Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Is The Flight Plan For The New Normal

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Twitter-Age Knowledge Management Is The Flight Plan For The New Normal
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In 2022, knowledge is not limited to humans. The steady evolution of digital platforms has allowed us to have digitized knowledge management systems. Twitter-Age knowledge management allows businesses to record, store, and share valuable data and information based on the specific needs and preferences of the users. Seamless knowledge management is key to providing automated and personalized support to your employees and customers.

Before discussing the impact of twitter-age knowledge management on the new normal, let us brush up on our knowledge about what knowledge management is!

What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is a set of processes dedicated to defining, structuring, storing, and sharing knowledge within or outside an organization. Most commonly, knowledge management is used by organizations to provide seamless support to their employees. It allows users to search for specific information and obtain the required details within a few seconds.  

Twitter-Age knowledge management has made accessing the enterprise knowledge base faster, simpler, and more effective. The main goal of knowledge management is to improve employee experience and leverage the efficiency of an organization in handling its knowledge base.

Knowledge management revolves around three significant processes – accumulating knowledge, retaining knowledge, and sharing knowledge. To optimize your enterprise knowledge base and provide holistic support to your employees, it is crucial to work on all three processes based on the objectives you are willing to achieve.

The Importance Of Twitter-Age Knowledge Management In The New Normal  

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the new normal revolves around digitizing business processes, process automation, virtual collaboration, and remote operations. Twitter-Age knowledge management allows you to provide all necessary information to your employees as per their needs and preferences through a digital platform. The modern approach to knowledge management is faster, simpler, scalable, and more accurate.

Benefits Of Twitter-Age Knowledge Management

  1. Creating An Efficient Virtual Workplace

    The new normal is about working remotely and setting up hybrid workplaces. Virtual operations often throw many roadblocks toward organizations, especially when handling effective communication. Twitter-Age knowledge management allows you to set up and maintain an efficient virtual workplace. Irrespective of the location from which your employees are working, you can provide them with data and information based on their needs and preferences. Seamless knowledge management prevents your employees from reaching out to different authorities in search of information make calls/emails regarding the same.

    Implementing Twitter-age knowledge management solutions in the new normal helps you organize the process of storing and sharing information within your organization while working remotely.

  2. Streamlining Decision Making

    Especially in the case of employees dealing directly with the customers and providing customer support, automated knowledge management helps them make quick decisions regarding the support provided. If they need to access specific data about the customers they are dealing with, seamless knowledge management tools ensure that they are not rendered helpless and do not have to spend time locating the right information.

    Apart from providing quick and efficient customer services, advanced knowledge management also helps you and your team members make essential business decisions by accessing relevant materials from your enterprise knowledge base. If you are running an organization virtually, it provides the management with a centralized platform that can be used for sharing valuable insights.

  3. Automating Employee Support

    Modern employee service desks make use of Twitter-Age knowledge management to automate the support provided to your employees. Combined with technologies like conversational AI, these platforms allow your employees to interact with AI chatbots to get their issues resolved.

    On asking a question or raising an issue, the chatbots scan your enterprise knowledge base and develop personalized solutions within a few seconds. As long as the required information is stored within your knowledge base, you can rely on platforms like these to provide automated support to your employees. Moreover, automated knowledge management prevents your employees from relying heavily on support agents to handle all their cases.

  4. Building A Centralized Storehouse Of Knowledge

    Twitter-Age knowledge management allows you to store all relevant data and information regarding your organization on a centralized platform. Whether you are willing to use your enterprise knowledge base to provide employee support, cater to your customers, or help the management make internal decisions, a single unified platform makes collecting, storing, and sharing information more accessible.

    Moreover, modern knowledge management solutions allow you to store enterprise knowledge in multiple formats. This allows your employees to access text-based documents, audio files, videos, animations, articles, websites, and more content from a centralized digital platform.

  5. Employee Training Via Conversational Microlearning

    One of the most recent applications of Twitter-Age knowledge management is in the field of conversational microlearning. This allows you to train your employees in advanced skills by regularly providing bite-sized content.

    Simply by adding the necessary training materials to your enterprise knowledge base, you can have your employees access the same from any location for getting themselves trained. Modern service desks offer these features to organizations for helping their employees train themselves. Moreover, microlearning allows you to cater to the limited attention span of your employees and make them retain more information provided to them.

  6. Promoting Innovation And Cultural Change

    Optimized knowledge management helps you inculcate the culture of sharing knowledge over digital platforms. It encourages the habit of sharing innovative ideas and collaborating with peers using a single unified platform. Even in the absence of on-premise operations, Twitter-age knowledge management helps you send, receive, and store valuable information digitally.

  7. Making Enterprise Knowledge More Accessible

    Modern knowledge management solutions are designed for both technical and non-technical employees. Even if some of your employees are not tech-savvy, Twitter-Age knowledge management allows them to access the enterprise knowledge base easily and efficiently. When you provide all your employees with an improved work experience, it increases their engagement and productivity while working for your organization.  

Key Takeaway  

This is how Twitter-Age knowledge management helps you streamline your processes and ensure the smooth functioning of your organization in the new normal. Looking at the rate at which modern knowledge management solutions are implemented by organizations around the world in all major industries, it is safe to say that the trend is here to stay.

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