Jira, Ms Teams & Rezolve.Ai – An Amazing Combination

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Jira, Ms Teams & Rezolve.Ai – An Amazing Combination
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Jira is a good service desk that is being widely used across the globe. Jira started from the DevOps side of the house but has moved now to the mainstream service desk and is being used by a wide variety of enterprises. Many of the companies that use Jira also use MS Teams. MS Teams has experienced unprecedented growth over the last three years – and it was fueled by three factors – remote/hybrid work, zero cost and product improvements. Today, there is a vast cross-section of enterprises that use Jira as well as MS Teams. While Jira is strong on the agent side, its service delivery model is still traditional. While there seem to be some connectors available to connect Jira to MS teams, these seem very basic and rudimentary – plus need a lot of work on the part of the service desk. fills a gap by bringing AI-powered automation delivered via MS Teams to the Jira service desk. comes with out-of-the-box deep integration with the Jira service desk and adds to the AI automation quotient of the Jira helpdesk.

In this article, we have included six things you can do by integrating with your Jira service desk.

  1. Easy access via MS Teams

    Needless to say, creating and tracking support tickets is a major issue that employees encounter, especially when they are leveraging traditional service desks. When you integrate with your Jira service desk, it allows employees to receive the right support and an automation engine that streamlines the complexity of business processes and allows employees to get tasks done right within collaborative channels like MS Teams, where employees spend most of their time.  Being an ai-powered service desk, offers an automated ticketing system that makes all the manual and time-consuming processes invisible to your employees.

    Whenever employees face any issue or queries, they just need to type that with’s virtual assistants (VAs) that work within MS Teams. Within 10-15 seconds, the virtual assistant will provide solutions tailored to your employees' specific needs and preferences by understanding the context of their issues, rather than searching for the ticketing platform, learning its functionality or reaching a service desk agent.’s intelligent chatbot will close the tickets and send notifications when an issue is resolved. This will help your employees to have a streamlined employee experience.

  2. Conversational AI

    We cannot deny that before the emergence of automation and artificial intelligence in the employee helpdesk realm, employee support was scattered and delayed, making it difficult for the employees to seek assistance that was wholesome and suited to their needs. It cannot be denied that prior to the emergence of automation and artificial intelligence in the employee helpdesk arena, employees had difficulty seeking wholesome support and adapting to their needs.

    Ever since conversational AI integrated into employee service desks like, employee support has become highly automated, and employees receive personalized assistance. While traditional service desks focused mainly on agents,, an AI-powered conversational system, has shifted the focus from agents to employees. Employees can use's conversational chatbots to answer their queries and find answers.  All they need to do is just chat with the bot. understands the employee's issues and provides the correct answer or resolves the issue by taking action. can attempt to auto-resolve issues, but if it can't, it will pass them on to human experts via Live chat or by creating a ticket. Integrating with the Jira service desk will boost the employee experience and build a frictionless workplace.  

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  3. Twitter-Age knowledge Management

    In contrast to traditional knowledge management systems that provide delayed and fragmented support, which adds little value to an employee's case, understands the context of the issues raised by employees in order to provide them with thorough solutions. Research by Document 360, states that 74 % of organizations consider robust knowledge management practices to enhance workplace productivity by 10-40%. Furthermore, the report notes that poor knowledge-sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies approximately $31.5 billion yearly. To sum up, the main motive of knowledge management is to provide employees with access to the data they require in order to flourish in their jobs. provides twitter-age knowledge management as a feature, approach, and tool that can be used to offer the right, relevant, and applied statistics and data to the employees at the right time. Employees will be able to perform their job duties more effectively with tons of information at their disposal. It becomes increasingly difficult to preserve and save knowledge with every technological advancement.'s knowledge management platform is extremely beneficial to an organization's growth and development.

  4. Convenient Task Automation

    The service desk agent is traditionally expected to carry out tedious and redundant tasks manually. As new employees join the company, the hiring agents must perform repetitive tasks based on their requests for different departments. Agents are responsible for supporting new hires in installing new software platforms, resetting passwords, configuring printers, installing specific tools, accessing documents, etc. Despite this, agents have to take care of the needs of existing employees. And these tasks will take a lot of time, affecting the agents' productivity. Automating such tasks will save agents time and effort and ensure efficiency.

    Integrating with your Jira service desk will allow you to automate repetitive routine tasks within Microsoft Teams. allows on-site and remote agents and employees to automate time-consuming tasks like changing/resetting passwords, accessing work policies, creating new users, installing new software, and more by calling APIs to specific systems.

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  5. Automating Employee onboarding and offboarding processes

    While your organization welcomes new hires and bids a fond farewell to those moving on, onboarding and offboarding allow new members to experience your workplace culture and make an everlasting impression on their final day. Even though the tasks and processes associated with onboarding and offboarding are endlessly tedious due to paperwork and compliance, research has demonstrated that a smooth onboarding process contributes to various factors beyond just an employee's ability to adapt fast. Research by Glassdoor found that 88% of companies don’t provide a good employee onboarding process. The research also states that a well-planned onboarding process leads to higher employee retention and productivity. Thus, providing seamless employee onboarding and offboarding is crucial to your employees.

    That's where comes in. When you integrate within the Jira service desk, streamline the entire onboarding and offboarding processes that consume a lot of time and focus. helps to create a frictionless experience for your employees while ensuring compliance and reducing errors.

  6. Desktop Automation

    Traditionally, whenever the service desk encountered a desktop-level problem, service desk agents were forced to login remotely to see the issue and then take measures to fix the issue. An AI-powered service desk like is capable of assisting you in automating desktop-level automation. Integrations with the Jira service desk and open-source RMM tools enable virtual assistants (VA) to accomplish tedious tasks such as configuring a new laptop, troubleshooting one drive, resetting laptops, installing new software, resetting Outlook, and launching Powershell scripts, among others.


Upgrade your Jira service desk to provide an outstanding employee experience, decrease MTTR and automate L0/L1 support by bringing to your service desk.

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