Why is the Best Helpdesk Ticketing System?

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Why is the Best Helpdesk Ticketing System?
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Employees' needs and preferences have gone through a major shift in the wake of digitization. They are no longer comfortable working in organizations that provide generic solutions to their issues and cannot answer their questions promptly. This has led to the definition of an ideal ticketing system being changed. An advanced helpdesk ticketing system goes beyond simple convenience in this digitized world, where every employee's inquiry, request, and issue requires quick, effective, personalized attention. Thus, a robust helpdesk ticketing system is now crucial to organizational excellence. If you are looking for one such effective ticketing system for your business, proves to be the best.

Let me tell you why! Being an advanced GenAI-powered helpdesk ticketing system that works within MS Teams, understands the context and intentions of your employees as they raise their issues. It allows all your employees to obtain seamless support from a single unified platform, making the approach simple and effective. Well, that's amazing, right? 

Before looking into the top features of Rezolve.a helpdesk ticketing system, let's get an in-depth knowledge of helpdesk ticketing solutions and their benefits.

What is a Helpdesk Ticketing System?

A helpdesk ticketing system is software designed to monitor employees' problems, enabling your support or IT team to promptly and efficiently address them. It equips the team with essential tools for their daily tasks, encompassing ticket handling and collaborative efforts with colleagues.

Typically, in ticketing systems, employees reach out to the help desk regarding an issue, and the system automatically generates a ticket for it. Each ticket is assigned an IT support agent or technician, facilitating easy tracking throughout its existence. The ticket management system stores all the pertinent details about the problem, including the inquirer's contact information, the nature of the issue, any attempted resolutions, and the ticket's status (e.g., opened, pending, or closed)

A notable feature of the helpdesk ticketing systems is their ability to categorize and prioritize tickets based on criteria such as issue type, significance, or severity of the problem. This allows support teams to address the most critical problems, enhancing response times and ultimately ensuring employee satisfaction. 

What is the Difference Between a Helpdesk and a Ticketing System?

A ticketing system and a helpdesk are closely connected yet separate concepts within the realm of customer support and service management.

Helpdesk System

A helpdesk system represents a more comprehensive idea that includes not only ticket administration but also additional facets of support and service, including incident management, problem resolution, and knowledge handling. It serves as a centralized hub where employees can reach out for assistance, and it can deliver support through diverse channels like email, phone, chat, or self-service platforms. The personnel at the help desk usually has a wider range of duties and is tasked with ensuring that employees' problems are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Ticketing System

A ticketing system, on the other hand, is a software tool that allows businesses to oversee and monitor employees' inquiries or problems. It functions by generating a distinct record for each request, which can be designated to a particular agent or team for resolution. Tickets can be sorted by importance, and their progress can be monitored as they go through different stages of the support procedure until the problem is resolved. The primary purpose of a ticketing system is to guarantee the efficient and successful handling of employee requests.

What are the Benefits of Using a Ticketing System?

An employee helpdesk ticketing system is an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Internal communication and support procedures are streamlined, ensuring that staff members are given prompt support and resources when they run into problems or have questions.

The following are some of the key benefits of implementing such a system in your company:

Instant Issue Resolution

A robust IT helpdesk ticketing system enables staff to submit reports of problems or make assistance requests in a structured, systematic way. As a result, issues are noticed and can be dealt with immediately, hastening the resolution of the problem.

Effective Ticket Prioritization

With an advanced IT ticketing system, urgency and operational impact can determine ticket types and priorities. This assists support teams in tackling pressing problems first and minimizing delays in work processes.

Ticket Monitoring and Accountability

Each support agent or technician is responsible for a specific ticket they are assigned to. Employees can follow the progress of their requests, and managers can keep an eye on how well the support teams are doing.

Agile Knowledge Base

Many IT helpdesk systems include a knowledge base feature that enables businesses to store and share articles, frequently asked questions and documentation. This reduces the workload on support teams by empowering employees to find solutions to common questions independently.


Auto-assigning tickets, sending automated responses, and routing tickets to the appropriate teams or agents are all examples of automation features that are frequently included in modern helpdesk ticketing software. This lessens manual labor and accelerates ticket resolution and response time. 

Seamless Communication

A modern ticketing system ensures that all employee requests, questions, and concerns are centralized on a single platform. As a result, support teams can manage and respond to requests more effectively without dealing with scattered emails or phone calls.


An advanced helpdesk ticketing system allows organizations to lower employee support costs by streamlining support processes and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Support that is timely and efficient raises employee satisfaction. A productive workplace is where employees feel their concerns are valued and promptly resolved.

What is is a Microsoft Teams-based Generative AI-powered IT helpdesk ticketing system exclusively designed to provide instant and personalized employee support and a seamless experience via a ChatGPT-like interface. The main focus at is not tracking employee tickets; rather, we automate the most tedious and time-consuming IT and HR tasks, allowing time to be invested in more important work. Being an employee-focused, auto-resolution engine, auto-resolves up to more than 65% of employee tickets and elevates employee productivity by 70%.

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What Makes the Best Helpdesk Ticketing System?

Imagine this: Your business resembles an overcrowded airport where people are waiting in line for flights to your solutions, inquiries, and support. You require an effective IT helpdesk ticketing system as your control tower in this busy terminal of requests. For modern businesses, it is an absolute necessity, not an option.
Why, you will ask? 

Let's look at some startling statistics to show how crucial it is to have a top-notch helpdesk ticketing system like 

  • Boost Work Efficiency
    As reported by Hubspot, businesses that use modern IT helpdesk ticketing systems see a staggering 34% increase in overall efficiency. That's like giving your customer service engine a turbocharger!
  • Elevate Customer Experience
    According to Zendesk, companies with effective ticketing systems see a 47% increase in customer satisfaction. After all, satisfied customers are reliable ones.
  • Money is Time
    According to Forbes, organizations waste 71 hours annually on unnecessary tasks. With the right ticketing system, you can bid those hours farewell and concentrate on what is most important.
  • Data-Driven Insights
    According to Salesforce, 90% of top-performing customer service teams base their decisions on analytics from their ticketing systems.
  • Easy Resource Management
    A Harvard Business Review report states that an effective ticketing system can help modern organizations save up to 30% of their resources. It's not just about cutting costs; it's about making the best use of your resources.

So, here's the deal: You need an advanced GenAI-powered IT helpdesk ticketing system like  if you want your employees to navigate the support issues and provide a seamless experience. 

Here are some of the advanced features of that make it the best helpdesk ticketing system for your business:

Teamsification Of Processes

"Teamsification" is a term coined by, which refers to leveraging your processes with the help of Microsoft Teams. Being integrated with Microsoft Teams, helps your employees obtain personalized support through the popular collaborative platform. A teamsified service desk allows the management to reach out to the employees (and vice versa) through the centralized platform of MS Teams. This prevents the users from looking for a different platform from the one they work on to obtain employee support.

ChatGPT-like AI Chatbot For Quick Support helpdesk ticketing software leverages the power of advanced Generative AI, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) technologies to provide instant and personalized support to your employees. This involves setting up ChatGPT-like AI chatbots to interact with your employees. This ChatGPT-like AI chatbots offer an ideal combination of human-like conversations and machine-like speed and accuracy.

With the help of Generative AI, allows you to automate direct support completely. Without creating any tickets manually, your employees can answer their basic questions simply by chatting with dedicated AI chatbots. The helpdesk would use knowledge base and provide personalized solutions through AI chatbots when a question is asked. As GenAI allows the chatbots to understand the context of the questions asked, it helps your employees to provide immediate employee support and deliver personalized experiences with precise and relevant responses.

Trained on millions of IT knowledge articles, this robust AI-powered feature can read and understand a wide range of enterprise knowledge documents, including specific SharePoint folders, customer support FAQs, employee handbooks, SOP documents, technical manuals, past ticket history, and troubleshooting guides As most cases are resolved at this stage, relieves the support agents from getting overburdened with cases, hampering support quality.

Invisible Ticketing System

Traditional service desks often confuse employees when creating support tickets for their cases. While does not eliminate the ticketing system, it makes it invisible for the users. This makes an ideal helpdesk ticketing system for non-technical users. Here, the employees need not worry about knowing the nitty-gritty details about ticketing. They need to interact with the ChatGPT-like AI chatbots to get their support tickets created and auto-resolve it. 

By chatting with the AI chatbot integrated within Microsoft Teams, employees can create tickets in mere seconds without having to search for data on the employee portal or fill out details. .

After the case is successfully resolved, the help desk would automatically close the ticket and add all relevant details about the case to the enterprise knowledge base. This way,'s invisible ticketing system allows your employees to get their issues resolved without making any manual efforts for the same.

In-built Live Chat 

As I mentioned, the helpdesk ticketing system aims to "auto-resolve" many repetitive and mundane IT issues that employees often face in their daily lives. This can be accomplished through a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot that mimics human conversation, allowing employees to receive the most suitable support in a matter of seconds. If the chatbot's first-level support (L1) does not meet the employees' needs, an expert support agent or technician can be summoned for live chat to assist with more complicated issues. This whole process takes, at most, 10 to 15 seconds!  

The support agent or technicians can provide second and third-level support (L2 and L3) by delivering the right information, triaging issues, or performing tasks. Implementing helpdesk ticketing systems can elevate employee support and satisfaction and allow them to resolve issues more efficiently and effectively. 

Easy Automation helpdesk ticketing system's easy automation feature helps organizations to streamline repetitive and time-consuming everyday tasks and eliminates manual effort. This allows support agents to free up their time and focus on more critical tasks while the support desk handles repetitive IT tasks and processes.

Agile Knowledge Management's agile knowledgebase continuously learns from the user's previous ticket histories, allowing support agents to resolve issues and swiftly help your employees. By training the knowledgebase using ChatGPT, your IT support agents or technicians can ensure that it always contains the most relevant and recent information, resulting in quick issue resolution times. 

By implementing an intelligent feedback loop, the helpdesk ticketing system enables employees to access the latest IT-related information while assuring that the knowledge base is continuously improved for accuracy and relevance. 

Seamless Onboarding Of Employees

Being a modern IT helpdesk ticketing system, allows your HR managers to onboard employees effectively and sustainably. Whether your employees work remotely or on-premise, the automated service desk helps you ensure that they are provided with the necessary resources and can gel with the new work environment. allows you to create and send automated emails to employees as they join your organization based on their user persona. Instead of spending time filling out forms and creating tickets, you can simply send emails with personalized letters welcoming the employees, the login credentials for the platforms used, contact details of peers and managers, and all other details required by your employees to get started.

Moreover, helpdesk ticketing system provides a simple and automated platform for newly onboarded employees to get their questions answered. A simple interaction with the chatbots would help them resolve their issues within a few seconds. This allows the management to improve the overall experience of the new employees joining your team, making them feel comfortable.

Getting Your Employees Trained In Advanced Skills

To stay in tune with the latest trends and technological advancements, it is crucial to train your employees in relevant skills today. allows your employees to train themselves through microlearning. Microlearning involves adding bite-sized training content to your knowledge base. Your employees can access these resources to get themselves trained from any location. Through microlearning, the helpdesk ticketing system of helps you cater to the limited attention span of your employees. 

As opposed to providing them with lengthy handbooks and manuals, microlearning allows you to send limited training content daily that does not take up more than 10 minutes of your employees' time. Microlearning helps you make your trainers self-reliant and conduct cost-effective training sessions.


These are some fundamental reasons why is the best helpdesk ticketing system for your business. Irrespective of the scale at which you operate and the industry you belong to, the GenAI-powered helpdesk ticketing solution can be used to provide seamless employee support and enhance employee productivity within your organization.

Considering the abovementioned features,'s helpdesk ticketing system is the best choice in the market. From teamsification of the processes to equipping the employees with advanced skills,'s Generative AI-powered helpdesk will help your organization to seamlessly manage the support and service system, thus enhancing the productivity and satisfaction of your company's employees.

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  1. What is a helpdesk vs. a service desk?
    A helpdesk primarily concentrates on resolving issues, often referred to as "break-fix" in ITIL terminology, while a service desk handles not only break-fix situations but also service requests (demand for new services) and inquiries for information (such as "how to perform a task ").

  2. What is the difference between a help desk and a ticketing system?
    The ticketing system allows for creating and managing tickets detailing individual support inquiries. In contrast, the help desk offers a more comprehensive platform, encompassing features like a knowledge base, live chat functionality, and an integrated ticketing system.

  3. What is the most common ticketing system?
    Based on their efficiency and popularity, the most common ticketing system includes, Zendesk, Zohodesk, Freshdesk, Happy Fox, and Jira Service Management. These helpdesk ticketing systems help your organization stay organized and manage and deliver the best support and service.
  1. How do I choose a ticketing system?
    While choosing a ticketing system, you must look at a user-friendly interface, seamless collaboration, easy integration with other systems, multi-channel support, reliable and robust reporting, and scalability.
  2. Does Microsoft have a help desk ticketing system?
    Yes, Microsoft offers a helpdesk ticketing system known as "Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service." This software provides businesses with helpdesk ticketing functionalities, including support for intricate branching procedures, customizable queues, automated email handling, rule-based ticket allocation, ticket reassignment, and escalation. Despite its name, this Dynamic 365 solution functions effectively not only as a customer support ticket system but also as an employee help desk solution.
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