Top 20 HR Ticketing System for 2023

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Top 20 HR Ticketing System for 2023

No business can function successfully if they lack an efficient HR department.
In this highly competitive work environment, HR helpdesk agents are overwhelmed with the ever-increasing challenge of handling time-consuming and tedious HR tasks and processes-like, recruiting, employee onboarding, providing the right HR support, responding to repetitive inquiries, clearing the large chunks of tickets, and concerns etc. Several studies have found that HR helpdesk agents spend almost 25% of their working hours on employee interaction to fix HR-related problems. So, it is time for a superhero to save the day. This is where an HR ticketing system comes to the rescue.

With its superpowers like AI-powered and real-time employee support, efficiency, and enhanced employee experiences, modern helpdesk ticketing for HR is redefining the concept of HR support. As an HR helpdesk manager, I can assure you that investing in an AI-powered HR ticketing system provides the right HR support at the right time by auto-resolving employee issues and automating crucial HR tasks and processes- so that your HR helpdesk agents have only complex tasks to handle.

Whether you're an HR professional looking to increase the effectiveness of your team or a CIO looking to improve employee experience and productivity, you must invest in a robust HR ticketing system. Now, you might be wondering which ticketing software is the right fit for your business. Don't worry; I have your back.  
In this blog, I have curated a list of the top 20 HR ticketing systems that greatly impact the HR landscape. But before we begin, let's learn more about the HR helpdesk ticketing system.  

What is an HR Ticketing System?

An HR ticketing system is a robust software solution to handle and simplify the complex process of employee ticket management, providing real-time HR support and responding to repetitive and tedious HR-related inquiries and issues within an organization. An HR helpdesk ticketing system serves as a centralized platform that allows employees to submit their HR tickets so that the HR support agents can seamlessly track, prioritize, and handle these tickets in a structured and organized manner.

An HR ticketing system's prime goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficacy of HR processes by offering a methodical approach to problem-solving and employee support. It ensures no employee question or issue goes unanswered or unresolved, enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Why Do Organizations Need an HR Ticketing System?

To fully understand the importance, let's look at how an HR ticketing system affects HR managers and employees.  

Employees come to rely on an HR helpdesk ticketing system as their reliable sidekick because it provides a user-friendly interface through which they can submit requests and monitor their progress. Providing them with self-service options like access to FAQs and knowledge bases allows them to independently find solutions to frequently asked questions. Employees can now handle their own HR-related needs without waiting for an HR helpdesk agent to be available.

For HR helpdesk managers like me, the benefits of HR ticketing systems are outstanding.

Let me put it this way: Consider having a bird's-eye view of all incoming tickets, their status, and the time it will take to resolve them. This is exactly what an HR ticketing system offers, giving the HR support team access to real-time analytics and insights. With the help of this information, they can spot trends, monitor performance indicators, and optimize HR operations. HR helpdesk agents can minimize future disruptions and increase productivity by putting proactive solutions into place when they can identify recurring problems.

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Top Benefits of an HR Ticketing System

Instant Issue Resolution

As mentioned earlier, an AI-powered HR helpdesk ticketing software is a go-to place for employees to submit any HR-related questions or issues as a ticket. These tickets are quickly forwarded to a dedicated HR helpdesk agent for instant resolution. HR helpdesk managers can quickly address employee issues with a structured and organized process, resulting in quicker resolutions and increased employee satisfaction.

Imagine this; John is your newly onboarded remote employee. He is having trouble accessing the work policy document on a Saturday night. In this situation, he cannot call the support team. But he can submit a ticket through the HR ticketing system rather than getting lost in a sea of emails or having trouble contacting the right HR helpdesk agent. A modern HR ticketing software automatically assigns the helpdesk agent to John’s ticket, ensuring a seamless employee experience by quickly fixing the problem.

Enhance Employee Productivity and Agent's Efficiency

An AI-powered HR ticketing system reduces manual work and enables HR support teams to respond to inquiries more quickly by centralizing and automating HR processes.

Consider an employee who wants more information about your dress-code policy. With a robust HR helpdesk ticketing system in place, support agents can quickly access relevant information, give precise answers, and save both parties valuable time- avoiding frustrations and confusion.

Personalized Employee Experience

An AI-powered HR ticketing systems give employees a quick and easy way to submit tickets and inquiries, which increases employee experience to the next level.

Imagine a situation where an employee needs to ask for time off to attend a family function. He or she can just submit a ticket through the HR ticketing system rather than sifting through numerous email threads or filling out manual forms. This seamless process guarantees a prompt response and a satisfying working environment.

Elevate Employee Self-Service

A modern HR ticketing system empowers employees by providing self-service options. Employees can independently access a knowledge base, FAQs, and other resources through an intuitive user interface to find solutions to their HR-related questions. As a result, HR managers or support teams have more time to devote to more strategic projects.

Consider another scenario where John wants to update his contact information in case of an emergency or address. He can log into the HR ticketing system and quickly locate a self-service portal where he can make the required updates, saving time for both him and the HR agent, instead of staying in the long queue of calls to contact a helpdesk agent directly.

Minimize the Ticket Processing Time

Employees using HR ticketing software will be able to submit tickets more quickly by eliminating manual processes like taking notes or typing data into spreadsheets. As a result, organizations can spend less time and money processing data due to less effective workflows.

Consider your employee has a query about the revised Health-claim policy. With an effective HR ticketing system in place, he or she can submit a ticket directly through the ticketing system, providing all the required details. HR support agents can then look into the ticket, revisit the information, and deliver a timely response, streamlining the entire process and reducing the overall time spent on manual data entry.

Increase Transparency and Communication

An HR helpdesk ticketing system makes communication between your employees and the HR support team more efficient and transparent. Through updates and notifications regarding the status of their tickets, employees are kept informed throughout the process. Likewise, HR agents can see an overview of all open and closed tickets, which makes tracking and reporting easier.

Example: Using the information collected by the HR ticketing system, an HR support agent can quickly produce reports on ticket volumes, response times, and resolution rates. This offers helpful insights for streamlining HR processes and identifies trends and areas for improvement.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Today, most HR helpdesk agents have access to a wealth of data and analytics- all thanks to a modern HR ticketing system. This data allows HR support agents to spot recurring problems better, monitor performance indicators, and anticipate new trends. Realizing data-driven decision-making paves the way for ongoing development and more potent HR tactics.

HR agents may identify a pattern of requests pertaining to a specific training program by reviewing ticket data. This realization motivates them to spend more money on training materials, which boosts productivity throughout the company and improves employee skills.

20 Best HR Ticketing Systems 

Being an HR helpdesk manager, I know that finding the perfect HR ticketing system can be time-consuming and tiring. Numerous software review websites will need to be browsed, dozens of product websites will need to be revisited, and hundreds of reviews will need to be read.  

As I mentioned earlier, I've already done that for you. Here is a list of the top 20 HR helpdesk ticketing systems that will satisfy your unique requirements and dominate in 2023 and beyond.  

  1. Zoho Desk
  1. Happyfox
  1. DeskPro
  1. UseResponse
  1. HelpSpot
  1. HROne
  1. Hiver
  1. Intercom
  1. Help Scout
  1. HubSpot  
  1. Spiceworks
  1. OTRS
  1. Zendesk
  1. SolarWinds
  1. Cflow
  1. ProProfs
  1. Freshdesk
  1. Ariglad

Now, let’s check them one by one. is one of the best modern HR helpdesk ticketing systems integrated within MS Teams that leverages the power of Generative AI and machine learning (ML) technology to answer common HR queries, streamline HR tickets, and automate time-consuming HR tasks and processes. This advanced Generative AI-powered HR helpdesk ticketing system, doesn't track problems; it auto-resolves tickets so that your HR support agents or technicians have fewer tickets to handle.'s advanced invisible HR ticketing system allows employees to create, track, and resolve tickets by interacting with the ChatGPT-like AI Chatbot integrated within Microsoft Teams. With this modern HR service management system, employees can create tickets in mere seconds without searching for data on the employee portal or filling out details. Moreover, with this modern HR ticket management system, employees can also easily check the status of their HR tickets and receive timely updates and notifications as the ticket process progresses.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is one of the top HR helpdesk ticketing software that gives companies a complete platform to support internal customer service. This modern HR ticketing system reduces the number of times the help desk receives the exact information tickets from new employees by offering a FAQ portal for them.

Being an AI-powered Open-Source HR ticketing system, Zoho's workflow rules can be created to route requests to the right team members automatically. Zoho's AI-powered assistant can help HR helpdesk agents respond more quickly, understand customer sentiment, and reduce tickets through proactive problem-solving.


With HappyFox's HR ticketing system, employees' inquiries are automatically categorized and organized so the right HR helpdesk agent can respond promptly. Organizations can provide employees with all HR policies and procedures for self-service using knowledge base functionality. It is more effective for HR support agents when hiring, onboarding, paying employees, and managing vacation time are all centralized.  

With an AI-powered knowledge base, HappyFox helpdesk ticketing enables you to put customers in control. By enabling your agents to distribute FAQs and knowledge base articles to customers, this modern HR ticketing system reduces the workload on your support agents.  


DeskPro’s HR ticketing system is a modern ticket management system developed to optimize helpdesk performance. It allows organizations to automate time-consuming and tedious tasks and processes, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. This advanced HR helpdesk ticketing system quickly supports your remote workforce by providing the expertise they need to succeed.  

With the help of the DeskPro HR ticketing system, agents can precisely track the quantity and type of HR requests to determine what is causing traffic to the helpdesk or whether SLAs are maintained.


Being an advanced multi-channel HR helpdesk ticketing system, UseResponse assists the HR helpdesk team in finding the best-fit candidates, hiring them, and ensuring a seamless onboarding journey. This modern ticketing system can also be used to rate employees in order to provide helpful information about filling open positions within the organization.

With this AI-powered HR helpdesk ticketing system, organizations can bring every internal ticket together from different sources, such as email, phone, Slack, or live chat. With the help of triggers and macros, ticket management (case) can be made simpler. To guarantee that employee tickets are handled by the right helpdesk agent as soon as possible, case management can be easily automated.
UseResponse leverages predefined canned responses to quickly and efficiently respond to common HR-related queries to reduce the large chunk of tickets.


HelpSpot is a best-bet email-based HR ticketing system for HR agents who need to upgrade from a shared inbox and take better control over their support tickets. HelpSpot users can access the unified dashboard that stores all email requests centrally and makes them accessible to the HR helpdesk agents.

Using this tool, you can measure and improve performance metrics to deal with and improve issues such as ticket response times and the amount of work allocated to each helpdesk agent. By automating repetitive tasks and providing a self-service knowledge base, HelpSpot HR ticketing provides excellent service to your employees and reduces stress on your HR support team.


Being one of the top-notch HR ticketing software, HROne intelligently automates your tedious HR tasks and processes, ensuring that your working day is easier. In other words, its cloud HR helpdesk systems operate on an intelligent 1:7 work ratio, which means that through automation, it completes all of your routine tasks on average in 1 hour per day. Its conversational HR ticketing system enhances the ticket handling time and quality, generates limitless ticket categories and clarifies SLAs. In spite of this, HROne offers support agents the ability to auto-assign tickets.


With Hiver Gmail-based ticketing system, organizations can get customer service, finance, operations, HR, and IT in touch with one another. This HR ticketing system enables employees to interact with customers via various channels, including voice, WhatsApp, knowledge base, live chat and email-providing a seamless employee experience.

With Hiver Gmail-based ticketing system, organizations can get customer service, finance, operations, HR, and IT in touch with one another. This HR ticketing system enables employees to interact with customers via various channels, including voice, WhatsApp, knowledge base, live chat and email-providing a seamless employee experience.

Since the Hiver ticketing system is integrated with Gmail, it is very easy to use, allowing teams to get started immediately without learning a new tool. Hiver is also renowned for its extensive feature set and dependable 24-hour customer service.


Intercom is a conversational HR ticketing system that offers a chat support tool to increase sales and customer success by offering self-service, proactive chat support, pop-ups, banners, and direct access to reps.

The tool's inbox allows you to manage everything and chat with customers from any location in one central location. This platform allows organizations to automate responses and routing to enhance self-service and ensure support agents speak with the right prospects and clients.

With this platform, customers can access personalized support on their mobile devices as well as their desktops.

Help Scout

Help Scout is an easy-to-use ticketing system that lets organizations get their customer service teams up and running quickly. To provide delightful customer service, your helpdesk team can use Help Scout's cutting-edge features like automation and collaboration.  

Help Scout helpdesk system has the ability to categorize employees' tickets, reducing the response time and enhancing the employee experience.


Hubspot is a modern helpdesk system that ensures that your entire team has access to a single dashboard where you can log, arrange, and track customer support tickets. As a result, your customer support team will get access to the ticket's entire correspondence history and can follow the ticket's development as it goes through troubleshooting. Additionally, tickets are linked to customer records, making it simpler for support agents to refer to previous interactions with the business. When a customer submits a form, sends an email, or engages with live chat support, the HubSpot ticketing system automatically creates a ticket.


Spiceworks is a modern helpdesk ticketing system that offers companies a variety of tools and features for managing client support requests. Depending on the needs, organizations can expand it with a wide range of support apps for jobs and procedures like inventory management, remote support, and network monitoring.  

This ticket management system is intended to help businesses increase their customer service operations' speed and effectiveness while giving customers a seamless and tailored support experience. is an AI integrated helpdesk ticket management solution available for complex, high-touch issues that demand professional support. helps helpdesk agents' close tickets quicker while improving an employee's ticket-raising experience. ticket system recognizes the employees' tickets and intent and uses information about their roles, teams, and departments to assign it to the right helpdesk agent. Tickets are categorized with almost perfect accuracy, ensuring that none are misplaced.


Being an Open-source ticketing system for HR, OTRS ticketing enables organizations to manage user support tickets through a single, centralized platform. Businesses can easily adapt OTRS to their unique requirements by configuring workflows, developing custom fields, or setting up notifications.

OTRS is a highly flexible and adaptable platform that enables businesses to customize the software to their unique needs. Its advanced ticket management features, including creating, assigning, tracking, and escalating tickets, make this ticketing system more effective. Ticket routing and auto-replies are built-in automation features that can improve customer support operations.


Zendesk helpdesk ticketing system is one of the well-known ticket management systems that help organizations establish a sizable community forum where potential clients and customers can interact, ask questions, work together to solve problems, and share solutions. Support agents can view all current and previous customer conversations in one place using Zendesk's agent workspace feature. With this feature, your agents will have greater visibility and control over what is happening.  

It also creates a help section so clients can look for solutions independently. Zendesk's intelligent ticket routing will route your tickets to the best agents.


SolarWinds is an advanced helpdesk ticketing system and asset-tracking tool that allows organizations to perform various support ticket management functions. Among the crucial areas where SolarWinds helpdesk assists businesses are asset management, service level agreements, and helpdesk administration. SolarWinds helpdesk has a simple, user-friendly interface that enables users to find what they need quickly and can be adjusted for mobile devices.

Its fundamental incident management system keeps the inflow of tickets in check and ensures your helpdesk support teams work effectively. It features a distinct ticketing panel with color-coded sections containing information such as the case ID, most recent status, asset type, category, service executive handling the case, and the person who submitted the ticket.


Cflow offers HR managers a better way to handle their employee leave requests. It is a cloud-based SaaS workflow management solution that can be tailored to meet all your HR service management needs.

This HR helpdesk ticketing system acts as a centralized point of contact for all employee requests so your employees will receive excellent support and seamless service.

It also helps HR helpdesk agents to reduce time spent on administrative tasks that don't directly impact service quality, and overall productivity. Despite this, this modern ticket management system for HR enables employees and agents to access information and resources at any time and from any location, and it's simple to customize so that they only see what they need at the right time.


ProProfs helpdesk ticketing is one of the best feature-rich ticketing systems that enable organizations to track all customer complaints, tickets, and bugs and lets your helpdesk agents quickly and effectively address them. It's notable features of the ProProfs helpdesk ticketing system, like child tickets, canned responses, integrations, and shared inboxes, contribute to a wonderful user experience and the speedy resolution of tickets.

With this ticketing system, support agents won't ever misplace a ticket and will always be aware of who is working on what.


Freshdesk is a modern helpdesk system that allows organizations to handle user tickets via email and social media. This ticket management system efficiently turns customer inquiries into tickets, quickly assigned to front-line agents.  

With the help of the parent-child ticketing feature of the Freshdesk helpdesk, organizations can divide difficult customer requests into simpler tasks, known as child tickets and distribute them among several agents or teams. Smaller tickets can be handled concurrently, which speeds up responding to customer tickets.


Ariglad is another leading HR ticketing system that puts data-driven insights at your fingertips, allowing your helpdesk agents to change the way they handle HR tickets and inquiries. Being an all-in-one HR helpdesk ticketing system, Ariglad focuses on streamlining the time-consuming HR processes and improving the employee experience, from tailored SLA metrics to shift management, seamless integrations, and beyond.


Real-time employee support and personalized experience is the most critical factor in the success of an organization in this ever-evolving corporate world. Thus, investing in the best HR ticketing system is no longer a luxury; rather, it now plays a crucial role in determining your organization's future regardless of its size and industry.  

The above-mentioned HR ticketing systems are the foundation for seamless employee support, streamlining complex and time-consuming HR tasks and processes, and data-driven decision-making; they are not just tools. They provide numerous advantages, such as centralized employee communications and time-saving automation features. In my experience, investing in the right ticketing system can significantly improve HR operations and equip organizations with the tools they need to succeed.

While each ticketing software on this list has unique strengths and features, one solution stands out as a game-changer—'s Generative AI-powered HR helpdesk ticketing system. This next-generation ticketing solution that works right within MS Teams revolutionizes how organizations support employees and HR support teams - all thanks to its Generative AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities.  

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What is an HR helpdesk ticketing system?

An HR ticketing system is a modern software tool that allows the HR support desk team to address and resolve employee tickets, requests, and issues in a centralized and organized way. HR-related tickets can be automatically handled, and employees can communicate efficiently with HR support agents.  

What are the advantages of investing in an HR ticketing system?
An HR helpdesk ticketing system includes:

  • Enhances HR support and efficiency
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Real-time issue resolution
  • Automates time-consuming and tedious tasks
  • Elevate employee experience and satisfaction
  • Streamlined communication  

Can a helpdesk ticketing system be customized to our business requirements?

Most HR helpdesk ticketing systems provide personalization options to fit an organization's unique needs, workflows, and processes. You can modify the system to reflect your company's branding and add features that are most effective for your HR processes.

Does the system for HR tickets allow for remote work?

Yes! HR ticket tracking systems are designed to support a dispersed workforce and allow remote work. No matter where they are, they offer employees a seamless platform to access HR services and quickly get assistance.

How does an HR ticketing system improve helpdesk agent productivity?

An HR helpdesk ticketing system improves HR agent's productivity by providing quick and efficient employee support whenever they need assistance. With a robust HR ticketing system in place, employees can easily submit their tickets and track the progress of their tickets, ensuring they receive the assistance they need promptly. Therefore, your agents will be able to focus on critical tasks instead of repetitive tickets.

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