How To Deliver Exceptional It Services For A Hybrid Workforce? Try Routine Task Automation With Rezolve.Ai

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How To Deliver Exceptional It Services For A Hybrid Workforce? Try Routine Task Automation With Rezolve.Ai
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The post-pandemic world has witnessed a rise in setting up hybrid workplaces. These workplaces cater to the needs of employees willing to work remotely and the ones willing to work on-premise. The COVID-19 crisis has made several employees around the world used to work from the comfort of their homes. Now that organizations are limping back to normalcy, many employees are unwilling to work every day. To help you deliver IT services to your hybrid workforce, facilitates seamless task automation.

The Need For Routine Task Automation

Traditionally, IT helpdesk agents must undertake a range of repetitive processes manually. From the moment new employees enter the organization, the agents spend a good amount of their time and effort performing repetitive tasks for different employees as per their requests. Especially in the case of new hires, IT agents are required to provide them access to the new software platforms, reset passwords, configure printers, install specific tools and programs, and undertake many other processes. These tasks need to be performed every time a new employee joins an organization. Similarly, IT agents often deal with requests regarding changing/resetting passwords, creating/updating users, and more from the existing employees.

As IT support agents are required to perform these tasks on behalf of the employees, the process often gets tedious and time-consuming if done manually. This increases the need for automating such processes to save the IT support agents' time and efforts.

Undertaking Routine Task Automation With is an AI-powered IT service desk that provides personalized solutions to the issues faced by your employees. It understands the context of the issues raised and questions asked by your employees to tailor solutions that are unique for them. The IT service desk allows your employees to automate repetitive processes through a centralized platform with routine task automation.

In the case of a hybrid workplace, it often becomes difficult for the support agents to handle requests coming from different employees working from different locations. brings everyone on the same page by providing you with a centralized platform dedicated to routine task automation.

Routine tasks like changing/resetting passwords, access to documents, creating new users, installing software platforms, and more can be automated by making API calls to specific systems. These calls help you get specific tasks performed while working remotely. It is common for remote employees to face issues related to VPN, software tools, and a range of different processes, making them approach IT support agents to resolve the same. has built API connections to multiple systems and identified the routine tasks that can be automated to ensure seamless business operations.

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Reducing Dependence On IT Support Agents With AI Chatbots

To relieve your IT support agents from handling a plethora of task requests from your employees, facilitates routine task automation with the help of AI chatbots. The IT service desk uses the technology of conversational AI to make your employees interact with virtual assistants that understand their requests and trigger actions accordingly. Instead of bringing an IT support agent on board every time an employee needs to undertake specific processes, helps them get the work done by interacting with the AI chatbots.

For example, if an employee wants to update his password, he can simply give a command to a chatbot that would trigger a series of actions, authenticate the identity of the concerned employee, and get his password changed within a few seconds. This feature allows your employee to perform such tasks with little to no involvement of IT support agents.

Centralization of Processes Via Integration with Microsoft Teams

To steer away from a fragmented approach to the support provided to your employees, is integrated with the collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams, a process known as teamsification. This provides your employees with a centralized platform for getting their routine tasks automated without switching to different platforms.

As MS Teams users, your employees can interact with the AI chatbots on the collaborative platform to perform automated tasks in a hassle-free manner. This prevents the users from making calls and writing emails to the IT support agents for getting their work done on time. Especially in the case of emergencies, ensures that your employees obtain seamlessly and personalized IT support without having to wait for the support agents to look into the matter.

Another major advantage of collaborating on an AI-based platform like with Microsoft Teams is that it learns and grows as it interacts with your employees. As more processes are automated and more requests are handled, the IT service desk provides personalized solutions and suggestions to your employees via Microsoft Teams. This allows your team members to obtain seamless IT support on the same platform for performing their daily tasks.

Automation Of Employee Surveys

Along with providing exceptional IT services to your hybrid workforce through routine task automation, helps you conduct automated employee surveys to obtain comprehensive feedback for your services. The AI-driven IT service desk helps you draft personalized survey questions and send them to your employees through a centralized platform. 

This allows management to gauge the pulse of your workforce and take critical business decisions for improving the IT services provided to your team members. Seamless process automation allows your employees to save their time and effort in undertaking manual processes. In the age of digitization, this allows your employees to concentrate on the core business processes instead of dealing with repetitive processes that take up most of their time. Ultimately, this helps you increase the rate of employee engagement and productivity within your organization.

The Final Word

This is how helps you provide seamless IT services to your employees through routine task automation. The AI-based IT service desk makes the work of both your employees and support agents easier by automating a range of processes with the help of a single unified platform.

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