk sends automated notifications to the concerned employees regarding the status of their tickets. When the issue is resolved, the help desk will close the case, letting the concerned employee get back to work in no time.

  5. Employee Benefits Support

    Employees are often not aware of all the benefits they are entitled to. Physically approaching the HR team and asking them questions about their benefits is often a time-consuming process. allows your employees to ask all questions related to their benefits by chatting on Microsoft Teams. The help desk lets you communicate all their benefits to your employees in a hassle-free manner.

  6. Conducting Streamlined Employee Surveys

    With, HR managers can create and send personalized surveys to employees on their respective Microsoft Teams accounts. The HR help desk also lets them record the responses of all the employees on a centralized platform to understand the pulse of the organization. This helps the HR department make important decisions regarding the support provided to the employees.

The Final Word 

Through teamsification of the HR help desk, helps you provide personalized support to your employees and automate HR processes to improve the overall employee experience within your organization. If you are willing to increase employee engagement and productivity in your organization, it is always advisable to switch to an automated help desk to obtain the best results.

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