5 Best BMC Software Competitors One Must Check Out

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5 Best BMC Software Competitors One Must Check Out
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Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tools are the backbone of various IT operations. These tools, from incident management to asset tracking, help smooth out the IT processes. And with Generative AI continuing to advance, predicting trends and automatically resolving issues has always been challenging. 

BMC Helix is one such tool. Its website says, “It is the next generation of BMC Remedy.

It is an all-in-one ITSM software combining service desk management, change management, service delivery, and IT director capabilities. Deployment options include cloud-based and on-premise. However, it has a few drawbacks that make it less suitable for some organizations.

Customers report slow performance, an outdated user interface, complex usability, high cost, incompatibility with some web browsers, and other additional issues.

Source: G2

Source: G2

Source: G2

If this is a deal breaker for you and you are looking for alternatives to BMC, we’ve got you covered. 

Top 5 BMC Software Competitors

1. is an AITSM solution integrated into Microsoft Teams that improves employee support. It provides personalized answers to IT and HR questions and auto-resolves up to 65% of inquiries with its GenAI Sidekick chatbot, GenAI-enabled agile knowledge management system, No-code automation studio, Human-in-the-loop live chat, and real-time notifications.

The GenAI SideKick, which learns and improves with use, makes this BMC alternative unique. Additionally, its APIs enable seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.

As one of the top BMC remedy competitors, it is suitable for businesses ranging from midsize to enterprise-scale, including state and local governments, education, retail, credit unions and brands, healthcare, and MSPs.

Key Features
  • GenAI-enabled AITSM solution to provide real-time IT support.
  • Leverage MS Teams for live chat with human assistance through No Code Automation Studio.
  • Receive real-time notifications on MS Teams and manage incidents quickly and efficiently.
  • Integration with over 150+ enterprise software solutions available right away
  • GenAI-enabled agile knowledge management with smart feedback capabilities.
  • Unique desktop automation that no other Enterprise ITSM software software offers.
  • Get more insights from data with user-friendly dashboards.
  • Access Change Management through Microsoft Teams.
  • Customized user experience tailored to their specific role.
  • Automated employee onboarding processes can be quickly and efficiently completed with automation.


  • Offers remarkable employee service as well as implementation support
  • Provides an interface that is both intuitive and easily customizable
  • Offers agile knowledge base to increase agent productivity
  • Utilizes AI to provide intelligent diagnosis and resolution
  • Offers exceptional task orchestration that reduces resolution times


  • No portal for users to sign in and access


Contact the sales team for a quote.

2. Atlassian (Jira Service Management System)

Atlassian's Jira Service Management System is an ITSM automation tool that allows different departments – such as IT and HR – to set up a service desk and manage user requests. Its no-code automation engine allows businesses to quickly and easily automate any task or process and provides employees with an internal self-service website to answer straightforward queries. 

With Jira, businesses can track, manage, and resolve client inquiries across all departments.

Key Features
  • Pre-made templates and ticketing software to streamline your workflow
  • Customers can access self-service resources and knowledge base to assist with their inquiries
  • Excellent ITIL processes
  • Workflow automation to save time
  • Built-in reporting and analytics tools
  • A unified system for managing service requests and incidents


  • Enables users to directly create tickets on the customer portal instead of calling a help desk 
  • Offers excellent integration with Atlassian products and third-party apps


  • No knowledge ingestion from the website
  • Lacks desktop automation


Jira Service Management offers a free plan with up to 3 agents and three paid plans.

  • Standard - $650 per year for up to 10,000 agents, billed annually
  • Premium - $1500 per year 
  • Enterprise - contact the sales team for a quote. 

Standard and Premium plans offer a 7-day free trial for up to 5,000 agents.

3. ServiceNow

ServiceNow, one of the best BMC remedy alternatives, is an efficient IT service management platform that streamlines IT tasks. It automates manual tasks, reducing the workload of IT teams by over 50%. Moreover, it is available 24/7, making IT support accessible at all times, regardless of location.

Key Features
  • Enhances support functions to resolve incidents and handle inquiries promptly.
  • Monitors, controls, and automates IT resources to run operations efficiently.
  • IT services are paired with business goals to optimize strategic planning and project implementation.
  • Provides comprehensive identification, handling, and oversight of threats and compliance.
  • Streamline customer service processes and track interactions to increase satisfaction.
  • Automate HR operations, streamline employee requests and optimize HR processes.


  • As the platform is cloud-based, users can access the tool from anywhere with internet access.


  • API integration with other tools needs improvement.
  • Customizations can be difficult to manage.


Contact the sales team for a quote.

4. SolarWinds

SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based service desk and IT asset management solution designed to meet IT Service Management standards. AI and machine learning simplify IT support and enable employee self-service, while strong reporting and analytics capabilities let customers track tickets and response times, driving continuous service management improvement.

SolarWinds offers IT management software to customers of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to small businesses. It is known to be a major BMC remedy open-source alternative

Key Features
  • Excellent tools for monitoring and optimizing network performance.
  • Helps manage IT security risks and reduce their potential impact.
  • Monitors database performance and health.
  • Unifies and manages IT services actively.
  • Reports and alerts automatically.
  • Monitors servers and applications.
  • Cloud monitoring capabilities.


  • Asset Discovery feature makes it stand apart.
  • Cloud-based, which makes it accessible from anywhere.


  • Dashboards can feel tricky for some users.
  • Some customers report that it is difficult to streamline complex processes, combine multiple requests, or modify existing processes once in progress. 

SolarWinds provides various pricing plans with 30-day free trials on all products to evaluate before purchase.

  • Essentials: $39 per month per agent, billed annually
  • Advanced: $79 per month per agent, billed annually
  • Premier: $99 per month per agent, billed annually

5. SysAid

SysAid Technologies' SysAid is an ITSM and enterprise ticketing system offering mid-market organizations asset management, reporting, and remote control capabilities. It is available as a cloud or on-premise solution.

Key Features
  • Prioritize service tickets to ensure they are handled promptly and efficiently.
  • Collaboration and documentation of (ITSM) processes.
  • ITSM Reports and Dashboards provide detailed visibility into the performance of IT services.
  • Self-service tools enable users to access services on their own without needing to contact a representative.
  • Dashboard for managing assets.
  • Change requests repository


  • The implementation process is straightforward, providing an easy onboarding experience.
  • SysAid helps consolidate interactions into one thread, which makes it simpler for users to track the history of their requests.


  • Lacks advanced ITSM capabilities like Gen AI (Source: Battlecard)
  • No configuration management or multichannel engagement (Source: Battlecard)


SysAid offers a free trial. However, you need to contact the sales team for a quote.

Transform your IT operations with

Amongst other BMC competitors, offers exceptional customer support. Its features ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, setting it apart from the competition. 

Key features include:

  • GenAI Sidekick: AI advisor is cutting-edge, quickly resolving even the most complicated IT issues.
  • Sleek MS Teams Integration: Use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your team and get real-time solutions.
  • GenAI-enabled Knowledge Management: Equip your team with a knowledge base that grows and adapts as the team uses it.
  • No Code Automation Studio: Create automated IT workflows quickly and easily with no coding experience, saving time and increasing efficiency.
If you want to learn more about how enables advanced IT service management and improves your support capabilities, sign up for a personalized demo here


1. What criteria should be considered when choosing ITSM software?

When choosing an enterprise IT management software, consider scalability, integration, user experience, automation, security, and customer service. Even better if it has Gen AI capabilities to enhance decision-making.

2. How is better than BMC Helix? excels by offering advanced AI-powered autonomous support. Its intuitive user interface focuses on self-service, reducing the dependence on IT staff. It also has superior ticket routing based on machine learning, streamlining the support process.

3. Can midsize businesses benefit from adopting enterprise-level ITSM tools?

Yes. Enterprise-level ITSM tools, often reserved for larger organizations, can produce big results for midsize businesses. Automation, reporting capabilities and enhanced IT process management can help align IT with business goals, grow operations, and increase customer satisfaction. Besides, enterprise ITSM solutions have extended support and networks to facilitate knowledge sharing and troubleshooting.

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