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Apr 12, 2023

Spring season is here, and we have some exciting news to share! The G2 Spring 2023 report is out, and we are thrilled to announce that is blooming with five new badges! This Spring season has once again been a success for, as we surpassed our previous achievements and earned new badges and ratings that have solidified our customers' trust and admiration. We are proud to have been named a High Performer, Easiest To Do Business With, Users Most Likely To Recommend, Easiest to Use, and Easiest Setup. is rated #1 for its ease of use, knowledge base, likelihood to recommend, and ticket notification. is also rated #2 for its ease of setting up; the product has been a good partner in doing business, multi-channel access, and self-service. For its fantastic quality of support, G2 has rated #3, rated #6 for its ability to meet requirements, rated #7 for ease of admin, rated #13 for dashboards, rated #15 for its user satisfaction and rated #19 for knowledge base and ticket integration. This season, G2 has rated us #20 for being cost-effective, #23 for automated ticket routing, #41 for ticket prioritization, and #43 for its market presence.  

The G2 Grid Reports are grounded in genuine user feedback and showcase the solutions that have the highest levels of customer satisfaction and the most extensive market presence. These badges represent our commitment to providing exceptional service and making the service desk experience as seamless and straightforward as possible.

What Does G2 Do?

The G2 marketplace is one of the largest in the world that enables businesses to create, evaluate, and manage their technology needs. Verified users can share their insights and opinions on the hardware and software they use on the platform. G2 supports 60 million users annually in making informed software decisions based on genuine peer reviews.

Why Do G2 Reviews Matter?

They place the utmost emphasis on ensuring the reviews are objective. They need a verified business email address or a LinkedIn account to confirm the identity and employer of a G2 user. They also verify users by working together with sellers to authenticate users securely. G2 prohibits its current or former employees from reviewing either its products or those of rival companies. After their algorithm filters out reviews that don't meet their submission requirements, the G2 team manually verifies every submission.
Before being published, all of these reviews must successfully navigate the moderation process. G2 doesn't contribute any ideas or opinions to the ratings. They are established algorithmically using data compiled from social networks and publicly accessible online sources. In the service desk industry, receiving a G2 badge is similar to winning a Grammy, as it signifies our entire team’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Our G2 Badges was recognized with several G2 badges and other notable achievements in various categories, as reported in the Spring 2023 report.

  • High Performer
    The G2 High Performer badge is regularly offered to businesses with high client satisfaction levels. has been named a "High Performer" by G2 in its Spring 2023 report. Because they can rely on a dependable, proficient service desk to assist them in reaching their objectives, our customers are happy. Our commitment to offering exceptional customer service and delivering an exceptional product has been recognized with this award.
  • Easiest To Do Business With
    G2's "Easiest To Do Business With" recognition demonstrates our dedication to treating each client as a true partner. We're working together to make one of the top workplaces. G2 describes this category as "The Easiest to Do Business With." The products with the highest Ease of Doing Business On the Relationship Index frequently receive this badge.
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend
    Every company depends heavily on referrals and recommendations. The G2 Spring 2023 Report has given the "Users Most Likely To Recommend" badge. Due to our exceptional service, clients have recommended us to their friends and coworkers. More reviews increase a product's credibility with customers and imply a more representative and accurate depiction of the customer experience. G2 rated us #1 in this category.
  • Easiest To Use
    The "Easiest To Use" badge is one of our most outstanding accomplishments in the G2 awards for the Spring 2023 report. With the highest Ease of Use rating in the category, was named the "Easiest To Use" product in the Usability Index. Being named the "Easiest To Use" company in recognition of our efforts to create service desk solutions clients and business partners want to use is an honor. Additionally, was deemed to have the best usability. It was also rated #1 for its usability by
  • Easiest Setup has also been awarded the "Easiest Setup" badge in the Spring 2023 report, which rates products according to customers' well-liked installation procedures. The product with the highest implementation index score for ease of setup is the easiest setup. A proprietary algorithm that considers real-user satisfaction ratings for several implementation-related review items determines a product's implementation score. Software buyers in the Service Desk category can compare products based on their Implementation scores to expedite the buying process and quickly find the most user-friendly products. For ease of setup, G2 has rated us #2.  

To Our Customers

We express our excitement and gratitude towards our customers for their continuous support in providing positive feedback on our platform and service, as confirmed by real and verified users. Without the valuable contribution of our customers, this recognition would not have been possible. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who made an effort to submit a review, as it reinforces our commitment to providing excellent service and motivates us to improve our platform continually.

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