How to Set Up MS Teams-based Ticketing System Using

MS Teams
How to Set Up MS Teams-based Ticketing System Using

How to Set Up MS Teams-based Ticketing System Using

MS Teams
How to Set Up MS Teams-based Ticketing System Using

Microsoft Teams is widely used as a communication and collaboration tool. But it has emerged as a strong anchor for fostering teamwork to drive efficiency. Besides being a communication tool, it becomes an efficient ticketing tool when combined with 

It centralizes all communication and ticketing needs by revolutionizing how you can manage and resolve issues. It brings automation to route tickets, assigning them to agents, providing personalized support, and reducing manual intervention. It culminates in making MS Teams an IT service desk and HR desk. and Microsoft Team create an unmatched combination by bringing intelligent solutions into ticketing and tracking. It goes beyond resolving issues and creates a collaborative space for everyone to use and get their issues resolved. 

How to set up and use MS teams-based ticketing system using integrates with Microsoft Teams through a process called Teamsification, turning it into a cutting-edge service desk and ticketing solution. It enhances employee experience by providing seamless context-based support tailored to their needs. 

-It allows teams to access information easily and collaborate on issue resolution, which leads to improved resolution time and greater user satisfaction.

-Employees can raise tickets, track the progress of the tickets, and communicate with agents instantly when required, right from their MS Teams chat. 

-It also reduces the need to create tickets by answering basic questions on the dedicated chat, ensuring your employees get immediate support. 

Integration process 

The integration of with your MS Teams is a straightforward process guided by the team. After setup, you can: 

  • Customize your suite based on your requirements, workflows, and teams to start using the platform organization-wide. 
  • is designed to scale as your organization grows, enabling seamless business expansion.
  • The inherent safety features of and Microsoft Teams protect your company data. 

The sign-up process through MS Teams

Before signing up in MS Teams, ask your MS Teams admin to ensure that the app is available to members of the organization. They will complete the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to the organization Teams Admin Center

Step 2: Navigate to Teams app and select Manage apps

Step 3: Look for and set the status to Allowed 

Now, it is your turn to set up in your Microsoft Teams. 

Step 1: Log in to MS Teams using the account associated with the domain your end users will use. For example: If your MS Teams email is, your domain will be my new company 

Step 2: Go to Apps on the left-hand side of the menu and select

Step 3: Click ‘Add’ to successfully download the app

Step 4: Select Tryout from the menu Chatbot

Step 5: Fill out the on-screen form

Step 6: Click on submit. You will receive an OTP. 

Step 7: Select the required service desk

Step 8: Click on submit, and you are all set. 

What makes with MS Teams the best ticketing tool? creates a seamless and invisible ticketing system within MS Teams. It does not overwhelm non-technical users and allows them to create tickets easily by only interacting with the AI chatbot. It creates the ticket within seconds by automatically pulling out data from the database. You get: 

  • 24*7 automated support
  • 10 seconds first-time resolution 
  • 57% reduced MTTR 
  • 35% reduction in cost per ticket
  • 1000+ out of box integrations 
  • Enhanced agent productivity 
  • Smart feedback loop powered by GenAI 
  • Familiar MS Teams interface 
  • No-code automation 

It breaks down the barriers between employees and the support teams with features like: 

Automated ticketing

This comprises an array of features that streamline your entire ticketing, support procedures, and communication. It brings the efficiency of a robust ticketing tool into your MS Teams interface that auto-solves 65% of employee queries and tickets. You get: 

  • Auto-assigns tickets
  • Send automated responses
  • Ticket routing to appropriate teams
  • Enables ticket monitoring
  • Setting ticket accountability
  • Ticket prioritization 
  • Instant issue resolution
Check how helped the Investors Community Bank of Manitowoc leap into an AI-based system

A strategic approach to employee support

When integrated with MS Teams, converts it into a strategic tool that helps you enhance employee support. The support functionalities bring in a GenAI sidekick to offer personalized support for employees. It allows users to connect with management and support teams, and vice versa, using their familiar MS Teams interface and removing the need to toggle between tabs and multiple platforms.  

A conversational AI for employee support boasts of GenAI's power to provide instant support to employees. The conversational chatbot allows employees to create tickets, find answers to common queries, and escalate issues when required, all by chatting with the chatbot. The GenAI-powered chatbot understands the context by pulling all the information from the robust knowledge base and offers a context-based relevant response. 

Robust Knowledge base for self-service

Powered by GenAI, pulls enterprise knowledge from websites, SharePoint folders, PDFs, URLs, SOP documents, technical manuals, employee handbooks, support FAQs, past ticket history, troubleshooting guides and many offline documents. It creates an intelligent knowledge repository for your support teams. It becomes a trusted sidekick to your support teams, enabling them to provide prompt resolutions. 

Process orchestration

How would you feel if you could automate the repeated processes with accuracy? Well, and MS Teams master at automating processes like clockwork that take up your team’s precious time. This lets your team focus on more pressing tasks instead of routine tasks that are important but do not need human intervention. 

Automated onboarding process

With, MS Teams becomes the GenAI sidekick to HRs, too. It automates the onboarding process, sends personalized emails when someone joins the organization, and provides information like login credentials, company policy, etc, without any physical intervention from the HR team. This makes onboarding a breeze for both employees and HRs. 

Bonus Advantage–Desktop Automation

You get a bonus feature with and Microsoft Teams integration, which is not available with many tools –desktop automation. What typically takes a person’s effort is seamlessly done by the GenAI sidekick. Ask for software installation, printer installation, troubleshooting, cache cleaning, device configuration, laptop setup, fixing file system issues, device monitoring, and creating tickets in case of an issue; just name it, and they take care of everything remotely. 

MS Teams and An incredible ticketing team 

MS Teams and make an incredible team for a strategic approach to enhancing employee support systems in your organization. The seamless embedding and extensive support functionalities create a collaborative environment within MS Teams. From optimizing communication to empowering your processes with GenAI, it orchestrates everything toward higher efficiency.  

After all, who does not like automated ticketing, an automated onboarding process and a swift, error-free process for handling support requests? 

If you too, strive for professional, efficient and modern ticketing, you must have as your GenAI sidekick, taking care of your entire support desk needs, from ticketing to resolution. Check it out now!


1. How do I create a ticketing system in Microsoft Teams?

You can set up a ticketing system in Microsoft Teams by integrating third-party tools like IT enables advanced ticketing capabilities into your MS Teams and also allows you to configure the tool to align with your requirements and workflows.

2. How do I use Microsoft Teams as a service desk?

You can leverage Microsoft Teams into a service desk by using its integration features and embedding service desk tools like within Microsoft Teams. This integration enables AI capabilities and allows the creation of tickets from within your MS Teams in a chat-like manner. You can also track your tickets, get notifications, create a knowledge base to promote self-service among employees, manage incidents and problems and do so much more. 

3. Does Microsoft Teams have a helpdesk ticketing system?

Microsoft Teams does not provide you with dedicated features for the helpdesk ticketing system. However, you can integrate third-party apps to transform your Microsoft Teams into a helpdesk ticketing system.

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