Top 10 Hr Chatbots That Are Revolutionizing Employee Support
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Top 10 Hr Chatbots That Are Revolutionizing Employee Support

“As technology progresses, it integrates more and more into our daily lives”. With the emergence of the remote and hybrid workforce and the global pandemic still impacting some parts of the world, the corporate world is investing in conversational AI-powered chatbots. It is because, since 2020, our working culture, work methods, workplace environment, interactions with teammates etc. have undergone a significant change that nobody could ever predict. And all these changes have directly impacted the employee experience and employee productivity. Since most employees are distributed working, they will encounter various HR-related challenges for which they need quick support. Needless to say, happy and motivated employees are the strongest pillars of every successful organization. If employees receive fragmented or delayed support, their work and business outcomes will be negatively affected. This is why the corporate world is heavily investing in robust HR-related tools or chatbots that provide personalized employee support and experience while automating a lot of tedious and time-consuming HR tasks and processes.

In this blog, we would like to draw your attention to the top 10 HR chatbots that are redefining employee support and experience in 2022. Before that, let’s talk about the importance of conversational chatbots in the HR department, the benefits of implementing an HR chatbot and the HR tasks and processes that can be automated using HR chatbots.

Why Your HR Department Should Invest In HR Chatbots?

It’s no secret that human resource departments are one of the backbones of every organization. The HR team is responsible for handling crucial processes like recruiting, onboarding, providing training, ensuring a work-life balance, and maintaining payroll responsibilities etc. According to Britannica, in addition to keeping employees happy and well-trained, human resources management ensures compliance with regulations and resolves any liability issues. The pandemic has spurred non-standard work hours, forcing a conventional HR department to have 24/7 availability or a very short response time if needed. Today, an HR manager receives approximately 500–600 queries, including inquiries about leave requests, interview status, technical support, appraisal status, medical insurance, job applications, and payroll details. It would be quite tiring for an HR manager to manually handle the processes associated with these queries. In the corporate world, time is money and the more time an employee spends waiting on support, the more money your business is likely to lose. This is where an HR chatbot comes into play. An HR chatbot easily mitigates this problem and is available whenever and wherever an employee needs it.  

A chatbot is a device that responds to users with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and conversational artificial intelligence (AI). When a conventional chatbot is trained to do human resources-related tasks and processes, it will be transformed into an HR chatbot. AI-powered HR chatbots automate human-like interactions with prospective candidates and employees within an organization in an effort to automate organization’s processes and increase productivity.  


Benefits Of Implementing HR Chatbots

Companies can improve employee lifecycle management with conversational AI-powered HR chatbots, from hiring to onboarding to career development.  

  1. Real-time and Personalized Employee Support

    It is true that while working, employees are likely to experience queries or doubts regarding IT and HR-related issues like password resetting, software installation, their annual perks, medical benefits, work policy, tax declaration processes etc. In such cases, employees will always look for a dedicated HR agent who can provide the right support. Responding to employee queries consumes a huge portion of your HR's time and effort. In many cases, HR agents have to respond to repeated queries and guide employees through the same situations. This can often leave HR agents exhausted, affecting their work productivity levels. A conversational chatbot solution acts as a real-time employee helpdesk that responds to employees' questions and doubts, provides personalized support, and resolves IT and HR issues within seconds.

  2. Personalized Employee Onboarding

    The new hire onboarding process is a major HR task that allows your company to make a positive first impression. When you provide a positive onboarding experience, employees are likely to stay with your firm for a long time. But if you are still offering a traditional onboarding process, this will give a negative impression. It's difficult for new hires to navigate the resources and processes they need to succeed in their positions due to a large amount of static learning content. HR professionals often find it difficult to provide personalized attention to each new hire. When you implement an AI-powered HR chatbot, it automates the entire onboarding process by selecting the right user persona. With the conversational HR chatbot, HR agents can provide all crucial information, such as email login credentials, company policies, team member contact information etc. It also explains the roles and responsibilities of each new hire.

  3. Seamless Employee Training And Development Opportunity

    Since there are remote and hybrid employees, providing the right training becomes crucial for ensuring productivity. Many organizations are hesitant to engage in development opportunities because they are considered time-consuming and expensive. However, employee training is an outstanding means of improving all employees' skills. Regardless of their location, employees can enhance their professional abilities and boost their performance with the support of an HR chatbot.

  4. Facilitates Employee Collaboration and Communication

    A better communication system between employees and management gets issues resolved quickly and increases employee morale, productivity, and commitment. Organizations find it difficult to maintain exceptional employee engagement, collaboration and communication due to a lack of control and a variety of remote communication tools. Human resources chatbots with conversational AI capabilities allow organizations to engage with employees in transactional engagements and run day-to-day operations. Through a chatbot, employees can view payslips, swap shifts with colleagues, or ask for information about paid time off. Companies can also integrate HR chatbots on collaboration platforms like MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc., simplifying internal communications.

  5. Automates Routine Tasks and Workflows

    Organizations undertake a variety of processes on a regular basis, especially in this new era of hybrid work. A manual workflow approval management system makes it difficult to streamline every business process. Automating routine tasks and workflows encourage real-time collaboration and consistent administrative management for remote HR departments. When your company is dealing with a complex network of HR management operations, automated HR chatbots can help. By using HR chatbot solutions, your HR team can guide remote and hybrid employees to get approval from other departments and ensure seamless workflows.

Now that you have a better understanding about HR chatbots and it’s benefits, let’s look at the leading HR chatbots that are revolutionizing employee support in 2022 and beyond.  

Top 10 HR Chatbots For 2022





  5. Botsify

  6. Happyfox


  8. Espressive

  9. AskHR

  10. Humanly

    Let’s take a look at it.

    1. is an AI-powered HR helpdesk that offers automated and personalized HR support to employees using its conversational smart chatbot. Integrated with collaborative platforms like MS Teams and Slack, enable employees to communicate with the bot whenever they encounter any troubles. The chatbot will instantly resolve the employees’ queries and doubts by coming up with a personalized solution. Being an HR chatbot, is capable of streamlining all crucial and time-consuming HR processes such as employee hiring, onboarding, offboarding, training and career development, resetting passwords, installing new software, generating conversational tickets, clearing work policy doubts and organizing employee feedback surveys. This will help HR teams to save their time while providing a seamless employee experience.

    2. is an AI-enabled HR chatbot that aims to reduce the workload of the HR team by automating all possible HR tasks and workflows and streamlining employee requests. It allows companies to personalize employee workflows based on organizational requirements. As an HR chatbot, is equipped with natural language understanding that automatically responds to your employee queries or questions, allows employees to raise tickets whenever they need support and makes HR tasks and workflows effective.

    3. Workativ

    Workativ’s smart HR chatbot focuses on streamlining employee support leveraging conversational AI technology and workflow automation. Workativ helps you auto resolve most of your employee HR-related questions and requests using a modern HR chatbot with in-built HR workflow automation.


    The Smartbots platform is a powerful tool for creating intelligent conversational chatbots that are tailored to the unique needs of your business. Smartbots’ HR Chatbot can perform HR-related tasks and processes at any time, which allows employees to resolve their problems at their own convenience, without having to depend on a human HR agent. Through the Smartbots HR Bot, HR processes across the employee lifecycle can be streamlined and personalized.

    Featuring Live agent handovers and integration with social media platforms, Smartbots also aims to make the experience of automating HR as simple as possible.

    5. Botsify

    Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform that allows organizations to create a chatbot that suits their needs without any knowledge of coding. With Botsify, you can build website chatbots, Facebook chatbots, SMS chatbots, WhatsApp chatbots with features like conversational forms, broadcast messages, media blocks, and a chatbot menu.

    6. Happyfox

    Happyfox is a multi-tasking HR chatbot that can handle all tedious and repetitive queries about work policies, employees' benefits, taxes, payroll, etc. Being a modern HR chatbot, Happyfox replaced your manual employee handbook with a conversational chatbot that can give real-time personalized solutions from right within collaborative platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams. This will help HR agents to focus more on important tasks boosting HR team's productivity.

    7. is a real-time digital assistant that helps companies to enhance employee collaboration and communications, boost employee engagement and elevate HR productivity to new heights. With Botcore’s chatbot development platform, organizations can build personalized chatbots that can have human-like conversations with your employees and respond to their queries instantly and efficiently.

    8. Espressive

    Espressive’s AI-powered employee assistant chatbot focuses on boosting employee productivity and experience by instantly resolving employees' issues. Espressive’s virtual support agent ‘Barista’ integrated with MS Teams and Slack allow employees to gain answers or support to their HR-related queries on work policy, PTO, benefit supports, onboarding, payroll etc. They don’t need a human HR agent’s assistance. All they need to do is just to interact with the bot.

    9. AskHR

    AskHR is an intelligent virtual assistant that answers employee questions, guides them through processes, links them to relevant documents, and manages common HR requests. The AskHR system can integrate with the intranet and email of a company, and also with collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even Amazon's Alexa. Whenever an employee comes across any issue that needs personalized attention from the HR agent, AskHR will provide the right answers or perform the right action through its curated database of queries and answers or your integrated employee handbook. If the bot finds it difficult to give the right solution, it will hand over the case to a human HR agent.

    10. Humanly

    Humanly is an AI-powered HR chatbot that is a simple and fast-to-implement platform that helps HR teams to streamline tasks and processes like recruiting, screening, scheduling, engagement, and reference checks. In order to combat unconscious bias and promote a fair and consistent candidate experience, Humanly use equitable screening and interview analytics. This way the HR team reduces their workloads and can offer personalized recruitment experience for the new hires. 


The above-mentioned are the top 10 HR chatbots that are redefining employee support and employee experience. There is no doubt that HR chatbots are crucial in providing seamless employee support in this ever-evolving workplace. HR chatbot offers a wide range of capabilities that can make both your team's HR objectives more easily accomplished. As a result, HR teams will spend less time on mundane activities and more time cultivating genuine relationships with their employees. At the same time, employees receive personalized support and services.

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