Top 10 Employee Onboarding Platforms To Watch Out For In 2022
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Top 10 Employee Onboarding Platforms To Watch Out For In 2022

Employee onboarding is one of the most crucial components of the hiring process. Gallup defines employee onboarding as a journey towards a concrete employee experience. When your efforts are effective, the onboarding programs ensure that employees are involved and supported from day one, preparing them for outstanding accomplishments. Providing new hires, a great first impression of your firm and giving them all of the tools and knowledge, they need to succeed will help you minimize employee turnover, maximize employee experience, boost employee productivity, and attract new talents. A survey by SHRM states that those employees who think that they had a positive onboarding experience were 29 times more likely to be satisfied with their current positions and tend to stay with their current employer for a long time. Thus, investing in a strong employee onboarding process is crucial for the success of every organization.  

Continue reading to discover the top onboarding software alternatives, as well as their unique features and major advantages.  

Before we dive deep into it, let's start by defining employee onboarding.  

Defining Employee Onboarding Process

The employee onboarding process can be defined as a key indicator of the nature and strength of your organization’s culture, workflow and overall surroundings. Because, the way you onboard new teammates sends a message to your new hires – and the rest of the job market – about how much you care about them. According to Digitate findings, employees who go through a poor onboarding process are twice as likely to search for better job opportunities in the near future.


A study by Glassdoor found that companies with a robust employee onboarding program boost new hire retention by 82% and elevate employee productivity by around 70%. So, it is evident that great employee onboarding is the first step towards building an employee-first culture. 

However, the time of the onboarding process may vary depending on the type of business. For some organizations, employee onboarding is all about a one-day event, for others it is a process that lasts for 3-4 months. No matter how much time it takes, if you are a hiring manager or team leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure that each new employee experiences positive onboarding.  

A Great Onboarding Can Bring Huge Benefits To Your Organizations, Not Limited To:

  • Enhanced employee productivity

  • Improved product quality

  • Boost sales

  • Improve business profitability

  • Better employee loyalty

  • Reduced employee turnover

But, if you are sticking to the traditional or outdated employee onboarding process, you won’t be able to accomplish all these benefits. According to iSmartRecruit, more than 69% of managers agree that employee onboarding is a time-consuming multi-step process that needs personalized attention. Thus, it is evident that a traditional approach is not a wise decision in this new normal of remote and hybrid work.  

That’s why managers across the world are adopting a modern approach – employee onboarding software that can ensure an exceptional onboarding experience for your employees while saving the time of the HR team.  

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is a solution for a variety of tasks, processes and issues that arise throughout the onboarding process of the new hires. Since recruiting a new hire is a continuous and time-consuming process, an employee onboarding process will help the HR team track an individual's recruitment, onboarding, and development in a single location. A modern employee onboarding software makes the whole process smoother and more accessible, ensuring better communication with the new employees and reducing the HR team's overall workload.  

The goal of any HR onboarding software is to help new hires reach their performance goals, feel welcomed into a new organization, and achieve high levels of productivity and employee engagement.  

Benefits Of Employee Onboarding Software

A well-structured, automated onboarding experience creates a great impact on the candidate, which facilitates employee retention. When all operational tasks are completed, HR has more time to focus on providing a meaningful, memorable employee experience.


Now that you have understood the top benefits of using employee onboarding software, let’s check out the key features to look out for in employee onboarding software.

Must-have Features of An Employee Onboarding Software

  • Should ensure remote access

  • Welcome portal

  • Multimedia capabilities

  • Employee onboarding checklist

  • Integration tools

  • Employee feedback

  • Real-time employee support

  • Employee training and development support

  • Seamless talent management

  • Real-time tracking and report tool

  • Instant software provision

  • Technical support

  • Automated emails, notifications, and eSignatures facility

  • Centralized knowledge management

  • Digital records of employee data

  • Multi-Department tickets with bird’s eye tracking

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Top 10 Employee Onboarding Software For 2022

Listed below are the top ten employee onboarding software tools that will help your HR team to provide a seamless employee onboarding experience. 


    Summary: Managing the entire HR–related processes with serious attention can be a challenge to the HR team. is an all-in-one HR service desk that delivers streamlined and personalized HR support to your workforce by resolving all HR-related queries via collaborative platforms like MS Teams and Slack. It simplifies important tasks like employee onboarding, offboarding, employee training, feedback surveys etc- making it easier for the HR team to engage each employee. This is a centralized platform that helps companies to reduce enterprise friction by boosting employee experience. is an ai-powered employee service desk that aims to offer streamlined and personalized HR support to employees right within collaborative tools like MS Teams and Slack. It helps employees clear their HR-related doubts, confusions and queries about technical and non-technical issues like laptop configuration, resetting passwords, installing software, and accessing documents/information related to medical benefits, or work policies. Whenever employees encounter any such issues, they just need to chat with’s conversational chatbot that appears on Slack and MS Teams. The bot will provide first-level support and transfer the case to a live agent if L2 support is required. automates HR processes like employee recruiting, onboarding and offboarding, employee training, and other important tasks. It provides employees with a "single window" solution that integrates major information, payroll, and employee benefits systems.


  • Highly automated onboarding experience

  • Conversational chatbot for quick employee support

  • Invisible ticketing system

  • Seamless live chat

  • Skilling for new hires with inbuilt conversational microlearning in flow of work

  • Routine task automation and workflow process

  • Twitter-age’ knowledge management

  • Real-time report and analytics

  • Automated employee survey tool

  • Checklist or reminders for team leaders

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    2. BambooHR

    Summary: BambooHR is well known as a self-onboarding solution since it helps you free your HR team from the most tiresome and tedious tasks so they can spend more time getting to know your new hire and introducing them to your company's culture.

    BambooHR is an HR software that allows HR teams to create a positive first impression with new employees rather than dealing with the time-consuming paperwork. BambooHR aims to deliver a unique and customized onboarding process by saving time and reducing HR's workload. BambooHR allows you to automatically assign onboarding tasks to new hires and let them complete them in their own time and at their own pace. Onboarding tools from BambooHR help promising candidates become engaged, productive employees by presenting what to expect on the first day, as well as team introductions.


  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Mobile App

  • Instant availability of employee reports

  • Workflow and approvals

  • Real-time report and analytics

  • Electronic signature to reduce the paperwork

    3. Ultimate Software

    Summary: The Ultimate onboarding platform is a personalized, collaborative solution that aims to make employees feel welcomed on their first day at work. They can access the software from their preferred mobile device and complete their onboarding tasks before their first day.

    Ultimate Software is a solution that enables you to establish a connection with new hires from day one, offers a convenient way for you to do so. It is exclusively designed to enhance employee experience by putting employees first place. Being a mobile-friendly platform, Ultimate software enables employers and employees to complete onboarding tasks efficiently. This includes all necessary paperwork as well as personal growth.


  • Personalixzed, employee-centric recruitment

  • AI-enabled employee voice surveys

  • Streamline and handle all employee-related documents.

  • Robust payroll

  • Automate complex tax process

  • Powerful workforce management solution

    4. Rippling

    Summary: Rippling is a one-stop solution for the HR team seeking to connect new employees to their companies. Automating HR processes, frees HR staff for more valuable tasks. The onboarding process can be completed in just 90 seconds.

    Rippling is a comprehensive employee management platform that includes tools to streamline the onboarding process for new team members, such as data entry, payroll, benefits enrollment, and learning management. Rather than relying upon traditional paper documents and signatures, Rippling sends employees documentation via e-mail, so that they can sign it electronically on the spot. As an onboarding software, Rippling ensures all workplace apps and software are installed and password protected before a new employee has even gotten to their desk.


  • Recruit and onboard best-fit candidates

  • Automated manual HR processes

  • Analyze employee's data

  • Effective policy management

  • Streamline employee training and development programs

  • Track employee's day–to–day activity

    5. Talmundo

    Summary: Talmundo software gives users an easy and simplified way to program and personalize the entire employee onboarding roadmaps. As well as this, the interactive tasks and fun quizzes deliver an exceptional approach for the organization to digitalize the onboarding process and make it fun/interactive for newly hired employees.

    Talmundo is an employee transition platform that carries out a great onboarding process. It helps companies boost employee engagement, enhance performance, increase retention, and build employer brands from the moment employees start working until they leave. Using this mobile-friendly onboarding software, managers can reduce the cost per hire and boost the productivity of new employees within a short period.


  • A smart chatbot to answer employees doubts and queries

  • Allows you to pre-schedule every task and set reminders

  • Advanced employee handbooks

  • Effective self-service portal

  • Provide employee training

    6. Happyfox

    Summary: HappyFox workflows organize the whole employee onboarding process in a streamlined way. It enables organizations to build responsible teams (IT and Finance), implement onboarding checklists, send calendar invitations, synchronize with identity management systems, etc.

    Happyfox is the best software solution that can effectively organize the entire onboarding process in an automated and efficient manner and thereby foster an efficient workculture. Happyfox allows organizations to ensure business continuity and productivity while reducing human intervention. Happyfox’s workflow automation feature streamlines the repetitive and complex employee onboarding process and allows the HR team to focus more on other serious tasks.


  • Streamline entire onboarding process

  • Send automated notifications and emails

  • Schedule meetings and send invites

  • connect your identity management system across applications to improve employee access.

  • Conduct employee engagement survey

    7. Capacity

    Summary: Capacity is a software program that works with HR teams to onboard new employees and simplifies the onboarding process. It also acts as an employee training platform that provides a well-structured onboarding experience. It disseminates knowledge and skills within the organization, allowing all employees to access the information and resources they need.

    Capacity is a support automation software that leverages advanced technologies like AI, ML and RPA to provide new hires with all the tools they require to do their work. Capacity allows employees to upload all the information the new hires need into a central knowledge base, including industry regulations, employee handbooks, company policies, and team calendars. This will help new hires to access data anytime, anywhere without the help of a dedicated agent.


  • Conversational chatbot to provide real-time information/support

  • Advanced, user-friendly knowledge base

  • Streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks


    Summary: Leena AI is an automated employee helpdesk exclusively designed to help you know everything about your new employees on the first day. By providing real-time employee engagement insights, it helps you take immediate action. It also auto-resolves employee questions about work schedules, payroll, and any other HR policies. is an onboarding solution that aims to provide a world-class preboarding experience to the new joiners that lasts for many years.’s focus is to automate workflows and create a suitable and employee-friendly environment that gives new hires the feeling of being valued, as they don’t need to waste their time on routine tasks. As a modern employee onboarding platform, works as a bridge between the complex recruiting and onboarding process.


  • Send automated welcome emails

  • Streamline new hires tasks

  • Conduct pulse surveys

  • Provide employee training

  • Resolve employee’s HR-related queries

  • Real-time employee engagement insight

    9. Paylocity

    Summary: Paylocity is an HR and payroll service provider that helps the HR team provide a streamlined and suitable way to manage employee events such as recruiting, onboarding, and workforce management.

    Being an onboarding and payroll solution, Paylocity focuses on delivering a meaningful and effortless employee experience to the new hires. It is designed to simplify onboarding processes by eliminating the burden on loads of onboarding paperwork. Its advanced technology allows employees to distribute and collect tax forms, I-9 verifications, direct deposit information, and more, making data collection easier. This will help employees save a lot of time and feel connected with their employer.


  • A robust learning management system customized to provide training related to skills/product/ company policies etc

  • Online dashboards to automate workforce management

  • Centralized feedback for managing employee’s overall performance.

    10. Zenefits

    Summary: Zenefits is an HR software provider that handles all HR-related processes such as recruiting, onboarding, and employee records under one roof.

    Zenefits is a user-friendly software solution for your HR requirements such as automating hiring, employee onboarding, benefit support, payroll etc . It will help the HR team create customized onboarding, conduct candidates' background checks, send offer letters, etc.


  • Provide advisory services through HR and payroll agents.

  • Automated onboarding process, by sending offer letters, taking e-signatures, welcome emails etc.

  • Store digital records of employee data

  • Offer time tracking platforms.

  • Manage payrolls and other benefits 


Undoubtedly, employee onboarding software is the best way to create an easy, streamlined and great onboarding experience for your new hire. Choosing the right onboarding software for your company can be difficult but game-changing. An employee onboarding platform helps you in creating the best first impression in front of your new hires, by offering you the features that can change the entire onboarding process from a long, time-consuming, and challenging process to a streamlined, digital, time-saving, and 100% tech-savvy process. 

If you want to select an employee onboarding software, first make a list of the features you want to have in that software, then go through the details to find the best-suited one for your company.

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