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Top 10 Microsoft Teams-based Employee Engagement Apps
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We all know that productive and engaging employees, a healthy work culture, satisfied customers and a growing company - are the dreams many CEOs and CIOs have for their organizations. According to Gartner, around 80% of employees consider employee engagement a critical factor in meeting organizational goals. Though the term 'employee engagement' sounds like a simple concept, in reality, it's a big task. Creating an engaged workforce requires personalized employee support, seamless employee experience, work-life balance culture, adequate training and career development opportunities, and employee recognition programs. Despite this, effective collaboration and communication - are the big hitters. When your organization meets all these requirements, your businesses will thrive. But getting there will be difficult. So, how can we resolve this problem? Luckily, some Microsoft Teams-based employee engagement apps can help.  

Integrating modern employee engagement apps with collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams is an excellent beginning point for every organization's digital workplace journey to thrive and enhance retention time. It keeps your staff engaged and gives them a sense of worth.  

In this blog post, we will look at the top 10 robust Microsoft Teams-based employee engagement apps which can skyrocket engagement rates in 2024 and beyond. 

But before we get into the details, let's first discuss employee engagement apps!

What is an Employee Engagement App?

An employee engagement app can be defined as a mobile or web communications app that focuses on improving the overall work experience and delivering positive employee engagement. It enables employees to receive personalized, targeted communications from their business in addition to the typical flow of information in the workplace. They differ from employee communication apps, focusing on information by encouraging interactivity and engagement.

Employee collaboration apps provide a one-stop shop for organizational content, whereas engagement apps enable two-way interaction with the content. Investing in the right Microsoft Teams-based engagement apps will help businesses succeed by keeping employees connected, motivated, encouraged, and engaged.

Why Millions of Users Love Microsoft Teams?

As you already know, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that provides a workspace for communication, meetings and file-sharing. It provides easier methods for companies to work online and collaborate seamlessly on a single platform to satisfy all their needs. It provides an extremely simple yet convenient user interface and work environment to improve employee efficiency and productivity. It is accessible in Office 365, making it available to every Office user by default. This, along with its intuitive learning capabilities and effective management functionalities, makes it an extremely viable option for most businesses.

As per the research of DemandSage, despite a fall in the pandemic, the number of Microsoft Teams users has  hit 320 million daily users on the platform in 2023. Another report by Yahoo Finance says that from March to June 2020, MS Teams witnessed an 894% growth in usage, even more than zoom. Microsoft also saw tremendous growth since its inception, especially as compared to Slack, a well-established competing text-for-business platform at the time. With many companies already leveraging Microsoft 365 and picking Microsoft Teams as a platform for team collaboration, file-sharing, and communication, it stands to reason that there is a market expectation for Microsoft Teams to provide employee engagement and recognition.

Through MS Teams, HR managers and employees can share in business wins, recognize individuals for outstanding work, and receive feedback from their teams. 

Now, let's check out the most important features of MS Teams:  

  • Chat Functionalities
    Microsoft Teams allow users to not only send messages but also reply and react to them. Additionally, files and other documents can be easily sent in the chat box during or after a meeting. The chat recorded during a meeting is also available after the meeting ends.
  • Calendar
    Microsoft Teams has an elegant, simplistic yet thorough calendar, making it easier for employees to keep track of meetings and other engagements, while also allowing employees to reject meetings or accept them as per their convenience.
  • MS Teams Phone App
    MS Teams phone app is highly intuitive and easy to use, making it an easy way to stay connected on the go and while travelling. Calls and meetings may be taken through this app if necessary.
  • High Security
    MS Teams has all the security features possessed by the rest of Microsoft 365, allowing secure connections and meetings.
  • Easy-to-view Data and Documents
    Since all of Microsoft 365’s tools are integrated into Microsoft Teams, documents and spreadsheets can be viewed on the Teams app itself, thereby making sharing and collaborating significantly easier.
  • Structured Workplace
    The use of MS Teams, channels and private channels allows a much more structural management of each division, allowing relevant individuals to view their respective teams on an employee-to-employee basis.  

How Does MS Teams Support Better Employee Engagement?

In an increasingly remote and hybrid work environment, Microsoft recognizes the growing importance of employee engagement apps. As a result, Microsoft Viva and the Communities App have been released, providing experiences primarily through Teams. The new MS Teams features also aim to enhance employee engagement and experience. It is possible to cultivate a better work environment from any location by using these tools. While this may be true, organizations can now use Microsoft Teams-based employee engagement apps to unlock each person's potential by engaging them continuously, providing feedback, and rewarding them. 

MS Teams-based employee engagement apps enable you to accomplish more with your team. They are Microsoft Teams extensions that integrate straight into your team's workspace. These Microsoft Teams apps are intended for specialized use cases such as project management, event planning, and sales lead management. You can even use them to schedule meetings right in your team's chat room. These apps are so simple to use that your employees won't even need to leave your team's chat room to get things done. And, thanks to interfaces with other Microsoft apps, you can perform almost anything with a few clicks or touches.  

Elevating Support and Experience: NYC-DOB's Journey with’s ‘AI Chatbot’

Microsoft Teams makes it simple for everyone in your team to contribute at the same time and speeds up your workflow by eliminating manual and repetitive work and getting everyone on the same page at the same time with the right apps.

Which are the Best Microsoft Teams-based Employee Engagement Apps?

Hope you have a better understanding about MS Teams. Now, it's time to discover the hidden gems— the top MS Teams-based employee engagement apps of 2024 that can significantly improve your team's engagement and overall experience.

Let’s begin.  

  2. Scrum Genius
  3. Teamflect
  4. Assembly
  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. ClearCompany
  7. Power BI
  8. Health Hero
  9. Evergreen
  10. MeisterTask

Let’s look at them one by one.  

1. is a modern employee support and engagement tool integrated within Microsoft Teams that is focused on reducing enterprise friction and elevating employee experience and the overall service desk processes. This MS Teams-based employee engagement app helps organizations boost employee productivity by up to 5% using the power of advanced GenAI and automation.​

Key Features
  • GenAI-enabled AITSM Solution: is a GenAI-enabled AITSM platform integrated with Microsoft Teams that uses its GenAI SideKick to transform your IT support team into superheroes while automating employee support.​
  • GenAI-enabled Agile Knowledge Management: This feature  empowers your support heroes and is more than just a repository—it's a dynamic, breathing knowledge base. It constantly gains knowledge from user ticket histories, empowering your support agents to address problems quickly and effectively.
  • Sleek MS Teams Interface: It's the sleek MS Teams interface that works best for your support team. This interface turns Microsoft Teams, a popular collaboration application, into an extensive service management platform with ease of connection. 
  • No-code Automation: It's like giving your support heroes a magic wand when you use's No-code Automation feature. It has the capability to streamline operations by converting tiresome, repetitive IT tasks and workflows and frees up additional time for problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Innovative Employee Engagement Tool:'s innovative employee engagement tool is designed to foster a culture of open communication and continuous learning. From real-time surveys to right information, this feature is your go-to for keeping employees engaged and informed.​
  • GenAI Sidekick Chatbot: The GenAI Sidekick chatbot is a smart assistance agent within itself, not merely an additional chat window. It is what transforms outdated ITSM into modern AITSM. It is trained on a variety of IT knowledge articles and papers and acts as an initial point of contact for staff inquiries.
  • Conversational Ticketing System: The conversational ticketing system is intended to completely transform the way employees communicate with the support agents for IT-related assistance.  With this ticketing system, employees can create and track tickets by having a natural chat with the Microsoft Teams GenAI Sidekick chatbot.​
  • Conversational Incident Management: The goal of conversational incident management is to handle incidents thoughtfully, effectively, and conversationally. It makes the process as easy as possible for the support team and the staff while ensuring a prompt resolution of incidents via the use of intelligent automation and organized workflows.​
  • Automated Employee Onboarding Process: With this feature, organizations can make the onboarding process seamless and personalized. Integrated within MS Teams and powered by Generative AI, this feature reduces the manual work and paperwork usually involved in onboarding-allowing your HR professionals to focus on more strategic tasks while ensuring a smooth start for new hires.​
  • It uses the power of GenAI to predict issues and automatically address them. 
  • It ensures seamless connection with MS Teams 
  • Integration with 150+ enterprise platforms.
  • Basic and simple to use 
  • Outstanding User Support

No login portal is available for users to access


Get a quote by contacting the sales staff.

2. Scrum Genius

Integrated within MS Teams, this employee engagement app allows employers and employees to easily keep tracking of scheduling and meetings as well as managing deadlines. The platform also takes feedback from the employees and their productivity and ways in which they can improve and work more efficiently. It also provides relevant analytics and live updates to get rid of unproductive meetings and boost engagement. It is easy to integrate into teams and can amplify the output of a company, however has very low customizability.

Key Features
  • Seamless Communications
  • Real-Time Notification
  • Work Progress Monitoring Experts
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Teams   
  • Augment work efficiency and productivity

It's challenging to customize the stats and questions. 


Plans start at $2.50 per month.

3. Teamflect

Teamflect is an employee engagement and continuous performance management solution that works within MS Teams. Users can utilize all of the tool's features without ever leaving Microsoft Teams because it is completely integrated into the platform. With a user-friendly interface, Teamflect ensures your team always knows where to find what they are searching for.

Key Features
  • Easy Task management
  • OKR monitoring
  • Feedback and recognition sharing
  • One-on-one Microsoft Teams meetings
  • Performance reviews
  • Integrated modules 
  • The ease of use and integration 
  • Comprehensive performance evaluation 
  • Template galleries for feedback
  • Customized recognition badges
  • Comprehensive agendas for meetings
  • The app's desktop version was non-functional for a while
  • Limitations on notification customization
  • Complex performance tools
  • Challenges with a cumbersome system

Teamflect offers complete access to all features at no cost for businesses with fewer than ten members.

4. Assembly

Assembly is a workplace engagement tool which allows for the appropriate recognition and rewarding of employees for their work. It provides incentives for the employees to maximize their productivity and contribute to a greater degree to the overall performance of the company. Their Give Recognition Flow allows high-performing employees to receive recognition for their efforts, while the employee nominations program allows these employees to be rewarded.

Key Features
  • 360° Feedback
  • Access Controls/Permissions via API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • @mentions 
  • Activity Tracking
  • Activity/News Feed Integration with Active Directory
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Value operationalization
  • Allows the sending of recognition at any time
  • Increases employee morale by fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment
  • Promotes better group collaboration
  • Regular modifications to the product's name, UI feel, and functionality may confuse and necessitate ongoing adaptation
  • Lack of customization options
  • Transitioning from grouped to individualized settings might be challenging
  • It could be difficult for users to navigate and customize their experience.

Unlimited users can use it for FREE. Extra costs for upgraded functionality.

5. Survey Monkey

The SurveyMonkey platform provides an improved and more efficient form of taking surveys and collecting feedback from the employees. This allows the firm to be more actionable on the comments received, thereby bettering their performance and boosting engagement.
SurveyMonkey provides all kinds of surveys and has a special means of implementing the data received into the most appropriate aspects of the company.

Key Features
  • Activity dashboard
  • Benchmarking
  • Personalized  branding
  • Employee database
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee portal
  • Engagement tracking
  • Feedback management
  • Easily design a unique appearance and feel
  • Use custom variables to personalize questionnaires
  • Select the appropriate survey format
  • Improve responses by controlling bias and errors
  • Save time and effort with valuable tips from experts
  • Limited export capabilities
  • The lack of data dump features for CSV or Excel limits the flexibility of managing and analyzing data
  • Persistent reporting difficulties
  • Cost for 100–499 employees: $450–$999
  • More than 500 employees: inquire about pricing with sales

6. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a platform which provides its services to smoothen the process of scouting, hiring and managing talent for a firm. It manages a complete employee lifecycle, from creating a more efficient, smoother hiring experience to efficient performance management systems. The tool allows for easy onboarding as well as hassle-free goal alignment to ensure that the employee fits right in and forms a crucial part of the workforce. Their applicant tracking program automatically selects, screens and shortlists potential hires to ease the process for the firm. 

Key Features
  • Applicant tracking
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance review management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Simple implementation process
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface improves the overall user experience
  • Robust implementation and support team
  • Includes a sourcing tool that surpasses paid alternatives on job boards
  • A cost-effective investment for companies, offering significant value for the price
  • Maximizing feature utilization is recommended to optimize the ROI
  • The reporting functionality is confusing and difficult to use, making it less than ideal
  • Personalization options are minimal, limiting the software's adaptability to specific organizational needs
  • Customer service response times are slow
  • During the user's experience, there was no mobile app available
  • Payroll integration shortcoming
  • Time-consuming employee input

Contact ClearCompany for more information about pricing and potential plans.

7. Power BI

Integration with Power BI is highly advantageous for companies that want their employees to discuss, debate, and make decisions about the company's direction. Since Power BI is integrated as a tab in Microsoft Teams, every employee has easy access. Hence, it's Microsoft Teams app empowers employees by providing easy access to company insights, analytics, and data. Discussing a specific report, brainstorming ideas for improvement, and conveying corporate results in Tab chat is possible.

This platform helps in the decision-making process at an organization by providing easy access to the relevant data, insights and statistics. It’s easier to set up meetings, discuss ideas and decide a plan of action. The integration is relatively inexpensive; however, the user interface leaves much to be desired.

Key Features

  • Information Visualization
  • Modeling and Data Connectivity
  • Collaboration and Exchange 
  • Comparatively cheap   
  • Provides timely updates 
  • Complex user interface
  • Complicated information
  • Power BI Desktop is available for free download
  • Power BI Pro is available for $9.99 per user per month
  • Power BI Premium is available for $20 per user per month.

8. Health Hero

Health Hero is one of the top Microsoft Teams apps for ensuring your team members' physical well-being. Furthermore, it allows you to design challenges and enjoyable tasks. This way, you may engage employees while raising their awareness of their well-being. With Health Hero, Microsoft Teams users can track their health while working from home, thanks to its integration with fitness applications. The platform includes an all-in-one dashboard for employees to engage through media uploads and chats.

Key Features
  • Dashboards for organizational well-being
  • Every integration for health apps
  • Complete personalization and private labeling
  • It contributes to enhancing employees' physical well-being     
  • It has a single dashboard for everything

Some people find it challenging to use   


Contact Health Hero sales team for pricing details

9. Evergreen

Evergreen is another MS Teams' integrated employee engagement app that makes it simple and environmentally friendly to maintain your company's culture and have engaged staff.

By praising your staff for all of their hard work, you can empower them with this Microsoft Teams integration. Therefore, your teammates will be happier, your team will connect stronger, and you will also use the app to plant trees, which will benefit the environment.

Key Features
  • Tracking engagement
  • Peer recognition in action
  • Emissions management
  • Capacity to incorporate recognition with company values.
  • A cheap method of identifying peers
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues
  • Creating strong teams and strengthening bonds with coworkers.
  • Ideal for small groups of people
  • Few possibilities for integration

Monthly $3.99 per user 

Contact Evergreen’s sales team for enterprise pricing

10. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a Microsoft Teams collaboration tool that was specifically created to boost agile and dynamic teams' task management effectiveness. MeisterTask allows you to monitor a particular project rapidly and effectively thanks to its user-friendly interface, integrated statistics, and reports. Program users are given access to a personalized dashboard that they can quickly modify to suit their needs and preferences.

Key Features
  • An adaptable and configurable task board allows users to create and arrange tasks in a way similar to a visual Kanban-style
  • Each task can have a description, assignees, due dates, labels, and attachments from users
  • Tracked time
  • Lists of items and descriptions
  • Due dates and timings
  • Projects' activity stream tags
  • Seamless collaboration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited features
  • Sluggish product updates

Contact MeisterTask sales team for plans

How To Integrate Engagement Apps With MS Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows your employees to add engagement apps that can help you and your team keep on top of your work, whether it's through sharing files, generating new papers, or collaborating in real-time with others. Microsoft Teams can even be used for video and teleconferencing.

MS Teams Engagement Apps

Below are some of the key steps for integrating third-party apps to Microsoft Teams:  

  • Log in using your work account. Sign up for an Office 365 account if you don't already have one.
  • Navigate to the MS Teams and then to the bottom of the left pane, click the Apps button. This will bring up a menu where you may search for the app you want to add.
  • After you've chosen an app, click "Add" on its detail page, then follow the onscreen directions to complete installation and setup.


According to Haiilo statistics, disengaged employees cost organizations across the USA between $450 and $ 550 billion yearly. It is important to note that disengaged employees take less responsibility and ownership of their attitude, conduct, and motivation, leading to a decline in overall productivity. Since 2024 is just one month away, organizations should plan employee engagement strategies. Investing in modern employee engagement apps with killer features makes it easier for organizations to engage their employees. 

Microsoft Teams-based employee engagement apps are excellent choices to engage your team members and create a more engaged workforce. They can be used for various objectives, including informing employees about company news, sharing critical information with them, and allowing them to participate in projects in real-time.

If you are looking for a world-class all-in-one solution for your organization to enhance employee engagement by giving the right support, invest in This will help organizations to improve employee engagement and productivity by combining effective collaboration and personalized support.

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1. What are employee engagement apps based on Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams-based employee engagement apps are specialized programs that are aimed to improve collaboration, communication, and team spirit within the Microsoft Teams platform, encouraging a good and engaged workplace.

2. How do these MS Teams-based apps help to increase employee engagement?

MS Teams-based employee engagement apps provide features such as recognition tools, wellness programs, learning modules, and more, fostering a collaborative environment that increases morale, recognizes accomplishments, and encourages continual learning.

3. Can I use these apps with small groups?

Absolutely! Many MS Teams-based engagement apps cater to teams of various sizes, offering scalable solutions that may be adjusted to fit the specific requirements of small or large groups.

4. Is it easy to integrate these apps with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, the majority of these apps integrate smoothly with Microsoft Teams, delivering a smooth and consistent user experience within the familiar Teams UI.

5. What kinds of recognition features are available in these apps?

Shout-outs, rewards, and peer-to-peer recognition functions may be included in recognition features, establishing a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment among team members.

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