Modern CIOs' Quest to Attain Digital Dexterity: A Case for GenAI

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Modern CIOs' Quest to Attain Digital Dexterity: A Case for GenAI
Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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The world of technology is ever evolving, and nowhere is this change felt more profoundly than in the offices of Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Today's CIOs are no longer mere custodians of IT infrastructure. They've emerged as strategic visionaries, helping organizations through the tumultuous waters of the digital era.  

One of their prime challenges? Adapting legacy service desks to the demands of a hyper-connected, knowledge-intensive business environment. Achieving true digital dexterity is a clear challenge then.  

As per a leading analyst firm, 80% of ITSM teams that have yet to adopt an agile approach will find that their ITSM practices are ignored or bypassed. In this case, AITSM is a highly effective solution for CTOs/CIOs to navigate this challenge.

The Problem with Legacy Service Desks

Legacy service desks, built in the previous era of IT, often revolve around manual processes, lengthy ticket queues, and reactive solutions. Their systems, designed for a slower-paced technological milieu, struggle to need help to address today's agile and dynamic IT demands. The inertia they bring stifles innovation and frustrates users accustomed to the swift solutions of the digital age.

Financial Drain

We all know that in business, time is money. Now think about this- a dollar leaving your company's coffers every minute. That is precisely what occurs when your service desk is ineffective. Downtime brought on by unresolved problems results in actual financial losses. It's essential to assign a cost to inefficiency because it's expensive.

Drop in Employee Productivity

Efficiency also involves time, so it's more than just a financial issue. Your employees' productivity could improve when your service desk takes longer to address their issues or tickets. They spend less time concentrating on their primary tasks because they must wait longer for help. As a result, your company's goals will move more slowly.

High Volume of Repetitive Tasks

When IT service desks are not efficiently managed, they can become bogged down with a high volume of repetitive tasks that take time and resources. These tasks may include resetting passwords, troubleshooting common issues, instant software provisioning, and sending automated emails. A high volume of repetitive tasks can lead to a backlog of work and can prevent IT support agents or technicians from focusing on more complex issues.  

Poor Issue Resolution

Traditional IT helpdesks may need help to resolve issues tickets, leading to extended resolution times and frustrated users. A lack of trained agents, inadequate processes, or outdated technology can cause this. Extended resolution times can lead to lost productivity and revenue for an organization.  

Waste of Time

One resource that you cannot replenish is time. Ineffective Service desks waste valuable time that could be used more effectively elsewhere. Your team's agility and responsiveness are hampered when they constantly deal with technical issues or wait for assistance.

Unsatisfied Customers and Reputation Damage

Traditional IT service management can lead to frustrated customers and damage an organization's reputation. Customers may experience issues with technology and need help to get the support they need, leading to a negative perception of the organization. This can lead to a loss of customers and revenue for the organization.  

Enter AI in IT Service Management (AITSM) for Digital Dexterity of Enterprises

AITSM is a comprehensive solution for ITSM but supercharged with the power of GenAI. AITSM enabled a Generative AI service desk, like having a superhero of employee support and experience- always available to you. It's a digital support whiz that provides instant employee support by auto-resolving repetitive employee inquiries and automating manual and time-consuming IT and HR-related everyday tasks and processes. It leverages the power of advanced Generative AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.  

Its advanced ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot can respond to frequently asked questions, resolve problems, and even offer personalized assistance without needing a human touch. It's like having a dedicated support agent who never requests a raise or takes a day off.

While traditional IT service desks rely on manual processes and limited technology, modern IT helpdesks use advanced tools and automation to manage and resolve tasks more efficiently, improving first-time resolution rates, reducing downtime, and enhancing asset management.  

Even though these service desks are designed for employees, traditional service desks are geared chiefly towards support agents. Traditional service desks or legacy systems built on old architecture enable support agents or technicians to create tickets for the issues encountered by employees and promptly address them. Additionally, rather than considering employees, this service desk platform is typically sold in terms of "agent" costs. Employees frequently find these platforms confusing or spend too much time waiting for customers because they need to familiarize themselves with using them.  

On the other hand, a modern IT service desk incorporating more advanced technologies like Generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) improves the efficiency and effectiveness of IT service management.  

Effective IT service management is essential for the smooth functioning and success of any organization that relies on technology.

Here is how AITSM elevates the ESM (Enterprise Service Management) Quotient for organizations.

Round-the-clock Availability

Imagine never again having to be concerned about closing times. Whether it's the wee hours of the morning or the middle of the night, your employees will always receive instant assistance thanks to the 24-hour availability of Generative AI service desks. Employees can leverage the power of the Generative AI service desk's ChatGPT-like AI chatbot to address common questions and issues quickly. This advanced chatbot can respond quickly and be personalized to meet the unique needs of each employee, ensuring effective and instant support.  

Enhance First-time Resolution Rate

By using advanced technologies like GenAI-powered IT service desk, organizations can elevate their first-time resolution rate, which means that issues are resolved on the first attempt, reducing the need for additional follow-up and improving overall efficiency. In short, employee service and support need to be quick, and GenAI delivers. These modern service desks can respond instantly, drastically reducing employees' wait times and satisfying impatient employees.

Embracing GenAI-Powered Automation

Modern CIOs are turning to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to combat this inertia. Unlike traditional AI trained on vast datasets to make decisions, GenAI creates new content or solutions based on patterns it identifies. By integrating GenAI into service desks, CIOs can auto-generate solutions for IT issues, predict problems before they arise, and offer personalized support solutions at scale.

Implementing Self-Service Portals

Self-service portals are another potent tool in the modern CIO's arsenal. They empower users to solve common IT problems independently, freeing up IT personnel for more complex tasks. Interactive guides, FAQ sections, and automated chatbots—all powered by AI—provide users with instant, on-demand solutions.

Cost Optimization

GenAI powered service desks offer a great cost advantage for enterprises. With most of the repetitive processes automated, bulk of tickets (more than 65%) auto-resolved, and human-agents having higher bandwidth, the resulting cost savings are significant. AITSM truly helps ITSM become a strategic business partner and not just remain a cost center.  

Shifting to Proactive Support

Historically, IT support was all about reacting to issues. Today, with the aid of predictive analytics and GenAI, CIOs are shifting from a reactive stance to a proactive one. This shift means identifying potential issues before they become problems and deploying resources preemptively. The result? Reduced downtime, enhanced system reliability, and improved user satisfaction.

Microlearning and Employee Training

Understanding that technology alone cannot usher in change, astute CIOs also focus on the human element. Continuous employee training programs are instituted, ensuring staff can keep pace with evolving technologies. By cultivating a culture of continuous learning, CIOs are ensuring that their teams remain agile and adept in the face of technological shifts.

Security with GenAI Service Desk

AITSM and GenAI service desk solutions like offer unparalleled data security for enterprises. It ensures that organizational data is never used for training the LLMs and comes with bolstered security certifications like DPA, HIPAA, and ASC CCPA. You can have peace of mind that your data and mission-critical information are always safe and private.  

Ease the Pressure on Support Agents

Generative AI service desks can significantly decrease the pressure on support agents or technicians by streamlining and resolving repetitive employee tasks and processes. Employees can interact with the intelligent AI chatbot to gain accurate and relevant responses. Your support team can focus on more complex and high-priority tasks requiring their expertise, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.  

Reduced Downtime and Improved Productivity

By quickly and effectively resolving issues, a modern IT service desk can help reduce downtime and improve user productivity.  

Enhanced Asset Management and Tracking

A Generative AI service desk can use asset management tools to track and manage the lifecycle of IT assets, including hardware and software. This can help ensure that assets are adequately maintained and replaced as needed.

Adopting AITSM to power your ITSM and employee experience will be the first step for your IT - from being a cost center to a strategic partnership position. Enterprises laying their AITSM roadmap with solutions like will have a clear advantage in this domain.
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