IT Chatbot Trends To Watch Out for in 2023 

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IT Chatbot Trends To Watch Out for in 2023 
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As an IT service desk manager, I always look for the latest technologies and trends to help the corporate world to enhance employee support, experience and service. One area that I'm particularly excited about is modern AI-powered smart chatbots which have become an integral tool that enables organizations to opt for countless choices that make them more efficient and adaptive to the ever-evolving economy. As conversational AI and machine learning (ML) use grows, IT chatbots have become an increasingly popular tool for companies to elevate the employee experience and work productivity to new heights. 

The capability of chatbots to automate repetitive manual IT and HR-related tasks that people can only accomplish will influence their longevity in the market. The need for companies to keep up with the expectations of their employees is paramount, and those that do not invest in modernizing their employee support and service are likely to lose out to their competitors that have. Chatbots provide an efficient, cost-effective way for companies to meet these expectations, and their popularity is only set to increase as more companies take advantage of the technology.

The chatbot industry already sees a massive influx of investment, which will only increase in the coming years. With more companies looking to capitalize on the possibilities of chatbots, the industry's growth is expected to accelerate. Global reports on chatbot adoption reveal that the market has been booming exponentially since the decade's inception. 

According to a CNBC report, by 2023, chatbots will be used by over 800 million people in more than 190 countries for various purposes. By 2024, the industry is expected to increase by almost 25%, a remarkable growth rate. The chatbot industry will probably grow and develop by the end of 2023, with new trends and innovations emerging to address shifting consumer needs and commercial demands. But what are the top chatbot trends shaping the future of employee support in 2023 and beyond?

In this article, I'll discuss some of the latest IT chatbot trends to look out for in 2023 and how they can enhance our ability to provide the best employee support and experience.
Before we delve deep into IT chatbot trends, let’s learn more about chatbots and its importance in this ever-changing corporate work culture. 

What Makes IT Chatbots Important for the Corporate World?   

Undoubtedly, AI-powered chatbots have become a must-have tool for the corporate world. Modern technologies like automation and AI have transformed how the corporate world works, and chatbots have emerged as a game-changer in enhancing employee experience by providing the right, personalized and instant support. AI-powered smart chatbots can offer 24/7 support to employers, streamlining employee collaboration and communication and resolving cases in real-time.

IT helpdesk chatbots accelerate the resolution of issues that an employee may face in their everyday professional life by providing employees with first-level (L1) support. If employees are not satisfied with the L1 support provided by the chatbot, it will automatically transfer the case to a live agent for L2 support. 

Automating repetitive tasks and workflows, assisting employees with prioritizing their work, and answering multiple requests simultaneously reduce the support team's workload and maximizes response times. Chatbots can be integrated with collaborative platforms like MS Teams, making them accessible to employees across multiple channels. Investing in smart IT chatbots can increase employee satisfaction, reduce support costs, and increase productivity for any business.

Benefits of Investing in IT Chatbot   

The benefits of employing IT chatbots in your business are: 

  • Offers a prompt, personalized employee experience 
  • Instant AI-powered employee support 
  • Boosts productivity of employees 
  • Helps optimize business costs 
  • Provides your HR team visibility into key employee metrics - timeliness of service, quality of service, employee satisfaction, etc. 
  • Reduces workload on support agents
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming task
  • Enhance response time for employees' inquiries
  • Compared to hiring and training human employee support agents, a chatbot is more cost-effective
  • Can handle multiple employee requests simultaneously
  • Integration with multiple channels
  • Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Delivers valuable insights and analytics

Top Features of Conversational AI-powered Chatbot   

The concept of "conversational AI" is commonly used to refer to a broad range of methods that allow computers to interact with people. In this technology, natural language processing (NLP) models range from fairly basic to more advanced machine learning (ML) models that recognize a significantly wider spectrum of inputs and participate in more complex conversations. 

Some of its features include: 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    NLP is a feature in conversational AI-powered chatbots that enables them to comprehend everyday human language and respond to queries like a human being is responding to them. 
  • Machine Learning (ML)
    This feature of AI-powered chatbots enables them to learn from data without the need to be explicitly programmed.  
  • Text Analysis
    This feature involves the extraction of data from texts, including different parts of speech (noun, verb etc.) from sentences and identifying the subject, predicate and object of a sentence. 
  • Computer Vision
    This feature allows chatbots to identify digital images.
  • Speech Recognition
    This feature allows conversational AI-powered IT chatbots to comprehend human speech.

Now that you have a better understanding of IT chatbots let’s look at the top IT chatbot trends that will dominate in 2023.

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Top Chatbot Trends To Look Out for in 2023

There will be an increase in the popularity of IT chatbots by the end of 2023. Because, AI chatbots have become an integral part of modern business and are becoming increasingly popular among customers around the globe. For businesses, they provide a new channel for  providing instant and personalized employee support.Now, let’s look at some of the top chatbot trends for 2023:

ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot's new ChatGPT-like ITSM chatbot is a novel feature set to transform how companies approach their enterprise knowledge base management by delivering precise, data-based responses to employee queries within collaborative platforms like MS Teams. This ITSM chatbot uses advanced AI-powered technology, just like ChatGPT, to deliver instant, personalized responses to IT-related issues encountered by employees.'s ITSM chatbot has the ability to read and comprehend various documents, including IT-related policies, user manuals, and troubleshooting handbooks, just like a human support agent. The ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot can browse modern IT helpdesk websites, gaining knowledge from the content and providing better, more relevant responses.

This process can be broken down into several key steps:

  1. Read and Comprehend the Employee Queries
    The ITSM Chatbot reads and comprehends employee questions. By identifying the essential elements and context of the questions, it can search for pertinent information efficiently.
  1. Access and Analyze Information Sources
    To find relevant data,'s ChatGPT-like ITSM chatbot scours different sources, such as documents, websites, and company policies, and can also be directed towards particular websites or repositories, ensuring access to the most precise and latest information.
  2. Compile All the Information and Responds Appropriately
    This ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot evaluates all the relevant information, compiles the findings, and produces a thorough, simple-to-understand response. As a result, employees no longer need to consult with IT specialists or support. 

Best Conversational Support to Employees 

The way employees communicate and obtain the information they need to make them happier and more productive is evolving owing to conversational AI. The employee experience will be boosted if these interactions are simpler to obtain, more seamless, and more personalized. An effective helpdesk chatbot goes further than a traditional conversational chatbot. An IT chatbot's true value lies in its capability to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows based on its knowledge of the employee's objective.
Helpdesk chatbots can be made accessible to your employees on their terms and in their networks, whether those channels are MS Teams, email, or some other medium. They can interact throughout the employment cycle, from the hiring process for prospective hires to orientation, skills training, communication processes, information sharing, performance appraisal, payroll and benefits management, and much more.

Voice-Powered Chatbots  

Voice-powered IT chatbots are the next "it" thing in 2023. For minor circumstances, voice-enabled chatbots have been found to be highly beneficial. As they rapidly grew in popularity, they became commonplace with the assistance of smartphones. By 2023, the world will have 8 billion voice assistants used globally, as per Juniper Research. Voice-powered service desk chatbots speed up the resolution of issues raised by employees, thus saving time and improving employee experience.  

Smart AI-Powered Chatbots  

Futuristic AI-powered chatbots that can learn more about people will open gates to new opportunities for businesses to become more efficient. Data is the crucial component of this innovation in AI-Powered chatbots. The data accessible to chatbots powered by artificial intelligence will be vast, resulting in them being capable of comprehending the requirements of employees and customers based on how they interact with businesses. Any organization would indeed be smart to incorporate an AI-enabled chatbot into its operational processes. According to ServiceBell, Chatbots have response rates of up to 40%, and help 55% of businesses generate high-quality leads. 

  • Predict Customer and Employee Behavior
    Organizations have used AI-powered chatbots to collect employee and customer insights and improve the experience of employees and customers by predicting and monitoring their behavior. When analyzing consumer behavior, we include all encounters with businesses, especially chats, phone conversations, emails, as well as other forms of communication. Chatbots are expected to use machine learning to adapt to evolving employee and consumer needs and provide individualized services most efficiently. 
  • Deliver Real-Time Insights to Customers and Employees
    Companies can instantly deliver alerts and the essential information to employees and consumers via AI-powered chatbots. This simplifies the process for them to be updated about current innovations, deals, and promotions in the case of consumers and organizational changes, office promotion, vacation timings and other office-related information in the case of employees.

Enterprise Department-specific Chatbots

IT chatbots will become more famous, making employees' lives easier in 2023. They are great at streamlining various monotonous and specialized office tasks. Here's a look at a few:

  • HR Chatbot
    An HR chatbot helps organizations perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks and processes like recruiting, onboarding and training new recruits. It also helps new and old employees solve their office issues faster, without the need to talk to an HR professional all the time. As reported by V Soft Consulting, more than 13% of HR departments in several organizations already use chatbots, virtual assistants, or machine learning apps to deliver employee services — and this number is only set to continue growing as time goes on. The report also says that 92% of HR teams agree that chatbots are going to be important in directing employees toward finding the information they need in the future.
  • Workplace Bots
    Workplace bot is already famous and will gain more exposure in 2023. Workplace IT chatbots are well-known for assisting employees in their daily office tasks, thus improving the employee experience and productivity. They help employees expedite menial tasks, thus giving them the mental space to devote to more urgent, important tasks.

Chatbots Controlling Business Process

This type of chatbot will manage more internal processes by 2024 than people currently do. They can process large amounts of data quickly and provide accurate answers to customer inquiries, which contributes to this. In addition, they are becoming more natural, giving customers the impression that they are conversing with a person rather than a machine. Businesses must invest in a strong customer experience strategy as chatbots gain popularity if they want to guarantee customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they must invest in the newest chatbot trends and assemble a group of qualified experts to support the bots. Businesses can guarantee customer satisfaction and increased loyalty by implementing a chatbot strategy.

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If you are looking forward to scale business, look no further! Invest in modern IT chatbots that support your employees and customers are your safest bet. Chatbots have much to offer businesses and can simplify any complicated process. As a service desk manager, I would say that staying up-to-date with the latest trends in IT chatbot technology is essential to supporting our organization's needs. Chatbots are expected to become even more advanced in 2023 as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are integrated. Using AI-powered chatbots, employees will receive more personalized, context-specific responses, enabling them to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently.

Needless to say, new innovations like's ChatGPT-like ITSM chatbot will make it easier for employees to obtain personalized and instant IT support and resolve their complicated issues right within MS Teams without waiting for human agent's support. In general, IT chatbots have a bright future, and as service desk managers, it is our responsibility to keep up with these trends so that our organizations remain competitive and provide the best support.


  1. How does an AI Chatbot work?
    Blending pre-programmed scripts and machine learning techniques, AI-powered chatbots respond to human queries. It will address questions using the knowledge and understanding that is presently accessible to them.
  2. How will conversational AI and ML technologies boost IT chatbots in 2023? Modern technologies like automation, conversational AI and ML will help IT chatbots to become even more refined, delivering more precise and relevant answers to employees based on their unique context and requirements.
  3. What benefits will employees experience with integrating AI and ML technologies in IT chatbots
    Employees will experience quicker and more effective issue resolution with personalized and context-specific anwers, resulting in higher employee productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.
  1. What communication channels will IT Chatbots become more ubiquitous in 2023? 
    IT Chatbots will become more ubiquitous on various communication channels like MS Teams, social media platforms, messaging applications, and other digital platforms.
  1. Why do IT chatbots fail?
    The lack of human intervention in the setup, development, and maintenance of the technology, without which helpdesk chatbots run the risk of malfunctioning, is one of the major contributing factors to chatbot failure. As a result, despite investing in them, many organizations have struggled to implement them. 
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