Top 5 Cherwell Alternatives for Efficient Service Management

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Top 5 Cherwell Alternatives for Efficient Service Management
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Cherwell is an enterprise service management tool that offers comprehensive ITSM solutions along with codeless configuration, extensibility, flexible portal, and ITIL services. It offers a lot of features to help companies with their IT service and support.  
However, it fails to accomplish this flawlessly.

Users frequently encounter challenges with the tool that creates the need to look for alternatives to Cherwell.  

Take these for example:



A robust ITSM is easy to use, makes raising tickets, and service requests a breeze, and creates a seamless user experience for your employees. These five Cherwell alternatives are some of the best tools that do so for you.
Let’s check them out.

5 Best Alternatives to Cherwell is a modern AITSM tool for enterprises that helps streamline operations, automates processes and enhances employee support and experience. It seamlessly integrates with MS Teams to offer instant and personalized employee support across various channels using the power of GenAI. It auto-resolves up to 65% of employee queries and tickets using GenAI-enabled knowledge management, GenAI Sidekick chatbot,  no code automation studio, process orchestration, and live agent chat acting as a 360-degree service desk. Besides ITSM, it also helps streamline HR operations and improve employee engagement and productivity through intuitive features and efficient use of modern technology.

Key features
  • GenAI-enabled AITSM : It works within the MS Teams creating a familiar user-friendly service desk where employees can ask the bot anything they want to know enhancing the overall support process. 
  • GenAI-enabled Agile Knowledge Management: The bot learns from different sources like websites, PDFs, URLs, offline documents and SharePoint folders, to create an agile knowledge base that promotes self-service among employees.
  • Unique Desktop Automation: It helps automate actions on the user’s desktop reducing manual tasks like installing software, managing configurations, troubleshooting, assisting in new laptop setup, fixing file system issues, monitoring the device and creating tickets, cache cleaning, etc.
  • No-code Workflow Orchestration: It streamlines multiple interconnected processes and tasks such as employee onboarding for HR, configuring project management software on employee's desktops, and so much more.
  • Conversational Incident Management: It helps streamline incident resolution with structured workflows and intelligent automation through features like deflected tickets, smart ticket creation, GenAI email responses, and more.
  • Conversational Service Request and Catalog: It centralizes service requests and catalog management simplifying your service delivery within the MS Team.
  • Conversational Ticketing System: works as a conversational AI ticketing system that automates ticket creation, and allocation; prioritizes critical tickets and notifies ticket progress within the familiar MS Team.
  • Human-in-the-loop Live Chat: The live chat bridges the gap between AI and human support and allows employees to chat with service desk agents when required without hassle.
  • Efficient Problem Management: It helps identify, analyze and resolve issues with problem visibility features, analysis of root cause and automates problem management to minimize business impact.
  • Insightful Dashboard and Reporting: It helps get insights into the operations with intuitive dashboards and reporting to enhance informed decision-making. It offers real-time performance dashboard, customizable reporting, historical data analysis, exportable reports and more. 
  • The AI bot is excellent and creates a seamless self-service experience providing continuous support to users.
  • The knowledge management capabilities streamline and organize the information retrieval. The knowledgebase trains without the involvement of the team. 
  • Is extremely easy to use because of seamless integration with MS Teams 
  • The live chat functionality is excellent and also facilitates real-time assistance from agents 
  • Easy ticketing with conversational chat that also automates tracking 
  • No portal for users to login and access

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Ivanti is a comprehensive IT management and security software that offers various range of products to secure and streamline IT operations, improve user experience, and enhance security.

Key Features
  • Unified Endpoint Management: It provides solutions to secure and manage diverse endpoints including desktop, mobile, laptops, and servers from one single interface. 
  • Security Management: This includes endpoint security and vulnerability management, identity and access management to provide robust security solutions from cyber threats.
  • Patch Management: It automates the patching process, keeps the system up-to-date, addresses vulnerabilities and improves system security. 
  • Very versatile and flexible too allowing admins to build business objects and link them to create complex workflows.
  • Good customer support service and documentation assistance
  • Has a steep learning curve 
  • Customizations can be time-consuming
  • Too technical for non-technical users
  • Ivanti lacks a robust set of tools, templates and guides to help customers on their ITSM maturity journeys. Customers must rely largely on their implementation partners or Ivanti’s peer support community for this help



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Freshservice is an AI-backed ITSM tool that helps in managing IT services and support. It offers a comprehensive suite of services for incident management, service request management and others. 

Key Features
  • ITSM: This contains a suite of ITSM features like intuitive consumer-grade service, incident management, SLA management, knowledge management, a unified service catalog, and more. 
  • Freshservice for business teams: This feature offers a unified service delivery with IT and business teams that helps enhance productivity, operational transparency and ROI . It includes workspaces for multiple teams to co-exist on a single service management platform. It has a support portal, knowledgebase, workflow automation and more. 
  • IT Operations Management: This is a unified platform for takes care of minimizing downtime, ensures service reliability, alert management, cloud management, on-call and major incident management and many other features. 
  • IT Asset Management :  IT asset management offers a complete suite for your asset management like asset normalization, automated discovery, integrated CMDB, SaaS Management, asset lifecycle management, contract management and more. 
  • It is easy to use the tool because of the intuitive UI 
  • It offers good automation features for knowledgebase and workflows
  • It has a solid build quality 
  • The initial setup and configuration is a bit complex 
  • Transferring tickets from one instance to another is complex
  • The customization can be improved specially for helpdesk


  • Starter: ₹1,399/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹2,099/agent/month (billed monthly)
    (Includes Incident Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, and more)
  • Growth: ₹3,599/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹4,299/agent/month (billed monthly)
    (Everything in Starter plus Service Catalog, Asset Management, and more.)
  • Pro (Popular): ₹6,999/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹8,599/agent/month (billed monthly)
    (Everything in Growth plus Freddy Copilot, Problem Management, and more)
  • Enterprise: ₹8,799/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹10,799/agent/month (billed monthly)
    (Everything in Pro plus additional advanced features)

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is another comprehensive tool offering IT and service management for enterprises. It streamlines operational workflows and helps improve business processes by promoting collaboration. It offers features that help deliver service experience removing rigid processes and process optimization. It seamlessly integrates with the Jira ecosystem which enhances the overall business optimization. 

Key features
  • Service desk: It provides a centralized system for managing service requests, incident and change management, etc. It helps the IT team to organize, manage and prioritize requests, ensuring timely resolution and responses. 
  • Self-service portal: This empowers employees to independently submit service requests and report issues and find answers by providing access to relevant articles and documentation. It reduces the workload of IT teams and enhances user satisfaction. 
  • Jira Automation Rules: This helps you automate repetitive tasks and workflows by automatically triggering action based on predefined conditions on the tool. You can route tickets to the right team, send notifications, and update status to reduce manual effort and ensure consistency.
  • SLA management: Jira helps track and adhere to SLA agreements ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly to improve service delivery. It also provides visibility into resolution metrics and response time to help improve service delivery. 
  • It offers simple workflows that help keep track of things and stay organized. 
  • Easy to use and easily adaptive 
  • Notifications on task assignment and completion is a popular feature among users 
  • The dashboard could use some improvements, made easier and more insightful
  • The ticketing feature is not as robust as other tools like Tracking older tickets is difficult.
  • Expensive for small companies and smaller teams 
  • Does not offer much out-of-box customization. You will have to buy add-ons to build an elaborate portal


  • Free plan: Allows Up to 3 agents, unlimited customers, 2 GB file storage, and 100 email notifications per day
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $49.35/ agent with a monthly total of $66.15. Includes all features from the Free plan, support for up to 10,000 agents, 250 GB file storage, business hour support, and unlimited email notifications.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $22.05/ agent with a monthly total of $148.05. Includes all features from the standard plan, advanced incident management, unlimited file storage, asset and configuration management, 24/7 support for critical issues
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales team 


SysAid offers IT service automation and helps desk support to provide IT-backed ITSM. It helps in managing assets, ticket automation, task and workflow automation and many more to address the various aspects of IT operations. 

Key Features 
  • Service Desk: It provides a centralized service desk to manage the service requests, incidents and problems through seamless communication between the IT support team and the user. It automatically sorts and prioritizes tickets, and resolves issues faster
  • Workflow automation: This organizes and automates routine and repetitive tasks reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency. 
  • Self-service portal: This is a user-friendly self-service portal for independently submitting service requests and finding answers to issues. The user gets access to knowledge articles and can track the status of their requests as well. 
  • Advanced customization: It offers over 200 custom columns per entity and templates and forms that you can customize according to your requirements. 
  • Good customer support service
  • Easy to use and integrate 
  • The pre-build functionality is excellent for handling support tickets 
  • Mobile access is a consistent issue reported by users
  • Workflow design has a learning curve
  • Report creation is difficult and needs training 
  • Cannot merge tickets of common issues 



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While Cherwell is a popular tool it is not the best. It lacks features that are a must-have in these competitive times like the power of GenAI or native integration with familiar tools commonly used by teams worldwide like Microsoft Teams, etc. 

When looking for Cherwell alternatives, keep in mind your requirements, the ease of use for your employees, issue resolution time, implementation support, and most importantly, the use of modern tech like GenAI to power the functionality of the tool. is one of the tools that offers you all these features and seamlessly integrates into your existing MS Teams. It creates an IT service desk right within your MS Teams harnessing its power from GenAI. 

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1. Is Cherwell an ITSM tool?

Yes, Cherwell is an ITSM tool designed to help organizations streamline their IT service delivery and support. 

2. What is an example of an ITSM system?

Some of the best examples of ITSM systems include, ServiceNow, Jira Service Management, SysAid, and more. These tools help organizations manage their IT operations and implement effective ITSM processes. It helps organizations align their IT operations with business processes and achieve overall business efficiency.

3. What is the difference between ITIL and ITSM?

ITSM or IT service management includes practices, policies and tools to design, deliver, manage and improve IT services. ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library consists of specific frameworks within the ITSM, providing 

A structured framework to achieve effective ITSM. 

4. What type of software is Cherwell?

Cherwell is an ITSM software. It is a platform that helps organizations automate and streamline their IT service delivery processes. While it is a good software, it comes with some flaws like a sluggish interface and others. 

5. What is the difference between Cherwell and

Cherwell and are distinct software solutions serving different purposes. Cherwell is an ITSM tool focused on IT service management, while is a GenAI-powered ITSM, with features like employee engagement, ticketing, employee service management and more.
The biggest difference between Cherwell and is that while Cherwell is a designated tool, integrates seamlessly with MS Teams and works within the familiar interface. does not come with a learning curve while with Cherwell, you will have to spend some time learning the platform.

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