How To Bring Exceptional Business Value With Rezolve.Ai?

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How To Bring Exceptional Business Value With Rezolve.Ai?

How To Bring Exceptional Business Value With Rezolve.Ai?

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How To Bring Exceptional Business Value With Rezolve.Ai?
Digital Transformation

In the age of intense competition and steady technological advancements, your business value determines your niche in the market. As more and more business processes are digitized, most of the business value of an organization depends on how they implement technology.

Irrespective of the industry you operate in and the scale at which your organization functions, leveraging your business process with the help of technological advancements would help you increase the business value of your company, one of the key processes being that of employee support.

Employee Support And Business Value

Employees are some of the most invaluable assets harboured by an organization. The employees working within your organization are often directly responsible for the traction you receive, the leads you convert, and your close deals. To leverage your business value, you must ensure that your employees are provided with seamless support. 

The last thing an organization would want is dissatisfied employees. If employee engagement at your company goes down, it will bring down your organization's productivity, leading to a drop in its business value. A single solution to all these issues is to provide adequate support to your employees. 

Seamless employee support ensures that all your employees obtain satisfactory resolutions of their problems and can give their 100% to achieve common organizational goals. When you cater to your employees without letting them go astray, they will spend less time looking for solutions and more time performing their dedicated jobs. 

However, providing support to employees is never enough. In 2021, it is essential to cater to the individual needs of all your employees by providing them with the support that is personalized and integrated. Unfortunately, sticking to the traditional approach of providing employee support would hamper your business value instead of improving it. 

Why Would Traditional Employee Support Bring Your Business Value Down? 

  • Traditional Ticketing System

    Arguably, the biggest issue with traditional employee support is that of its ticketing system. The traditional service desks require employees to create support tickets, track them, and close them by themselves once their issues are resolved.

    While such a system would suit employees, who are well-versed with technology and are familiar with similar platforms, the other employees would find themselves lost. The traditional ticketing system is not designed for non-technical employees who have little to no knowledge of using these platforms. If you implement this system for all your employees, you might find some employees seeking support by making calls and writing emails.

  • Lack Of Integrated Support

    The traditional service desks are often restricted to the IT department of an organization, while the HR department has its helpdesk. This restricts the scope of organized support provided to employees working in other departments of your organization.

  • Generic Support Due to Insufficient Knowledge Management

    The traditional employee service desks would rarely provide you with value for money due to a lack of knowledge-based optimization. They would provide your employees with generic solutions that are rarely useful for them to carry on with their work. This makes your investment in a service desk seem vain.

  • Delay In Support

    The traditional service desks provide support to your employees with the help of support agents providing answers to their questions. In most cases, the number of support requests often exceeds the agents' bandwidth, leading to unwanted delays in support.

    Also, the traditional approach puts support agents right from the first level of support. When every request is routed to agents, they would naturally resolve the more complicated and urgent cases. This results in employees having basic queries waiting while their issues can be resolved within a few seconds.

Getting The Desired Business Value with

All the drawbacks of traditional service desks can be overcome by implementing is an AI-driven employee service desk integrated with Microsoft Teams that tailor the support according to all your employees' specific needs and preferences. It understands the context of the issues faced by your employees, scans your enterprise knowledge base, and comes up with personalized solutions within seconds. helps you bring in the desired business value for your organization by providing a range of advanced and automated features with a single implementation. The modern service desk makes sure that you get a handsome ROI along with an improvement in employee engagement within your organization. 

  • Integrated Employee Service Desk relieves you from setting up different service desks for employees working in different departments. Here, a single platform serves as an IT service desk, HR helpdesk, marketing and sales helpdesk, finance helpdesk, project management tool, and much more. makes sure that your employees do not have to look for solutions to their problems on multiple platforms. A single login would resolve all their issues.

  • Auto-resolving Issues With Invisible Ticketing System

    As opposed to the traditional self-service ticketing system, provides you with an automated ticketing system that is practically invisible to the users. This allows your employees to auto-resolve their issues with a few simple clicks.

    With, all your employees need to do is initiate a chat and state their issues. The system would automatically create support tickets based on their issues and route them to the dedicated support agents immediately. Also, the AI service desk would keep track of all the support tickets created and provide your employees with regular updates about the same.

    Once an issue is resolved, the platform would automatically close the ticket and store the transaction history in the database to use for future references. This way, your employees can use a self-service ticketing system without going through the hassles of manual ticketing.

  • Interaction With AI Chatbots provides seamless employee support with the help of dedicated AI chatbots. Your employees can interact with these virtual assistants to ask questions, raise queries, and give specific commands. The interactive nature of the chatbots allows your employees to have conversations with them just like they would with support agents. The AI technology allows the chatbots to understand the context of the questions asked and provide answers in sync with your employees' preferences.

    The first level of support is provided entirely by the AI chatbots. This helps your employees obtain quick and effective resolutions without waiting for an agent to intervene. Most employee cases are resolved at this stage, letting the employees get back to work within a few seconds.

    If your employees need further assistance and want to get their cases routed to suitable agents, they can do so by giving a simple command to the chatbots. This will make the service desk create a ticket and send all relevant details to a dedicated support agent. All this while, the AI chatbots would act as a connecting link between your employees and the agents.

    This way, uses conversational AI to understand the issues faced by your employees and make them interact with chatbots to get them resolved in the best way possible.

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  • Streamlined Change Management

    Introducing a change within an organization can be a tedious and challenging process. Especially if you are implementing new tools or upgrading the existing ones, it is essential to ensure that all employees are comfortable with the change and adapt to the tools effectively. helps you in streamlining change management by assisting your employees every step of the way. Your employees can ask the simplest questions regarding the concerned change and get quick answers from the service desk. You can also provide them with all relevant training resources in multiple content formats (images, videos, animations, etc.) to help them interactively learn specific micro-skills. This allows your team members to get self-reliant and train themselves in new skills.

    When it comes to assisting your IT team during change management, provides your IT professionals with rich analytics regarding the employees' questions and assistance. It also allows them to expand their knowledge base in real-time to automate employee support during change management further.

  • Effective Onboarding Of Employees

    Apart from providing personalized solutions to your employees' issues, also helps you onboard your employees effectively. As soon as an employee joins your organization, the AI service desk can be used to send automated emails to them.

    These emails can contain details about their team members, team composition, their login credentials for the software used, details about the orientation/training program, a warm welcome letter, and much more. This allows you to welcome your employees the right way and make them comfortable in the new work environment, primarily if they work remotely.

The Final Word

These are some of the many ways in which helps you drive more business value to your organization. If you have any more suggestions about functionalities to be added/enhanced in the AI service desk, let us know.

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