Top Enterprise Asset Management Software

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Top Enterprise Asset Management Software

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software

Service Desk
Digital Transformation
Top Enterprise Asset Management Software

As the business grows, you need more optimization of operations, a secured network, a robust IT services desk, automation of mundane tasks, cost reduction approaches and overall efficiency. An EAM or Enterprise Asset Management software addresses these challenges for you. It helps you handle the complexity of managing physical and digital assets, licenses and ensure that your assets are used optimally, well maintained and compliant with industry standards. 

But, finding just the right software isn’t that easy. This is why we have listed down seven EAM software for effectively managing your assets. 

What is an Enterprise Asset Management System?

Enterprise Asset Management system is a combination of software solutions and services designed to help organizations manage their assets and equipment throughout their lifecycle.  The software helps increase the efficiency and productive uptime of the assets, optimize their quality and utilization, and guide the financial spending on their purchasing, maintenance, etc, with the aim of reducing cost. 

It offers a wide range of features to help manage, track and analyze the performance of the asset from acquisition to its disposal.

Why Get a Robust Enterprise Asset Management Software 

Here’s a sum of why enterprise asset management software is crucial if you want to optimize your asset management.

  • Optimization of the asset utilization, understanding asset availability, usage patterns, maintenance needs, and using it to its full potential.
  • Facilitating proper planning and scheduling to reduce downtime.
  • Insights into acquisition costs, maintenance expenses, and other costs
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Enhanced decision-making towards asset investments, resource allocation, maintenance strategies, etc. 
  • Asset lifecycle management, including replacements, upgrades, retiring assets and ensuring staying up-to-date with industry trends  

Top 7 Enterprise Asset Management Software is a comprehensive AITSM solution that helps organizations streamline their operations, anticipates needs and automates processes to extend exceptional employee support and experience. It is powered by GenAI which reduces the first-time resolution time to 10 seconds and auto-resolve issues 65% of employee queries. It offers features to accelerate and simplify service management. 

Key Features 
  • Seamless integration with MS Teams: works within the familiar Microsoft Teams and helps support teams resolve issues faster. Employees can create and update tickets and managers can approve tasks right from their MS Teams. The GenAI creates an effortless conversational interaction and offers real-time updates and notifications ensuring an efficient work process.
  • GenAI-enabled knowledgebase: empowers your IT support teams with an intelligent knowledge repository that becomes the go-to source for issue resolution and first interaction. The multi-LLM capabilities of the tool learns and adapts to provide accurate and relevant responses to queries. 
  • No-code automation: boasts of automation features that streamline operations and automate repetitive-mundane tasks. This enables teams to create workflows easily and streamline processes, brings pre-built out-of-the-box integrations, custom integrations, and desktop automation to help employees focus on more pressing tasks. 
  • AITSM features: It combines AI and ITSM to equip your support teams to offer exceptional IT support services. It is a highly scalable and secure tool that also amps up your cost efficiency with automated solutions. 
  • Modern dashboard and reporting: It has powerful analytics with modern dashboards that provide a bird's eye view of service delivery and SLAs to support your employees' agile decision-making and response. 
Pros of 
  • It foresees and auto-resolves issues using the power of GenAI
  • Ensures seamless integration with MS Teams and 1000+ other business platforms
  • Offers a conversational AI interaction, automated ticket creation and issue management solution
  • Simple and easy-to-use 
  • Excellent customer support service

No portal for users to login and access


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Freshservice offers a comprehensiveITSM solution powered by AI. It offers service management, operations management, project portfolio management along with asset management for efficient service delivery. It provides complete visibility into your cloud and on-premise infrastructure. 

Key Features
  • Asset normalization: Creates a unified view of all assets across multiple offices, systems, and clouds. It integrates with the existing inventory systems to create a single source for all your assets. 
  • Automated Discovery: It automatically discovers and tracks asset information. It even tracks off-network assets, creating full visibility. 
  • Integrated CMDB: It maintains a complete repository of the assets with in-depth visibility into how they are connected to each other. It identifies critical assets and links them to incidents, problems, requests, changes and projects. 
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: It keeps track of the purchase orders and all the information from procurement to retirement of every asset. 
  • Offers robust ticket management solution 
  • Intuitive UI makes it easy to navigate through the platform
  • Suitable for small and mid-sized companies to streamline their ticket management
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • The asset list feature is expensive, according to users 
  • Knowledgebase requires improvement 
  • Reporting features are very basic 


  • Starter: ₹1,399/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹2,099/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Includes Incident Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, and more.
  • Growth: ₹3,599/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹4,299/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Starter plus Service Catalog, Asset Management, and more.
  • Pro (Popular): ₹6,999/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹8,599/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Growth plus Freddy Copilot, Problem Management, and more.
  • Enterprise: ₹8,799/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹10,799/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Pro plus additional advanced features.


ServiceNow offers comprehensive and robust asset management solutions to help organizations manage their assets throughout their life cycle. It goes beyond tracking and offers optimal asset utilization, inventory management and many other features.

Key Features
  • Asset lifecycle management: Facilitates asset management from acquisition to disposal and helps organizations to make informed decisions about asset investments, upgrades, etc. 
  • Asset inventory management: Optimizes asset inventory across all warehouses and locations ensuring timely availability of materials, and maintenance tasks. 
  • Asset inventory audit: Offers real-time visibility of asset usage patterns and access risks. 
  • Mobile Asset Receiving: This feature allows receiving asset information with mobile scanning to maintain real-time updates on assets. 
  • Offers good customization options to users
  • A highly scalable tool 
  • Simple to understand and easy to use
  • Has a steep learning curve. Finding features becomes a task
  • Reporting tools are not as powerful as other tools 
  • The web browser takes more time than expected

Contact the sales team for pricing 

Jira Service Management 

Jira Service Management is an ITSM solution and customer support software that also offers asset management capabilities with its premium and enterprise plans. It helps efficiently track assets, track ownership and lifecycle and helps reduce costs. 

Key Features
  • Asset tracking: Helps in efficient asset tracking for inventory management, auditing, and more. It helps assess asset details from Jira tickets to make informed decisions and resolve issues. 
  • Asset reviews: Offers features to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the value of asset lifecycle. 
  • Asset Discovery: It allows you to scan the network to discover and populate your asset repository. You can detect changes, improve support, identify shadow IT assets and more. 
  • Integrations and imports: It integrates with leading third-party tools and allows you to import information from common file types. 
  • Offers good ITSM and helpdesk features like ticketing 
  • Provides access to a user-friendly portal 
  • Offers unlimited custom field options 
  • Offers time tracking features
  • It is expensive compared to other competitors available in the market
  • Offers limited mobile functionality
  • Does not offer customization for reports
  • Requires a lot of preparation for the technical team to make full use of the tool 



  • Free plan: Allows Up to 3 agents, unlimited customers, 2 GB file storage, and 100 email notifications per day
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $49.35/ agent with a monthly total of $66.15. Includes all features from the Free plan, support for up to 10,000 agents, 250 GB file storage, business hour support, and unlimited email notifications.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $22.05/ agent with a monthly total of $148.05. Includes all features from the standard plan, advanced incident management, unlimited file storage, asset and configuration management, 24/7 support for critical issues
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales team 


SysAid is a comprehensive ITSM tool that helps organizations manage their IT services and assets. SysAid’s asset management offers key features that allow organizations to efficiently manage, oversee and optimize their asset’s entire lifecycle. You can manage your assets directly from the service desk and resolve issues faster with the asset data stored in the system. 

Key Features 
  • Asset discovery and inventory management: It offers features that automatically discover assets, maintain a central inventory and give a full view of the software, hardware and IT assets. 
  • Monitoring: You get real-time tracking and custom alerts to quickly respond to changes in the network components, updates, memory usage, and more. It automates issue identification and improves network and system performance. 
  • CMDB: This helps keep track of configuration items in your IT ecosystem, map connections and predict changes. It automatically imports data of assets and software products from other SysAid modules, creating an insightful and comprehensive inventory of your assets. 
  • Workflow design feature has a steep learning curve
  • Knowledge base management does not provide a comprehensive report on usage 
  • Integrations are not as robust and cause issues 
  • Becomes expensive when more administrators are added



Contact the sales team for pricing 


ManageEngine offers a range of IT management solutions with features that help you monitor, manage and secure your IT infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools like ITSM, endpoint management and security, IT operations management, security information and event management, IT analytics, low code app development, cloud solutions and more. 

Key Features 
  • Asset management: It offers asset management as a part of its comprehensive suite and provides features like inventory management, CMDB, license compliance, purchase order and contract management, remote control of assets, and lifecycle management. 
  • Service desk: Manage Engines offers intelligent automation, no-code to low-code customizations, native integrations and business integration reports and more. 
  • Endpoint management: It offers a unified endpoint solution from software deployment, patch management, mobile device management, OS development, endpoint security and more under this feature. 
  • IT operations management: This feature helps you manage and monitor your network, servers and applications with network and application performance monitoring solutions, IT incident management, DNS management and others. 
  • Because of too many features and functionalities, it becomes difficult to navigate it seamlessly
  • The UI needs improvement 
  • It is costly for a comprehensive ITSM solution
  • Poor tech support
  • Reporting features are confusing and not user-friendly



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SolarWinds offers observability, database and service management solutions. It has a wide range of tools like Solar Wind platform, ITSM, database performance, network management, systems management, application management and more along with asset management. It offers a fully integrated IT asset management software that takes care of your assets over their entire lifecycle. 

Key Features
  • Automated asset discovery: It automatically tracks and tags different assets, hardware properties, software titles, users and location history from all the connected devices. 
  • Asset visibility: It offers complete visibility into assets that help expedite issue resolution and changes within service desk tickets by gathering the asset's incident history. 
  • Single platform: It creates a unified asset repository and tracks your hardware and software inventory including mobile, laptop, servers, computers, network devices, and virtual assets. 
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Offers good ticketing features that simplify asset management and help monitor recurring issues effectively.
  • Using all the features is hard and requires proper training to understand
  • Creating custom report building is difficult 
  • There are limitations around non-digital assets
  • Lacks robust integrations 
  • High pricing 



Enterprise asset management software emerges as a crucial component for an organization in maintaining its modern business operations. They serve as strategic tools for managing their assets and ensuring they are optimally used and to their fullest potential. 

Thus, when choosing your asset management software clearly define your needs as that lays the foundation for successful software implementation. Prioritize scalability to accommodate growth and ensure that the tool is user-friendly, something that feels familiar to your employees. Like the tool that runs within Microsoft Teams and teams can use the tool without leaving the platform. 

Check the integration capabilities with your existing system and customer support reviews and most importantly mobile accessibility and GenAI functionality. All these functionalities help you strategically plan your asset management, ensuring operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainable growth.

To see how you get the maximum out of enterprise asset management software, take a demo with now!


1. What is enterprise asset management software?

Enterprise Asset Management software is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage their assets throughout their lifecycle. It helps track, maintain, and optimize assets and enhance operational efficiency. 

2. Is EAM the same as ERP?

No, EAM and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) are different solutions. EAM focuses on managing IT assets, while ERP integrates various business processes, including finance, human resources, and supply chain, into a unified system.

3. Is asset management part of ERP?

Yes, asset management can be a component of ERP systems. ERP systems may include features for managing assets. They cover a broader range of business processes beyond asset management.

4. What are the types of software assets?

Software assets encompass a variety of applications and programs. Types include Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software, custom-developed software, open-source software, and SaaS applications.

5. What is the difference between an enterprise management system and an ERP?

An Enterprise Management System is a broader concept that includes various systems and processes for managing different aspects of an organization. ERP specifically refers to a comprehensive software system that integrates and manages business processes.

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