Auto-Resolution and Its Role in Enhancing the Employee Experience

Employee Experience
AI & Automation
Auto-Resolution and Its Role in Enhancing the Employee Experience

Auto-Resolution and Its Role in Enhancing the Employee Experience

Employee Experience
AI & Automation
Auto-Resolution and Its Role in Enhancing the Employee Experience
AI & Automation

It's no secret that employee experience is one of the hottest topics in the corporate world. This doesn't surprise me because a positive and personalized employee experience significantly impacts an organization's growth and success. This is why the entire corporate world is looking for every possible way to enhance the employee experience today, ranging from employee recruiting to giving new hires the ability to have all of their IT and HR support issues resolved in a short amount of time, as well as giving them the freedom to get access to all the information they need without any hassle or lengthy waiting.

With the present state of the workplace being more complicated and demanding than ever before, employees face a multitude of challenges daily. Whether they are administrative hassles, technical problems like password resets, laptop configurations, software installations, or other barriers, these challenges can frequently cause employee frustration, impacting employee engagement, and reducing employee productivity. This is where the auto-resolution concept comes in.

By leveraging advanced technologies like conversational AI and machine learning (ML), we can automate the resolution of common workplace issues, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks and reducing the time and effort needed to resolve these issues. This not only elevates the efficiency of our operations but also enhances the overall employee experience and engagement.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of employee experience, the concept of auto-resolution and its role in enhancing the employee experience. This blog will also discuss how automation technology benefits both organizations and employees.  

What is Employee Experience?  

Employee experience can be simply defined as a journey of a person who takes with his company. Needless to say, employee experience is one of the hot topics for HR professionals, management, and other strategists. Enhancing employee experience and emphasizing employees are critical to achieving successful returns on investment for businesses. It can be challenging to keep up with changes in the workplace, though. To create wonderful employee experiences, organizations should operate under engagement, collaboration, and safety.

As reported by Forrester, organizations with outstanding employee experiences have engaged employees who produce the following results:

  • Higher profitability by 21%
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by 18%
  • Boost employee output by 17%

However, maintaining a high employee commitment to a company's objectives in a distributed work environment can be challenging. When employees cannot interact in person and must communicate the organization's vision, mission, and goals consistently, fostering a teamwork culture is even more challenging. According to IBM, companies whose employee experience scores are in the top 25% demonstrate nearly three times the return on investment and nearly double the return on sales compared to those in the bottom quartile.

Now, let’s look at the negative effects of poor employee experience.

Impact of Poor Employee Experience in Modern Workplace

You can instill a bad employee experience in your company much easier than a good one. This is because developing and maintaining your company's culture, processes, expectations, and all other factors that impact the employee experience requires a significant amount of time, money, and active planning. Besides that, organizations frequently lose focus and neglect the employee experience when new business priorities emerge.

And, regrettably, a poor employee experience can have a significant impact on the company that you may still need to think about.

Among the more pronounced effects are the following:

  • Increased turnover and employee dissatisfaction
  • Decreased revenue because of disengaged staff
  • Too much human error
  • Lower productivity and engagement
  • Bad reputation for the company
  • Increased customer churn

How Automation Can Elevate Employee Experience?  

In this ever-changing modern workplace, employees are dealing with several issues that could have been resolved quickly and effectively if they were physically present in the office, such as overwhelmed service desks, slow resolution of employee issues, hour-long routine tasks, processes and lengthy approval cycles. A worried employee would need to approach the support agents for help (who are already overburdened with too many requests). Employees who are forced to put off or postpone work because of unresolved problems do not maximize their potential, are frequently held up in service request lines, and cannot complete their tasks on schedule. As a result, stress levels rise, and employee satisfaction scores decline.

It goes without saying that this present workplace scenario calls for an integrated technology solution that not only encourages self-service among employees but also foresees potential problems and prompts them to start auto-resolution to provide instant employee support, seamless employee engagement, increase employee productivity and lighten the load on service desks.

Automation has become more critical than ever in today's fast-paced business world, where time is of the essence. With the ability to automate routine and repetitive tasks, organizations can streamline time-consuming workflows and provide employees with a more seamless and productive experience. This helps to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention and allows employees to focus on more high-value activities that can drive growth and innovation.

The areas where there are many opportunities for automation are employee self-service and auto-resolution. Additionally, the development of technological tools like modern service desks is enhancing business initiatives, starting with AI-powered conversational chatbots and virtual assistants to give employees prompt, effective solutions to their issues. A survey conducted by the World Economic Forum reported that 80% of managers are automating their work processes, and 50% plan to automate their repetitive tasks.

How Does Auto-resolution Boost Employee Experience?

According to Gartner data, only 10-15% of the time businesses can assist employees and address their concerns without having them call the service desk or wait on hold. In a traditional service desk, employees often interact with a dedicated service desk agent or book a ticket. But in modern service desk, employees can converse with a chatbot or virtual assistant (VA) that works within a collaborative platform to find the right solutions to their problems without any human intervention.

The modern service desk model that leverages conversational AI and machine learning (ML) focuses on providing quick support to employees with automation and increasing agent productivity, whereas the traditional service desk model requires us to monitor only agent’s requests. Automating first-level calls or tickets, which comprise 60% of service desk calls, will increase employee self-service and boost support teams' output. Unlike traditional systems, an AI-powered service desk resolves employee inquiries in 15 seconds and closes tickets in a few seconds.

For instance, if employees have trouble configuring their laptops or printer, they can easily communicate with a chatbot set up integrated within a collaborative tool to give them step-by-step instructions. Employees can also get assistance from the chatbot with other frequent problems like software updates, password resets, network connectivity, and hardware issues.

Statistics on Automation

Now that you have understood the concept of auto-resolution, now let's check out its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Auto-Resolution for Employees and Businesses?

  • Increased Efficiency
    One of the prime benefits of the auto-resolution process is increased efficiency. By resolving most of the common workplace issues, organizations can reduce the overload on their service desk agents, freeing up time and resources for more strategic work. This can help to enhance workplace productivity and reduce overall costs, which can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Personalized Employee Support
    By providing employees with instant, effective and personalized support and solutions to their problems, businesses can boost the overall employee experience and elevate job satisfaction. This will increase employee retention and reduce employee turnover, which can be costly for businesses.
  • Elevated Employee Productivity and Performance
    Automated service desks give employees the freedom to do self-service tools to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This enables employees to focus on more important and complex tasks, leading to increased productivity.
  • Reduce Errors
    Self-service automation or auto-resolution allows businesses to reduce the errors caused by human employees, resulting in improved accuracy and quality of work.
  • Better Work-life Balance
    Automation workflows can help companies to minimize the employee's workload and overtime, allowing them to have a better work-life balance and reducing the risk of burnout.
  • Increased Transparency
    Autoresolving common tasks and processes can provide greater transparency in the resolution process. Employees can witness the status of their requests, tickets or issues, which can boost their confidence in the process and reduce anxiety.
  • Boost Communication
    Auto-resolution process can also help enhance communication between employees and the businesses. Automated notifications and updates can keep employees informed of the progress of their issues or requests, leading to elevated employee productivity and business ROI.

I hope now you understand the key benefits of auto-resolution.  

How Does Auto-resolves Employees Queries?

Being a modern service desk leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, is heavily integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing employees to auto-resolve most of their queries within 10-15 seconds.

All they need to do is to log in to in the Microsoft Teams window and submit their question.

  • A conversational chatbot will appear and provide all the required data in 10 seconds or less.
  • A ticket is automatically created if the employees give feedback that the issue has not been resolved, and you are directed to a Level 2 or Level 3 agent.
  • Within minutes, a support agent will contact you directly, have a conversation, provide the right support and close your ticket.


Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like conversational AI and ML, auto-resolution and self-service automation have become potential tools for enhancing the employee experience by streamlining routine tasks and processes that are frequently repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to error. Auto resolution can enhance output, accuracy, and job satisfaction while reducing employee burnout and stress by allowing employees to focus on more crucial and complex tasks and workflows.

As organizations prioritize employee experience as a key driver of success, we can expect auto-resolution solutions tailored to each employee's specific needs and preferences to continue to grow and innovate.

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