Best 5 Ivanti Alternatives and Competitors to Look For

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Best 5 Ivanti Alternatives and Competitors to Look For
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Enterprise ITSM software can streamline IT department processes and boost employee productivity. AI-powered help desk platforms are superior to traditional ones; they can utilize conversational ticketing to resolve fundamental issues autonomously, leaving support agents free to tackle more complex issues.

One such software is Ivanti ITSM (also called Ivanti Neurons). With its automated platform, Ivanti anticipates and resolves incidents, which leads to considerable benefits in efficiency and reliability. Users experience fewer outages, with quick problem resolutions, leading to successful IT project changes and a reliable IT environment.

But it lacks in certain areas where other ITSM solutions shine. For example:

  1. The absence of generative AI features is a big downside.
  2. Modules can appear disconnected due to inconsistent design and development from separate teams.
  3. Customizations take longer than expected.

If you are looking to explore Ivanti competitors that may fit your company's needs better, then consider some key factors, such as GenAI features, usability, integration capabilities, and the flexibility of customization. Below are several Ivanti competitors that stand out in the competitive ITSM landscape.

Five Best Ivanti Alternatives to Look For  

1., an Ivanti alternative, is a GenAI-enabled IT service management solution  that streamlines employee support within Microsoft Teams, creating a smoother and better employee experience. With, you can enjoy 65% auto-resolution, a 10-second first-time resolution, a 57% reduction in the mean time to repair (MTTR), and a 35% reduction in cost per ticket. is an AITSM solution that meets the needs of midsize to enterprise-level organizations in various industries, such as state and local governments, education, retail, credit unions, healthcare, and managed service providers (MSPs).

Key Features
  • GenAI Sidekick: stands out due to its next-gen AI features. It comprises perks like GenAI-enabled agile knowledge management, knowledge ingestion from Sharepoint, knowledge uploading, knowledge ingestion from the website, GenAI-based knowledge curation, content personalization, and out-of-the-box Level 1 IT knowledge. Unfortunately, Ivanti falls behind when it comes to such advanced AI integration.
  • Automated upgrades: provides seamless automated upgrades, keeping your service desk updated with cutting-edge innovations without manual input. It significantly helps to reduce administrative burdens and improve operations. However, Ivanti lacks this feature.
  • MS Teams native app: is natively integrated into MS Teams. It provides conversational access to knowledge, simplifying requests and database entries in real-time. Creating and updating tickets is as simple as a chat conversation. It guarantees effective and timely notifications and general announcements. It also features surveys and approvals and offers live chat support for instant help. However, these conversation-oriented features missing in Ivanti do hamper the usability quotient.
  • Incident management: This enterprise ITSM software offers advanced incident management to reduce the response and resolution time. It helps to classify, investigate, and diagnose problems, utilizing AI technology for proactive solution detection and building an issue history.
  • Multilingual support: has built-in support for multiple languages. This feature enhances the usability of global teams, offering support in various languages. However, Ivanti's multilingual support capabilities need to be manually configured, which could be a disadvantage for multicultural teams.
  • GenAI-enabled IT service desk, which offers higher efficiency and innovative AI tools compared to Ivanti
  • Seamless MS Teams integration for smooth operations and real-time interactions
  • Advanced incident management capabilities reducing response and resolution times
  • Reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiency with auto-upgradable features
  • No portal for users to sign in and access

Contact the sales team for a quote.

2. SysAid

SysAid, another alternative to Ivanti, is an established ITSM solution that targets medium-sized businesses and the education industries. Its product spectrum spans IT service management services, endpoint management, patch management, incident and change management, and network monitoring.

SysAid primarily caters to businesses looking to manage service requests, processes, and assets under one roof, especially big enterprises and education industries. Moreover, its ease of use and robust functionality make it suitable for nonprofits, financial services, and government organizations as well.

Key Features

  • Service Automation: SysAid features extensive service automation. Insightful charts allow you to see information trends in your organization, enhancing decision-making processes.
  • Self-Service Portal: SysAid's portal enables stakeholders to access knowledge bases and log their service requests. Such a feature empowers everyone within the organization by promoting a do-it-yourself culture. However, this exciting feature is absent in Ivanti's offer.
  • Remote Control and Desktop Monitoring: Users enjoy robust remote and desktop monitoring capabilities. This allows them to easily troubleshoot and resolve problems effectively. In stark contrast, it seems Ivanti users might have to go the extra mile for a similar function.
  • The logs for resolved tickets are easy to access.
  • SysAid offers free customer support services, including all-day "boot camp" training, health checks, and service assessments.
  • No on-premises mobile app version
  • Poor icon placement and size on mobile devices create an unpleasant user experience.
  • Lack of advanced ITSM capabilities



SysAid's price is based on the number of admin users and is influenced by the feature-type bracket. Contact the sales department for a personalized quote.

3. Moveworks

Moveworks ITSM is an AI platform designed to automate the resolution of IT tickets. It employs advanced machine learning algorithms to understand and resolve employee requests in real-time, transforming the speed and efficiency of internal IT support. By reducing resolution times, Moveworks ITSM enhances productivity and customer satisfaction.

Moveworks suits large-scale organizations that seek to automate and simplify employee service management, enhancing the user experience and driving end-user productivity. It has proven especially valuable in IT-heavy sectors such as the tech industry, healthcare, financial services, and educational institutions.

Key Features
  • Natural Language Understanding support: With the latest AI technology, Moveworks can understand, interpret, and act on employee requests worded in natural language. Moreover, these requests can be parsed irrespective of the platform they are issued from, ensuring extensive usability. In contrast, Ivanti's language support is noticeably adjacent since this feature isn't robust here.
  • Integration: Numerous AI-driven integrations factor majorly into Moveworks' credibility. The platform boasts integration with a myriad range of IT systems — from HR platforms to proprietary databases - enabling quick access to data, expedited issue resolution, and timely management of requests.
  • Integrates with ticketing as well as chat systems
  • Excellent community support
  • Adopting the system could be challenging for less tech-savvy teams.
  • Customers are not satisfied with the NLP functionality. 

For a personalized quote based on the services required and the size of your organization, please reach out to the Moveworks' sales department.

4. Atlassian 

Atlassian's Jira Service Management is known for its enhanced collaborative applications. Atlassian excels in issue tracking, project management, content management, and code review. Particularly, its Jira Service Desk is a popular choice for IT service management due to advanced customization options, third-party integration ability, and agile approach to help desk management.

Atlassian may be a suitable choice for businesses and organizations that demand flexibility in customizing workflows, processes, or ITSM interfaces, especially development teams or tech firms, due to native tools beneficial for such environments.

Key Features
  • Scalable Workflow Customization: Atlassian's solutions, particularly Jira, feature highly customizable workflows to suit different organizational needs. Clients can match and track progress corresponding to their devised procedures.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Over-the-top third-party tools complement Atlassian's toolkit, bringing about seamless merging of workflows utilizing applications such as Slack, GitHub, and Trello.
  • Agile-focused ITSM: By aligning IT operations to agile frameworks, Atlassian greatly facilitates quick project turnarounds, streamlined task management, and the achievement of business agility. Differences from other solutions like Ivanti may lie in their approach to agile-oriented processes.
  • The customer portal is user-friendly
  • Endless custom field options
  • Create escalation SLAs with ease.
  • Reports are non-customizable
  • No backup options
  • Mobile functionality feels limited
  • Cannot close multiple tickets at once.

A free 7-day trial is available. Atlassian ITSM plans are:

  • Standard: $22.05 per agent per month
  • Premium: $49.35 per agent per month
  • Enterprise: For enterprise pricing, please contact their sales department directly.

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a comprehensive helpdesk solution that offers automation, self-service, and integration capabilities. It covers incident, problem, change, and asset management and provides a complete ITIL framework for best practice-compliant IT service workflows. It can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

Key Features
  • IT Asset Management: Track and oversee the entire lifespan of assets to maximize efficiency and adhere to regulations.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Provide customers with multiple support channels, including email, web, chat, and phone, for comprehensive communication.
  • Automation: Automate daily tasks with custom workflows to save time for IT teams and improve response speed.
  • Service Catalog: Create and share a customized service catalog that makes it easy for users to request IT services.
  • Project Management: Use project management tools to plan, track, and execute IT projects, ensuring efficient coordination.
  • Implementation and installation are relatively easy
  • Impressive Desktop Central integration
  • Security risks can arise due to the lack of IP restrictions.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus offers annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses with a simple pricing model. Additionally, the company provides a full-featured, 30-day free trial.

Plan options include:

  • Standard (IT help desk): Starts from US$ 10 per technician per month
  • Professional (IT help desk + asset): Starts from US$ 21 per technician per month
  • Enterprise (IT help desk + asset + change + projects): Starts from US$ 50 per technician per month

Skyrocket Your IT Operations with

When exploring Ivanti alternatives, search for an enterprise IT management solution that addresses its drawbacks. is one of the leading options with its modern GenAI and seamless employee experience. It offers the ability to upload knowledge from multiple sources, like SharePoint, websites, and PDFs - something Ivanti lacks. And it integrates with your familiar MS Teams, so you don't have to waste time getting acquainted with a new platform. 

What makes it stand out?

  • L1 tasks are automated, saving time and reducing errors.
  • 70% of issues are automatically solved. That makes the service desk 25-30% cheaper.
  • Employee productivity goes up to 4%, which ensures overall efficiency.
If you want to learn more about how enables advanced IT service management and improves your support capabilities, sign up for a personalized demo here.
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