Seven Workflow Examples To Automate Your Hr Help Desk

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Seven Workflow Examples To Automate Your Hr Help Desk
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In 2021, process automation plays a vital role in undertaking business processes within an organization. Companies can no longer function smoothly by carrying out traditional and manual processes. Both customers and employees demand personalized services from organizations across the board. Also, the complexity of business processes has increased over time, making the manual approach vain. 

This has increased the need to automate business processes to leverage the productivity of organizations. An organization needs to automate its HR processes when providing seamless support to its employees. Owing to the increasingly personalized demands of the employees, it becomes challenging for the HR department to cater to every employee and meet all their requirements. 

Automating your HR helpdesk helps you reach out to all your employees and provide them with personalized support. It allows your employees and the HR managers to work on a centralized platform to undertake various HR processes. While it helps your employees obtain support within a few seconds, it allows your HR professionals to track their processes on a single unified interface. 

Benefits Of Automating Your HR Help Desk

  1. Saving Time And Effort

    Traditional HR helpdesks often resulted in delayed support and a fragmented approach to providing support to the employees. Automating your service desks helps your HR professionals save their valuable time and effort to carry out the core business processes. As the HR workflows are automated, your employees need not wait for long to resolve their issues and obtain streamlined HR support.

  2. Optimization Of Knowledge Base

    An automated HR service desk allows you to make the most of the information stored within your knowledge base. These software platforms keep your enterprise knowledge base at the center of all processes and extract data to provide personalized support to your employees.

  3. Auto-resolution Of Employee Issues

    The automated HR service desks help your employees in auto-resolving their issues by automating the ticketing processes. It relieves your employees from going through the complicated process of locating a ticketing platform and creating support cases.

    A simple command helps them create support tickets and get them routed to suitable agents. The service desks also send all relevant details about the case and the concerned employee to the agent to provide context. As the cases are being resolved, the platform would send automated updates to the employee regarding the status of their case.

    Once resolved, the service desk automatically closes the case, relieving your employee from obtaining personalized support from the agents.

  4. Interaction With AI Chatbots

    Automated HR service desks employ AI chatbots that interact with your employees when they log into the platform. The employees can ask questions and raise issues simply by chatting with these chatbots. Once a question is asked, the virtual assistants scan your knowledge base and return with an answer tailored specifically for the concerned employee.

    This provides your employees with seamless primary support within a few seconds. If further assistance is required, your employees can get their cases routed to agents through these chatbots with a few simple clicks.

  5. Automated Employee Onboarding

    On automating your HR service desk, you can streamline the onboarding of employees through a centralized platform. As new employees join your organization, a modern service desk helps your HR managers send personalized emails welcoming them to the company.

    These emails can be used for sending login credentials, company policies, contact details of team members, and all necessary details to the employees as they get started with their work.

  6. Getting Your Employees Trained

    An automated HR service desk can be used for training your employees through microlearning. On adding relevant training resources to your knowledge base, you can have your employees access them from any location according to their convenience.

    Microlearning allows you to provide your employees with smaller lessons that require them to spend 10 minutes every day getting trained. This helps you cater to the attention span of your employees and make them retain more information by consuming the training resources.

  7. Seamless Integration With Collaborative Platforms

    One of the most significant advantages of implementing automated HR service desks is that they can be readily integrated with online collaborative platforms. This prevents your employees and HR managers from switching platforms to undertake specific processes. With the AI chatbots in place, your employees can obtain seamless and automated support simply by logging into the collaborative platform they use for work.

Workflow Examples To Automate Your HR Service Desk

A service desk workflow is a series of steps your HR department performs to executive a specific process when certain conditions are met. Automating these workflows allows your employees to obtain seamless support and your HR managers to approach your employees effectively. 

Here are some of the most common workflow examples for automating your HR service desk

  1. Capturing Fields From Incoming Emails

    An automated HR service desk lets you make sense of the incoming emails and extract specific details from the same to capture fields. For the tickets having a templated message body, the service desk can fire triggers to read them, extract details from the same, and fill specific fields in an automated manner.

    Also, an automated service desk allows users to assign the extracted strings to specific variables, further assigning them to custom fields on the concerned ticket. This allows users to report on specific fields, assess them, create queues, use them in notification templates, or further automate the process to use the auto-populated fields.

  2. Merging Duplicate Tickets

    If your agents are working on a case created by a specific employee ticket and receive another ticket from the same server, you can allow the automated HR service desk to merge these two tickets for more streamlined employee support.

    Let’s assume you have associated automated notifications for creating support tickets on your service desk, and you have created a custom field called “Server Name” for capturing the name of a specific server. Now, if a user receives another “Server Down” notification while they are already working on a given ticket, the automated service desk allows them to identify the nature of the ticket and auto-merge it with the existing case for better support.

    This prevents the support agents from dealing with two separate cases from the same employee, resulting in an unnecessary delay in the support provided to the concerned employee.

  3. Effective Communication Of Employee Benefits

    Employees are often unaware of all the benefits offered to them by the organization they work in. Whenever they need to obtain any information about the same, they resort to asking their HR managers or executives, which is often time-consuming. A modern HR help desk allows you to automate communicating specific benefits to the employees in a few simple clicks. All you need to do is feed your enterprise knowledge base with all relevant data regarding the benefits provided to your employees. This would allow the automated help desk to address specific questions asked by your employees regarding their benefits and provide them with personalized answers.

    You can also set triggers to send automated notifications to employees whenever there is any change in their benefits. This would help you keep your employees updated about the benefits offered to them in real-time.

  4. Automated Employee Surveys

    A modern HR help desk helps you undertake automated surveys of employees through a centralized platform. Based on the frequency of your requirements, you can send personalized and automated surveys to your employees to understand the pulse of your organization.

    By integrating your help desk with a collaborative platform, you can automate the process of sending surveys to all employees on the same platform and collecting responses for a thorough analysis.

  5. Harassment Reporting

    Employees often hesitate to approach the authorities to report a harassment issue faced by them. An automated HR help desk resolves this issue by allowing employees to report such cases anonymously through a unified platform.

    On lodging a complaint or raising an issue, the management would automatically be notified about the same and prompted to take any action against the same in the most suitable manner.

  6. Seamless Recruitment

    Modern HR help desks allow your recruitment managers to automate several processes related to hiring new employees. Right from shortlisting resumes to scheduling interviews after selection, a single platform can streamline the entire recruitment process. Moreover, an automated HR help desk can provide automated answers to the questions asked by candidates to be recruited.

  7. Automated Work Policy Support

    Just like conveying employee benefits, an automated HR help desk can communicate work/company policies to the employees. By adding all the policy-related information to your knowledge base, you can allow your help desk to extract specific bits of information based on the questions asked by your employees. This prevents your employees from going through lengthy manuals and handbooks to understand the work policy.

The Final Word 

These were some of the key examples to automate your HR help desk and streamline its processes. Organizations should make the much-needed switch from the traditional help desks to improve their HR processes and leverage their functionalities.

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