Best 5 Moveworks Alternatives and Competitors: Which One is Right for You?

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Best 5 Moveworks Alternatives and Competitors: Which One is Right for You?

Best 5 Moveworks Alternatives and Competitors: Which One is Right for You?

Service Desk
AI & Automation
Best 5 Moveworks Alternatives and Competitors: Which One is Right for You?

Information technology service management (ITSM) software helps IT departments streamline workflows efficiently, manage incidents, problems, and changes, and deliver IT services. Not only this, the implementation of AI-driven ITSM can automate L1 incidents, reducing costs and allowing help desk agents to focus on difficult issues.

Moveworks is one such advanced AI-driven ITSM. Its AI platform increases employee efficiency by giving instant access to data and automating tasks through NLP. The GPT-class machine learning models power the platform, which is trained to understand an organization's vocabulary and address multiple use cases.

However, Moveworks lacks a few areas that reduce your organization's productivity. Below are some glaring issues that customers found.

1. Lacks good user interface

2. Delays in technical support

3. Issues with feature delivery/customer engagement

4. Limitations around where the data can be sourced

5. Lack of an online community

While Moveworks has assessed these problems, their improvements might not meet particular enterprise needs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Moveworks’ competitors to consider. Let's dive in!

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Best 5 Moveworks Competitors and Alternatives is a GenAI-enabled modern AITSM solution integrated within Microsoft Teams, that aims to elevate employee support. It offers instantaneous and personalized responses to employees' IT and HR queries, auto-resolving up to 65% of inquiries using GenAI-enabled conversational chatbot, GenAI-enabled knowledge management system, No-code automation studio, Human-in-the-loop live chat, conversational ticketing system, real-time notifications etc.

Its robust GenAI SideKick learns and improves over time makes it stand out. Plus, with the availability of APIs, can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

Best for is an ideal AITSM solution for midsize to enterprise-level organizations. Industries include state and local governments, education, retail, credit unions and brands, healthcare, and managed service providers (MSPs).

Key Features
  1. GenAI-enabled conversational chatbot
  2. GenAI-enabled ITSM 
  3. Human-in-the-loop live chat with MS Teams
  4. No code automation studio
  5. Interactive notifications via MS Teams
  6. Conversational incident management
  7. Out-of-the-box integrations with 150+ enterprise software
  8. GenAI-enabled agile knowledge management with a smart feedback loop
  9. Unique desktop automation (not available with competitors)
  10. Powerful analytics with useful dashboards
  11. MS Teams accessible Change Management  
  12. MS Teams accessible Approvals 
  13. Personalized role-based end-user experience  
  14. Automated Employee Onboarding Process
  • Exceptional employee service and implementation support
  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • Improved agent productivity due to agile knowledge base
  • AI-enabled for intelligent diagnosis and resolution
  • Effective task orchestration reducing resolution times
  • Integration with various enterprise software enhances service management capabilities
  • No portal for users to sign in and access

Contact the sales team for a quote.


Aisera is an advanced AI service management and plug-and-play solution that leverages unsupervised Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML). It is one of the leading providers of AI Copilot solutions, powered by AiseraGPT and Generative AI. 

Their turn-key Conversational AI solutions offer 500+ integrations and 3000+ prebuilt workflows for 75%+ automation and 90% cost reduction. Alternatively, customers can build their own LLMs, leveraging their unique data and utilizing an embedded execution engine.

Best for

Aisera is suitable for businesses looking to automate their IT service desks and create a more efficient, self-service experience for end-users. Customers range from small startups to large enterprises across various sectors.

Key Features
  1. Advanced AI and RPA technologies for autonomous resolution
  2. Multi-channel customer service, including email, web, voice, and chat
  3. Auto-routing of complex issues to human agents
  4. Real-time analytics and reporting
  5. Self-service portal for end-users
  6. Out-of-the-box integrations with other platforms
  7. Multi-language support
  8. Fully customizable AI models
  • AI-driven automation for common support issues
  • Reliable product and a friendly user interface
  • Responsive customer success teams and 24*7 support
  • The interface may require a learning curve for some users
  • Building intent and flows can be time-consuming 
  • The concierge feature might provide the wrong articles to users

Contact the sales team for a quote.


Freshdesk (a product of Freshworks Inc.) is noted for its customer service, as it allows multi-channel interactions, ticketing systems, community forums, and in-app messaging. It further enhances business operations via automation tools, making team collaboration easier. With transparency and productivity as its core philosophies, Freshdesk creates a win-win frontier for businesses and customers.

Best for

Freshdesk is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It caters to a range of industries, including e-commerce, education, healthcare, and IT services, where efficient ticketing management is crucial.

Key Features
  1. Multi-channel support across email, phone, social media, and web
  2. AI-powered bots for automatic ticket triage
  3. Robust reporting and analytics
  4. Knowledge base for both agents and customers
  5. Collaboration tools to bring in the right stakeholders
  6. Built-in SLA management
  7. ITIL-ready with incident, problem, change, and release management
  • User-friendly interface with easy setup
  • Seamless integration with other popular tools
  • Excellent customer support
  • Customers complain about syncing issues with reports and data
  • Setup requires external technical experience or support 
  • Functionality disparity amongst other products like Freshchat

Freshdesk offers several pricing plans, starting with a free plan.

  1. Growth: $15.00 per agent per month, billed annually
  2. Pro: $48.99 per agent per month, billed annually
  3. Omnichannel growth: $29.00 per agent per month, billed annually
  4. Enterprise: $69.00 per agent per month, billed annually
  5. Omnichannel Pro: $59.00 per agent per month, billed annually
  6. Omnichannel Enterprise: $99.00 per agent per month, billed annually


Cherwell's flexible ITSM solution allows companies to automate and customize their IT service operations. For example, with its comprehensive management tools, organizations can streamline workflows, increase day-to-day efficiency, and improve accountability across teams. 

Built on a modern, high-powered platform, this enterprise IT management software is capable of handling complex IT systems while ensuring top-notch performance. Additionally, its intuitive and user-friendly interface empowers users to quickly adapt to the system without requiring extensive technical knowledge. 

From incident and problem management to change and release management, Cherwell simplifies IT service processes and helps reduce operational costs.

Best for

Cherwell is suitable for mid-sized to large organizations in various sectors such as healthcare, government, higher education, and business services.

Key Features
  1. Comprehensive ITIL processes, including incident, problem, change, and release management
  2. Automated workflows to streamline processes
  3. Customizable reports
  4. Centralized portal for managing all IT services
  5. Integration capabilities with over 250 existing applications
  6. Self-service portal for end-users
  7. Knowledge management and collaboration tools
  8. Multi-language support
  9. Drag-and-drop automation builder
  10. Mobile capability for on-the-go access
  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Filters to extract data easily
  • Business Objects and the ease of repurposing them for other areas
  • Few customers complain about it not having industry-standard features. Also, it has a steep learning curve.
  • It is buggy or crashes sometimes, which hampers productivity.

Cherwell's pricing details are not publicly listed. Contact the vendor directly for a custom quote.


SolarWinds Service Desk, formerly Samanage Service Platform, offers a cutting-edge, cloud-based service desk and IT asset management solution.

Its design follows ITSM standards and incorporates automation, AI, and machine learning to simplify IT support and facilitate employee self-service.

What makes SolarWinds stand out is its robust reporting and analytics platforms. Not only can you track tickets and response times, but you can also use data-driven insights to improve your service management continuously.

Best for

SolarWinds offers IT management software to customers of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500s to small businesses.

Key Features
  • Powerful network performance monitoring tools
  • IT security management and risk mitigation
  • Database performance and health monitoring
  • Unified IT service management
  • Automated alerting and reporting
  • Server and application monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring capabilities
  • Easy to adopt both for the IT staff and end users
  • Fully customizable as per customer requirements
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for ticket notification
  • Dashboards can be tricky for beginners
  • Integration capabilities can be improved

SolarWinds offers different pricing plans for various products within its suite. 30-day free plans are available across all price points, allowing you to test the product before committing.

  1. Essentials: $39 per month per agent, billed annually
  2. Advanced: $79 per month per agent, billed annually
  3. Premier: $99 per month per agent, billed annually

Revolutionize Your IT Operations with

Simply the best in modern customer support, stands out among the sea of enterprise ITSM software. Committed to delivering top-notch service, it presents unique features designed to enhance your customer support productivity and efficiency. Key features are:

  • GenAI: A state-of-the-art AI advisor that resolves complex IT issues within minutes.
  • MS Teams Integration: Seamlessly collaborate with your team using MS Teams, providing real-time solutions. 
  • Agile Knowledge Management: Empower your team with a knowledge base that learns and evolves with every interaction.
  • No Code Automation Studio: Design and deploy automated IT workflows without prior coding knowledge, saving time and improving efficiency.
If you want to learn more about how enables advanced IT service management and improves your support capabilities, sign up for a personalized demo here


How does differ from other ITSM tools? specializes in AI-driven customer support, making it stand out among other ITSM tools. Its unique features, such as GenAI, agile knowledge management, and No Code Automation Studio, allow users to provide fast, efficient, and streamlined service without needing extensive technical knowledge or skills.

When selecting an ITSM tool, what should I consider?

Key things to consider when choosing an ITSM tool include the specific needs of your organization, scalability, customization options, ease-of-use, integration capabilities with existing systems, AI and automation features, support and training provided by the vendor, and pricing. Also, consider reviews and feedback from other users to understand the tool's performance and reliability.

What is the purpose of ITSM tools?

At its core, ITSM tools are the go-to mechanisms for streamlining IT operations. They're the cogs in your IT infrastructure, helping to alert everyday glitches and minimizing digital hiccups to enhance business productivity. Like a well-oiled machine, they nip issues in the bud, keep downtime at bay, and ensure your business is always firing on all cylinders. With Generative AI, these tools learn to anticipate potential breakdowns, making your IT operations even smarter.

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