TOPdesk Alternatives: Choose the Right Fit for Your Business

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TOPdesk Alternatives: Choose the Right Fit for Your Business
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As businesses recognize the importance of having a service delivery solution, the market witnessed a surge in competition. TOPdesk is one such popular Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution.

Offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline organizational workflows, it is known for its incident, problem and change management features.  It aims to simplify the IT service desk and facilitate seamless communication to enhance overall efficiency. It offers:

These features cater to a wide range of diverse needs. However, it is essential to acknowledge that it comes with challenges. 

For example, users consider learning how to use the tool challenging and that creating reports needs to be clarified. Any ITSM tool should simplify IT service management. A steep learning curve means spending extra time, effort and money. 

Consider this as well:


Users also report limited options for customization and extra cost if they want extra modules. 

There are many limitations with TOPdesk, meaning you can only use what it offers that might or might not completely suffice your organization’s needs. 


This is why you need better TOPdesk alternatives that offer features you need rather than just features that you never use. A tool's efficiency is defined by its attention to detail and TOPdesk definitely lacks that. 

So, let’s check out some of the TOPdesk competitors!

Top 5 TopDesk competitors

1. Home Page is an AITSM tool powered by GenAI that works within the familiar MS Teams. It combines the ITSM with the power of AI to create a platform within MS Teams to support and alleviate your IT service management. Designed for enterprises, it caters to diverse organization requirements, from auto-resolving issues to enhancing employee support and productivity, streamlining operations and automating processes and equipping your IT support team with cutting-edge technology; it takes care of everything.

Key Features

1. GenAI powered 360-degree service desk: A unique service desk solution that allows users to talk to GenAI chatbot and get all the required information like installing software on the desktop, leave policy documents and more. 

2. Agile Knowledge Management: The knowledge base learns from the knowledge stored on the websites, SharePoint folders, PDFs, URLs, and many offline documents. It keeps the data secured and uses this knowledge to provide assistance to employees in a simple chat-like manner. 

3. Process orchestration: It automates a lot of repetitive processes like employee onboarding for HRs, the configuration of project management software on desktops, and others and orchestrates them like clockwork. 

4. Desktop automation: An outstanding feature that is not available with many tools, including TOPdesk. It automates a lot of tasks like software or printer installation, enabling or disabling USB drivers, device configuration, cache cleaning, laptop setup, device monitoring, ticket creation and so on. 

5. Conversational ticketing: makes ticketing easy by seamlessly integrating with MS Teams. It creates tickets automatically upon request, allocates it to the right agent and notifies the user as the ticket matures in the resolution pipeline. 

6. Incident management and auditability: revolutionizes incident management by making every ticket auditable. You can trace them back to their origin and use analytics to uncover insights for IT teams to manage incidents. 

7. Modern dashboard and reporting: comes with powerful analytics and reporting features that TOPdesk lacks, as per the users. The modern dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of the service delivery and SLAs to support agents and help them make informed decisions. 



Does not has a website for user to log in and access


Pricing is made available upon contacting the sales team

2. Freshservice 

Freshservice homepage

Freshservice is a cloud-based ITSM tool that helps streamline IT support processes and simplifies IT operations by offering comprehensive features. It covers everything from incident management to change and asset management. 

Key Features

1. Intuitive service desk: It simplifies incident reporting and resolution, providing a central hub for managing all service requests efficiently. 

2. Service catalog: This allows organizations to define and publish IT services, providing a clear menu to users about the available services and facilitating easy submission of requests. 

3. Asset Management: It offers comprehensive asset tracking and management capabilities that give you complete visibility of your IT assets to facilitate efficient resource utilization. 


  • Intuitive UI and easy-to-use platform 
  • Offers decent automation features 
  • The robust ticket management system offers useful features like categorization, etc.


  • Customer support response time is very slow
  • Mobile functionality requires improvement 
  • Offers very limited customization
  • The initial setup process is quite complex


  • Starter: ₹1,399/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹2,099/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Includes incident management, knowledge base, self-service portal, and more.
  • Growth: ₹3,599/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹4,299/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Starter plus Service Catalog, Asset Management, and more.
  • Pro (Popular): ₹6,999/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹8,599/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Growth plus Freddy Copilot, Problem Management, and more.
  • Enterprise: ₹8,799/agent/month (billed annually) or ₹10,799/agent/month (billed monthly)
    Everything in Pro plus additional advanced features.

3. Jira Service Management 

Jira Service Desk  by Atlassian

Jira service management is owned by Atlassian, a software company that offers a suite of productivity and collaboration tools designed to empower teams and cater to diverse organizational needs. Jira service management suite offers comprehensive features like a service desk, AI-powered virtual agent, self-service portal, request queues, SLAs, reporting, and metrics. It focuses on improving organizational processes, streamlining them and creating a cohesive workflow that connects to broader organizational goals. 

Key Features

1. Incident management: This feature brings the development and IT teams together to resolve issues quickly, respond rapidly, and learn from the incidents. 

2. Knowledge management: This feature enables self-service to deflect more requests and manage articles, fostering team collaboration. 

3. Atlassian marketplace: This is a hub for customizing Atlassian tools. It offers a diverse array of extensions and add-ons for users to enhance their tool's functionality. It addresses specific organizational needs and integrates with a wide range of third-party applications. 


  • Integration among other Atlassian tools is excellent 
  • Has a very user-friendly customer portal 
  • Easy to create projects, estimate deadlines based on project progress
  • A comprehensive set of tools that covers almost all aspects of the organization


  • If you want to customize your tool, the cost of the tool goes up very high
  • It does support customization in reports 
  • The customer service portal is not as user-friendly as it should be


  • Free plan: Allows Up to 3 agents, unlimited customers, 2 GB file storage, and 100 email notifications per day
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $49.35/ agent with a monthly total of $66.15. Includes all features from the Free plan, support for up to 10,000 agents, 250 GB file storage, business hour support, and unlimited email notifications.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $22.05/ agent with a monthly total of $148.05. Includes all features from the standard plan, advanced incident management, unlimited file storage, asset and configuration management, and 24/7 support for critical issues
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales team 

4. SysAid


Sysaid is a comprehensive ITSM tool that helps streamline IT operations and enhance service delivery. It focuses on automating ITSM using service automation and creating a seamless service delivery process. It offers service request management, incident management, problem management, changes and asset management and more. 

Key Features 

1. Automation features: SysAid focuses on automating routine tasks and workflows to help save time and bring efficiency to processes. It automates ticketing–routing and escalation, self-service and workflow automation, and others. 

2. Self-service portals: The self-service portal enables employees to independently submit service requests, access knowledge articles to find solutions to their problems themselves, track the status of tickets raised, etc. 

3. SysAid for teams: This feature enables employees to raise tickets from their MS Teams interface. It also auto-resolves issues, and automatically routes them, facilitating quick resolution of issues. 


  • Offers good customer support service
  • It offers good process automation and multi-channel support 
  • An easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate tool


  • Workflow design is good but comes with a learning curve
  • You cannot merge tickets for a widespread issue and have to create separate tickets, which inflates ticket volume
  • Knowledge base management does not give a comprehensive report on usage and only shows the most viewed articles 


Pricing is made available upon contacting the sales team

5. Ivanti


Ivanti is a comprehensive ITSM and security software that aims to reduce costs, optimize service performance, and create a secure, agile environment. It offers a range of products to streamline IT operations and enhance user experience by keeping security at the top of mind. 

Key Features

1. Ivanti Neurons for ITSM: This is a suite of tools that automates workflows and offers ticketing solutions and service delivery for IT helpdesk

2. Unified Endpoint Management: This feature manages and secures all the endpoints, including mobile, desktop, laptops, servers, etc, from a single interface. It optimizes IT services and increases efficiency. 

3. Security Management: This feature involves endpoint security and vulnerability management, managing access controls to create a robust security environment for the IT infrastructure


  • A flexible and versatile tool
  • Offers good customer service and documentation assistance 


  • Customization is a little complex and takes time for one to understand them completely
  • Comes with a learning curve 
  • It is a technical tool and can be challenging to use for non-technical users
  • It is difficult to navigate the tool and requires assistance from implementation partners 


Pricing is made available upon contacting the sales team


While TOPdesk has earned its place in the ITSM sector, it does not provide you with complete solutions and lacks certain features that make IT service management a breeze. In times when technology rules, it lacks automation features like desktop automation. Another important reason for you to consider the TOPdesk alternative is the learning curve it comes with. A tool should be as easy as using MS Teams, which makes raising tickets as easy as a chat or conversation. 

Unlike TOPdesk, where each customization module comes at an extra cost, alternatives like give you comprehensive tools that are built to meet your needs, with a huge focus on integrating GenAI into the workflows. 

If you want to take a tour of how works and how it solves your problems, take a demo!


1. What does TOPdesk do?

TOPdesk is an enterprise service management (ESM) platform that helps organizations streamline and manage various service-related processes. It covers ITSM, facilities management, HR service delivery, and more. 

2. Is TOPdesk a CRM?

No, TOPdesk is not primarily a CRM system. It, however, includes features that involve customer interactions, offering a broader range of service management capabilities. 

3. Is TOPdesk cloud-based?

Yes, TOPdesk is a cloud-based solution. The cloud offers flexibility, accessibility, and the advantages of cloud infrastructure.

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