Six Ways To Accelerate Your Hr Processes With Rezolve.Ai

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Six Ways To Accelerate Your Hr Processes With Rezolve.Ai

Six Ways To Accelerate Your Hr Processes With Rezolve.Ai

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Six Ways To Accelerate Your Hr Processes With Rezolve.Ai
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The nature and implications of HR processes have significantly changed over time. Employees today require personalized attention and need their issues to be resolved quickly and precisely. Due to the increasing complexity of business processes and the need for personalization, HR professionals can no longer undertake their processes manually. 

This makes it essential for an organization to be vigilant while selecting an HR help desk. While multiple options are available in the market, it is crucial to choose the help desk in sync with all your requirements and adheres to the latest technological trends. In 2021, automation has become an integral aspect of several business processes across all major industries. Process automation allows employees to get their work done with less effort and more accuracy. provides organizations with tools and features that help them automate their HR processes. The automated HR help desk uses AI and machine learning to understand your employees and personalize their support. This frees your HR managers from manually approaching your employees and getting their issues resolved. 

Before understanding how you can accelerate your HR processes with, let us understand the challenges, it helps you tackle. 

Major Challenges Tackled By

  1. Excessive Dependence On Support Agents

    Most traditional HR help desks relied heavily on agents to provide support to the employees. This often resulted in them getting overburdened and exhausted with their caseload. When an agent has to deal with several cases simultaneously, the support provided by them is likely to get delayed. Moreover, the quality of support is seldom up to the mark as the agents cannot pay full attention to every case handled by them.

    Moreover, there may be a situation where the agents are not trained enough to operate a help desk effectively. This results in confused agents messing up their tasks and affecting the work to be done by the employees.

  2. Absence Of A Centralized Platform

    Employees often use several different channels to approach their HR professionals and obtain support from them. The traditional help desk provided little consistency when implementing a single platform to address every issue faced by every employee. Naturally, the support obtained through email, phone calls, and text messages will be different from each other.

    This often results in the employees and the agents spending their time and effort that could have otherwise been used for more productive purposes.

  3. Provision Of Generic Support

    Employees can no longer function effectively with the generic support provided by the agents. When an employee faces an issue that requires assistance tailored according to the concerned situation, generic support will not add any value to their requirements. This would lead to your employees resorting to the traditional means of obtaining support, making the implementation of the help desk vain.

  4. Inadequate Utilization Of Knowledge Base

    The enterprise knowledge base is a valuable asset possessed by an organization and is a storehouse of all data required to resolve issues faced by employees. HR professionals can undertake all their processes to utilize the knowledge base and provide personalized support to your employees. However, the traditional HR help desks failed to make the most of the knowledge base. Even if the platform is fed with all relevant resources, the platforms were often unsuccessful in providing quick and personalized support to the employees.

  5. Difficulties In Recruiting Employees

    Today, HR and recruitment managers need process automation to streamline the recruitment processes. Handling a big load of applications, segregating them, and making the right selections takes a considerable amount of time and effort if your employees do it manually.

  6. Difficulties In Onboarding Remote Employees

    While remote working has its benefits, it makes it difficult for HR managers to onboard employees effectively. As the HR professionals cannot physically interact with the new employees, providing them with the required resources and ensuring comfort in the new work environment becomes challenging.

    Onboarding remote employees is a risky process. Employees today have multiple options for the organizations they can work in and can switch to a different company if they are not onboarded well. This only adds to the challenges of onboarding remote employees.

Accelerating HR Processes With helps you streamline your HR processes through seamless automation. It allows your employees and HR professionals to tackle all the challenges discussed above and add value to your help desk. With, your employees can obtain personalized support, irrespective of the location they work from.

Here are some of the most important ways in which you can accelerate your HR processes with 

  1. Integrating With Microsoft Teams

    The functionality of your HR help desk can be optimized by integrating it with a collaborative platform. integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide you with a single unified platform for undertaking all your HR processes. This process, named “teamsification” by the company, allows your employees to work and seek support on the same platform.

    A teamsified HR help desk provides your HR managers with a centralized platform to approach your employees and keep track of their activities. This prevents your employees and managers from switching platforms while carrying out their respective processes.

  2. Automating The Recruitment And Onboarding Processes automates the processes of recruiting and onboarding your employees using a single unified platform. It allows your recruitment managers to shortlist the applications, assess the candidates, make the selection, and schedule interviews effectively. It also allows you to provide personalized answers to the questions the candidates may have regarding their recruitment. helps your HR managers onboard employees (especially the ones working remotely) with ease and efficiency. It allows you to reach out to your employees through the collaborative platform of Microsoft Teams and provide them with the resources required while joining the company. allows HR managers to create and send personalized emails to the new employees to onboard them effectively based on the user persona. Along with a customized welcome letter, you can send the contact details of team members, the company policies, login credentials for software platforms, and all other information necessary for the new employees to get started with work.

  3. Automating The Ticketing System

    Another important way of accelerating your HR processes using is to automate the ticketing system. As opposed to the traditional ticketing platforms that confused employees and agents, allows your employees to create support tickets with the help of a simple chat on Microsoft Teams.

    Once a ticket is created, it is automatically routed to the most suitable agent and all the details about the concerned employee and the case. This allows the agent to provide a holistic solution to the issue. In the meantime, allows you to send automated notifications to your employees to keep them updated about their cases in real-time.

    When the agent resolves the issue and your employee is satisfied, the help desk automatically closes the ticket. This way, makes sure that your employees are not required to put in any effort to create support tickets and get their issues auto-resolved.

  4. Seamless Assistance By AI Chatbots

    One of the biggest highlights of is its use of AI chatbots. The automated HR help desk uses conversational AI to facilitate effective interactions between your employees and virtual assistants. These chatbots understand the context of the issue raised by your employees by referring to historical data from your knowledge base.

    The use of AI chatbots allows you to replace support agents while providing immediate support to your employees. When your employee raises an issue, the chatbots scan your knowledge base and return with personalized solutions within a few seconds. If they want further assistance, the employees can get their cases routed to agents by initiating a simple chat with the virtual assistants. This makes obtaining quick and personalized support holistic without adding an unnecessary burden on the agents.

  5. Conveying Employee Benefits Effectively

    Employees are often not aware of all the benefits they are entitled to as they work for your organization. Reaching out to the HR professionals personally is not always the best way to get every question answered. allows you to convey all benefits to your employees through their respective Microsoft Teams accounts. They can obtain all information about their benefits and any change in them by chatting with the help desk at any time.

  6. Conducting Employee Surveys

    HR managers often need to conduct employee surveys to understand the overall pulse of the organization. With, you can send personalized surveys to all your employees and obtain their responses through a centralized platform. This helps the managers obtain valuable insights about the HR processes and make important decisions regarding the same.

The Final Word 

These were some of the fundamental ways to streamline your HR processes and provide personalized support to your employees with the help of The automated HR help desk allows your HR department to operate to its full potential and leverage the overall productivity of your organization.

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