AITSM is a Win-Win Solution for CIOs Looking to Digitalize IT Service Desks

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AITSM is a Win-Win Solution for CIOs Looking to Digitalize IT Service Desks

AITSM is a Win-Win Solution for CIOs Looking to Digitalize IT Service Desks

AI Service Desk
AI & Automation
AITSM is a Win-Win Solution for CIOs Looking to Digitalize IT Service Desks

The usefulness, effectiveness, and sustainability of traditional IT service management solutions have stagnated due to several reasons such as heavy expenses, inefficiency, lack of talent etc. Organizations may indeed believe they are saving money by continuing legacy infrastructure, but this leads to high maintenance costs. At the same time, IT employees are faced with managing hundreds of thousands of endpoints and assets when IT talent is in short supply. In order to address these challenges that hinder business ROI, chief information officers (CIOs) are forced to rapidly adapt to modern technology solutions such as Generative AI (GenAI), and automation technologies that can enhance their overall IT service management. Here's where GenAI-enabled IT service management, or AITSM, shows itself to be a strong win-win option.

A recent Gartner survey revealed that 80% of executives strongly believe automation can be used for almost any business decision. This information highlights a significant change in the way businesses view automation's and artificial intelligence's (AI) capacity to revolutionize their processes.It is profound how CIOs across the world act insistently to apply AI in ITSM (AITSM), and operations to contribute to the improvement of their companies. Whether an organization succeeds in the new digital environment depends on its ability to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

Most organizations consider AITSM as a very confusing concept. But it can be beneficial to digital transformation. In this article, we will walk you through the concept of AITSM, its benefits, and why AITSM is a comprehensive solution for CIOs looking to digitalize IT service desks.

Defining AITSM Concept

AITSM stands for GenAI-powered ITSM, coined by the global research firm Gartner. ITSM is enabled by intelligent automation that helps employees complete their routine tasks, requests, and actions. According to Gartner, AITSM is all about applying technologies like AI, automation, and knowledge based on ITSM tools and its top-notch approaches to enhance your organization's overall productivity and efficiency. Undeniably, enabling AI in the workplace will help companies effectively fulfill employees' requested IT services, making an AITSM solution critical for CIOs working for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

What Makes GenAI a Perfect Pitch for Your ITSM strategy?

AITSM will ultimately fit into your ITSM strategy as it will help you boost real human agents. It will easily fit your ITSM software as it is already a big part of ITSM software. AITSM also facilitates you in gathering and organizing the data. ITSM optimizes data through machine learning algorithms. Chatbots will benefit from this. It will assist you in building your knowledge databases, which will help you to train employees by leveraging better technology. With AITSM, you will be able to streamline all your business processes. As a result, your service desk agents and employees will enjoy the best possible experience.

Why Do CIOs Prioritize AITSM?

Being a game-changing technology, AITSM puts CIOs across the world in the spotlight, bringing exciting opportunities to all parties. It also entails pressures, expectations, and accountability. The impact of digitalization falls especially heavily on the CIO, even though there are benefits like enhancing operational processes, cost-effectiveness, seamless employee and customer experience, and increased ROI. As per IDC research, boosting operational performance will help push towards adopting digital transformation technologies. The study also estimates that around 43% of enterprises expect digital business to drive ROI growth.

Implementing a GenAI-enabled IT service management will help employees automate their repetitive tasks like password resetting, document accessing, creating tickets, application provisioning, instant software provisioning, onboarding, and offboarding process, and addressing common security incidents.

Earlier, McKinsey reported that employees spend almost two hours of their working time on these mundane tasks. However, the influence of AITSM will help companies to thrive by increasing employee productivity by identifying IT issues and resolving them, implementing change management, predicting IT and HR-related problems, reducing overall expenditure, enhancing service desk efficiency, and enhancing the key metrics.

Benefits of Implementing AITSM Solutions

Needless to say, AITSM solution can support you by automating your human agents' time-consuming tasks so that they don't spend their time doing manual and repetitive tasks. This will make sure that your workforce can concentrate on doing valuable work.

1. Provide instant support at your employees' fingertips

When an organization implements AITSM, it can serve its employees by providing instant services. It is true that while working, employees may come across too many issues - technical or non-technical, that need a quick solution. When GenAI is implemented in your ITSM (AITSM), it helps employees by giving the right answers to their complex and simple' queries via GenAI-enabled chatbots.

2. Enhanced employee experience

Employees expect business IT services to be just as convenient and efficient as their personal technology in this consumer-driven era. AITSM solutions can provide personalized, user-centered experiences by customizing solutions to meet each client's requirements. This improves customer satisfaction (CSATs) and gives staff members more autonomy to handle typical IT problems.

3. Reduce the burden on service desk agents

As mentioned above, AITSM allows employees to resolve their problems without the help of a service desk agent. Service desk agents often had to handle multiple queries, whether it was the employee support team or the customer support team. Often, they had to answer the same queries at various times, which was time-consuming and tedious. In these circumstances, service agents will often be overburdened and unable to concentrate.

AITSM helps agents from this burden by letting employees and customers auto-resolve their problems. When all cases are not routed directly to agents, they can concentrate on complex cases that need personal attention and deliver the best solution to the employees.

4. Automate mundane IT processes and workflows

Implementing AITSM is the most effective method for reducing the repetitive and tedious IT processes that need personalized attention. AITSM will automate various IT tasks, including password reset, instant software installations, laptop configurations, accessing documents, creating tickets, personalized emails, and notifications, etc., without a human agent's support.

5. Real-time information via the agile knowledge management system

Agile knowledge management is a crucial element in providing employee support. Robust knowledge management enables employees to identify all relevant and real-time information they need in one centralized location.

6. Cost-effective

In the case of IT service desks, digitization of AITSM can result in significant cost savings. Organizations can lessen their dependency on human help and cut labor expenses by automating common service desk processes and offering end users self-service choices. AI may also help CIOs allocate resources more wisely by pointing out inefficiencies and areas where costs can be cut in IT processes.

7. Downsize the operational expenditure and other activities

AITSM helps companies downsize overall operating expenditure and enhance ability because AITSM allows service desks to perform all routine tasks and processes effectively, enabling service desk agents and employees to concentrate on other activities that increase value to the organization.


AITSM is not a ready-made solution that can be implemented to auto-generate an advancement in your organization's overall performance and ROI. Rather, it involves the application of artificial intelligence to the diverse activities that your IT department does. It is true that CIOs wishing to digitize their IT service desks will benefit from using AITSM. It provides benefits for security and compliance as well as increased productivity, cost savings, data-driven insights, better user experiences, scalability, and security. CIOs may position their companies for success in the digital era and offer a strong, responsive IT service desk that serves the needs of the company's end users as well as the business at large by adopting AITSM.

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1. What is AITSM, and how does it differ from traditional ITSM?

AITSM, or AI-enabled IT Service Management, is a modern approach to IT service management that utilizes the power of Generative AI and machine learning. It varies from the traditional and legacy ITSM solutions by integrating GenAI algorithms to automate repetitive service desk processes, elevate employee support, work efficiency, and provide the correct information for better decision-making. Modern AITSM solutions goes beyond the capabilities of manual ITSM, delivering a more intelligent solution.

2. What are the key benefits of implementing AITSM in an organization?

AITSM implementation can result in a number of advantages, such as:

  • Increased productivity through automation
  • Reduce costs from fewer manual labor hours
  • Data-driven insights for better decision-making
  • Better user experiences
  • Scalability to accommodate changing organizational requirements

3. How can AITSM solutions enhance the end-user experience in an organization?

By utilizing AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to provide self-service alternatives and expedient issue resolution, AITSM improves the end-user experience. By personalized solutions to meet specific requirements it enables staff members to independently handle typical IT problems, decreasing downtime and raising user satisfaction.

4. Is AITSM fit for organizations of all sizes, or is it primarily for large enterprises?

AITSM solution fits all organizations -regardless of its size. It can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of both small and large businesses thanks to its scalability and flexibility. Because AITSM is adaptable to any organization's needs, it is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes looking to enhance their IT service management.

5. How can an organization get started with AITSM implementation?

AITSM implementation requires a number of stages to get started, such as:

  • Evaluating the company's present IT service management procedure
  • Figuring out where AI can be integrated
  • Choosing the best AITSM solution
  • Organizing the implementation process
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