How to Automate ITSM Using Chatbots for MS Teams?

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How to Automate ITSM Using Chatbots for MS Teams?

How to Automate ITSM Using Chatbots for MS Teams?

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How to Automate ITSM Using Chatbots for MS Teams?
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If you have these questions circling your head, you are in the right place. 

  • How do we expedite response time? 
  • How do we minimize human errors and streamline routine tasks? 
  • How do we meet the increasing demand for IT services? 
  • How can we leverage MS Teams to its fullest potential?
  • How can we ensure our ITSM predicts and deals with issues beforehand?
  • Is there a way we can reduce so many service requests? 

All these point toward the dire need to automate your processes, considering that your mundane tasks cost you 51 times more than automation costs. 

It's high time that you consider bringing in a digital wizard to take charge of your ITSM automation, which can revolutionize your entire ITSM landscape right inside MS Teams–chatbots or GenAI sidekicks.

Wait, but how does all this connect: ITSM–Automation–MS Teams?

Introducing chatbots, a GenAI sidekick that transforms your MS Teams into a robust automated ITSM solution leveraging the power of GenAI. They seamlessly manage routine tasks, reduce response time, and optimize processes leveraging intelligent automation. 

Benefits of GenAI-powered ITSM chatbots

GenAI ITSM Chatbot Benefits |

When it comes to ITSM, GenAI sidekick chatbots become the intelligent sidekicks that drive efficiency in processes, improve productivity, and assist your teams in meeting the service delivery needs. 

They bring along the following benefits: 

1. Enhanced Efficiency

They excel at automating routine tasks, translating into significant time and money savings. They handle all your mundane, repetitive tasks and processes, support tasks, reduce response time and wait time, and improve user satisfaction simultaneously. The GenAI sidekick chatbot emulates human conversation and takes care of: 

  • Ticket routing 
  • Response generation
  • Knowledge base management
  • Freeing up human agents to take care of more pressing issues 

2. 24/7 Availability

They assist around the clock, unlike human support, which is bound by time. They ensure 24/7 availability, allowing users to access support whenever and wherever.'s GenAI sidekick chatbot thus helps reduce the number of piled-up tickets allowing the service desk team to work efficiently during business hours and not get overwhelmed. It also ensures that employees get support even when no agent is available to help them with tasks like password reset, or troubleshooting, etc. 

3. Quick Issue Resolution

The GenAI-driven chatbot significantly expedites issue resolution by enabling auto-resolution for a majority of inbound tickets and employee queries. The extensive knowledge base enables self-service among employees so that they instantly get help from the chatbot on common queries. It also intelligently routes employee tickets to the appropriate team, ensuring the appropriate resource handles it. This helps improve the first-level resolution rate and resolution time.

4. Cost Savings

According to NASSCOM, automation enables you to save 65% on your onshore operations and 30% on your offshore delivery. GenAI-enabled chatbot automates your time-consuming tasks and streamlines processes to reduce your operational costs. Along with this, its ability to handle a higher volume of requests without additional agents also saves you staffing costs. They ensure efficient allocation of resources, minimizing expenditure on routine tasks and freeing up agents to look into critical tickets.  

5. Scalability

Capable of handling large volumes of requests, the GenAI-enabled chatbot helps you navigate through the peak workload or sudden rise of requests without needing additional resources. It seamlessly adapts and scales to provide high-level support to enterprises like yours. 

6. Consistent Responses

The power of GenAI enables the chatbot to eliminate variability that comes with human responses. It ensures an accurate and uniform information delivery, creating a more reliable support system. Consistent interaction between the chatbot and the employee enhances user experience and builds employee trust. 

7. User Empowerment

Introducing GenAI into your organization’s ITSM brings self-service, allowing users to find solutions for everyday problems independently. This reduces dependency on human support agents for routine queries. It promotes user autonomy and enhances their satisfaction with IT services

8. Data Insights

These chatbots serve as valuable data sources by gathering information for analysis and driving insights. The insights contribute to data-backed decision-making and continuous improvement in the IT processes to ensure a robust ITSM framework. The data also helps you learn trends, predict incidents, optimize workflows, and create strategies for ITSM

9. Improved User Experience

A swift, easy-to-use AI assistant with human-like conversational skills and offering consistent, accurate information builds trust and enhances user experience. The GenAI-enabled chatbot ensures that employees get help whenever needed and allows them to solve problems, contributing to their better experience. 

10. Integration comes with 150+ integrations apart from the seamless integration of MS Teams. It creates a cohesive environment for IT service management encompassing the existing system and familiar MS Teams. 

Functionality and Capabilities of's GenAI Sidekick for MS Teams 

Imagine a digital GenAI sidekick that not only automates your IT processes but also brings smart ITSM solutions like ticketing and many other features that will change how you approach IT service delivery. 

1. Streamlined Knowledge Management with Smart Feedback Loop

Leveraging the power of GenAI, helps create streamlined knowledge management that provides instant, accurate answers to IT queries. It can read and understand documents like IT policies, troubleshooting guides, technical manuals, etc. It learns from websites, PDFs, SharePoint folders, URLs, offline documents, past ticket history, incidents, etc, to create an agile knowledge base that trains and upgrades itself to deliver relevant responses. reduces the time taken to create and maintain the knowledge base by about 90%, saving you a lot of time and resources.

2. Scalability, Adaptability, and Customization 

The chatbots are designed to scale seamlessly, adapting to the increasing workload and your organizational needs, ensuring consistent performance without disrupting the current workflow. You can customize the suite to specific workflow requirements and processes, ensuring a seamless integration. 

3. GenAI-powered Service Desk turns your MS Teams into a GenAI-powered service desk, enabling you to track any ticket back to its origin and uncover insights to identify and manage incidents. You get: 

4. Smart ticketing

It beats the traditional clunky ticketing system using an intelligent ticketing process that creates tickets upon the user’s request, allocates them to the right agent and provides notification as the ticket progresses through the resolution pipeline. The automated ticketing enables employees to create tickets through the chat and also initiates auto-resolving issues. It offers personalized solutions based on the historical data. If the employee is unsatisfied with the first-level resolution, the chatbot routes the ticket to the right agent.  

5. Enhanced Service Levels

The GenAI sidekick automates your L1 support tasks and goes beyond meeting basic expectations. It creates a chain of efficient processes that enhances employee experience. 

6. No-code automation studio

This empowers your support team to automate their mundane tasks and streamline operations.’s no-code automation studio helps you craft workflows easily and connect your utility belt to various apps. They also get desktop automation to tackle matters remotely and a custom automation builder to create their systems. 

Can automation get any simpler than this? 

7. Live Chat 

This feature allows your employees to bring a human in the loop for complex issues that are not resolved automatically. And all this takes hardly 10-15 seconds. The AI summarizes the chat to create and update the ticket. 

8. Security Management brings along a robust defense mechanism with AITSM data protection capabilities. It includes secure APIs for data interchange, strong encryption for data, strict authentication procedures and more. The GenAI algorithms come with ongoing monitoring of chatbot conversations to detect early threats and neutralize them. 

9. Real-Time Alerts

The real-time alerts and notifications keep all the stakeholders informed about critical issues and ticket progress. The chatbots send regular updates, access request notifications, authentication alerts, outage alerts, etc. This ensures a proactive response to potential incidents. 

10. Task and Workflow Automation 

Along with automating routine tasks and processes, these chatbots can also automate workflows to simplify complex corporate processes like debugging customer issues, order processing, and accelerating processes to reduce the workload of support agents. 

Steps to Go Live with Your Bot in Minutes

While it might seem like an uphill battle, setting up a chatbot in your MS Team is pretty easy. Thanks to PVA or Power Virtual Agent, a no-code solution to create conversational chatbots easily and integrate with your Teams. 

  • Go to the PVA portal. You will need a Microsoft 365 license for this.
  • Choose the team for your chatbot 
  • Give the chatbot a name and click ‘Create’
  • Customize the chatbot based on your requirements and that’s it!
You can also check a step-by-step guide to launching your MS Teams chatbot here.

With by your side, your MS Teams chatbot becomes a powerful tool to provide unmatched ITSM solutions to your team. It creates a GenAI sidekick turning your support team into superheroes. 

Check how you can get here. 

ITSM Automation with to Streamline Service Delivery creates an efficient pathway to make your IT service management strong. The friendly MS Teams interface, the power of GenAI, and the no-code automation make it a seamless experience for your support team. 

By leveraging and MS Teams, you create not only a bot that answers questions but one that is intelligent, learns and updates itself, helps you automate your tasks and processes, helps your employees find solutions themselves, and does so much more. 

If you want to automate your ITSM, supercharge it with chatbot and revolutionize your service delivery. To try it out for your team, click here!


1. How do you integrate the chatbot with Microsoft Teams?

To integrate a chatbot with your Microsoft Teams, you can create a chatbot using Power Virtual Agents, a no-code chatbot creation assistance provided by Microsoft 365. 

2. Does Microsoft Teams have an API?

Yes, MS Teams provides a comprehensive API that allows you to integrate and customize its functionality. 

3. Does MS teams have workflows?

MS Teams support workflows through integration with various apps and customization options. 

4. What can you automate in MS Teams?

You can automate tasks, approval processes, data integration, notifications, etc, in MS Teams. If you integrate with tools like, you can also enable desktop automation, GenAI chatbot, automate responses for the service desk, automate tickets to agents, and several other processes that can take up your team's valuable time. 

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