Here’S Why Rezolve.Ai Is The Best Helpdesk Ticketing System For Your Business
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Here’S Why Rezolve.Ai Is The Best Helpdesk Ticketing System For Your Business

Employees' needs and preferences have gone through a major shift in the wake of digitization. They are no longer comfortable working in organizations that provide generic solutions to their issues and cannot provide prompt answers to their questions. This has led to the definition of an ideal ticketing system being changed. 

Today, an ideal ticketing system provides quick, effective, and personalized solutions to the issues faced by employees working in an organization. proves to be the best helpdesk ticketing system for your business based on these requirements. is an AI-based helpdesk ticketing system that understands the context and intentions of your employees as they raise their issues. It allows all your employees to obtain seamless support from a single unified platform, making the approach simple and effective. Instead of offering beneficial features only for the support agents, is an employee-friendly helpdesk ticketing system that allows you to increase the rate of employee engagement within your organization. 

Here are some of the core features of that make it the best helpdesk ticketing system for your business: 

  1. Teamsification Of Processes

    "Teamsification" is a term coined by, which refers to leveraging your processes with the help of Microsoft Teams. Being integrated with Microsoft Teams, helps your employees obtain personalized support through the popular collaborative platform. A teamsified service desk allows the management to reach out to the employees (and vice versa) through the centralized platform of MS Teams. This prevents the users from looking for a different platform from the one they work on to obtain employee support.

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  2. Conversational AI For Automated Support

    The helpdesk ticketing system of uses conversational AI to provide automated and personalized support to your employees. This involves setting up AI chatbots to interact with your employees. AI chatbots offer an ideal combination of human-like conversations and machine-like speed and accuracy.

    With the help of conversational AI, allows you to automate direct support completely. Without creating any tickets manually, your employees can answer their basic questions simply by chatting with dedicated virtual assistants. The helpdesk would scan your knowledge base and provide personalized solutions through chatbots when a question is asked. As conversational AI allows the chatbots to understand the context of the questions asked, it helps your employees obtain tailored solutions according to their needs and preferences.

    As most cases are resolved at this stage, relieves the support agents from getting overburdened with cases, hampering support quality.

  3. Invisible Ticketing System

    Traditional service desks often confuse employees when creating support tickets for their cases. While does not eliminate the ticketing system, it makes it invisible for the users. This makes an ideal helpdesk ticketing system for non-technical users. Here, the employees need not worry about knowing the nitty-gritty details about ticketing. They need to interact with AI chatbots to get their support tickets created and tracked automatically.

    A simple command by an employee would make the service desk create a support ticket and route the case to a suitable agent. The agent would also be provided with all relevant details about the case and the employee with sufficient context. As the agent is tackling their case, your employee would receive notifications to keep them updated about their case. This prevents them from reaching out to the agents repeatedly.

    After the case is successfully resolved, the help desk would automatically close the ticket and add all relevant details about the case to the enterprise knowledge base. This way, invisible ticketing system allows your employees to get their issues resolved without taking any manual efforts for the same.

  4. Seamless Onboarding Of Employees

    The helpdesk ticketing system of allows your HR managers to onboard employees effectively and sustainably. Whether your employees work remotely or on-premise, the automated service desk helps you ensure that they are provided with the necessary resources and can gel with the new work environment. allows you to create and send automated emails to employees as they join your organization based on their user persona. Instead of spending time filling forms and creating tickets, you can simply send emails with personalized letters welcoming the employees, the login credentials for the platforms used, contact details of peers and managers, and all other details required by your employees to get started.

    Moreover, provides a simple and automated platform for newly onboarded employees to get their questions answered. A simple interaction with the chatbots would help them resolve their issues within a few seconds. This allows the management to improve the overall experience of the new employees joining your team, making them feel comfortable.

  5. Getting Your Employees Trained In Advanced Skills

    To stay in tune with the latest trends and technological advancements, it is crucial to train your employees in relevant skills today. allows your employees to train themselves through microlearning.

    Microlearning involves adding bite-sized training content to your knowledge base. Your employees can access these resources to get themselves trained from any location. Through microlearning, the helpdesk ticketing system of helps you cater to the limited attention span of your employees. As opposed to providing them with lengthy handbooks and manuals, microlearning allows you to send limited training content daily that does not take up more than 10 minutes of your employees' time. Microlearning helps you make your trainers self-reliant and conduct cost-effective training sessions.

The Final Word 

These were some fundamental reasons why is the best helpdesk ticketing system for your business. Irrespective of the scale at which you operate and the industry you belong to, the AI-based service desk can be used to provide seamless employee support and enhance employee productivity within your organization.

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