Bots And Humans- The Perfect Collaborative Intelligence For The Future

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Bots And Humans- The Perfect Collaborative Intelligence For The Future
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Almost all organizations worldwide aim to create a workforce that is creative, productive, and engaging. The productivity ratio of any collaboration directly impacts the completion of the project. The future workforce requires tools that are advanced, reliable, and quick. This is possible with BOTS and humans working together. 

With the exponential evolution of artificial intelligence in information technology, it is changing the face of HR management and providing new opportunities to enhance the employees' experience. 

There has been a seismic shift in the use of technology and its applications. From websites and emails in the 90s to mobile and collaboration applications in the 2000s and now, ushering into the era of messaging and conservative interfaces with the evolution of artificial intelligence and robotics. 

With the cooperation of humans and bots, technology can serve as the new superhero, enhancing employee experience and work systems and facilitating swift, high-speed, reliable, and relatable services. Bots and humans will complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. 

The fact that 22% of the highest performing HR organizations are currently implementing or have already implemented bots for use in HR (source) shows the adoption rate. 


Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that enables employees to communicate using natural language processing. They integrate themselves into messaging applications, sites, and apps, as well as voice-activated interfaces. 

The benefits that can be reaped by the use of chatbots are as follows: 

  1. Speed: Chatbots are fast and efficient instruments of the IT department. They reduce response time and provide employees with the 24x7 service without any interruptions.

  2. Scalability: Chatbots are multi-purpose and scalable and can be operated on many applications, from banking systems to hospital directories and search functions. They can integrate themselves with multiple interfaces seamlessly.

  3. Quantitative Capacities: The quantitative capacities of the chatbots could reach the skies with unlimited cloud storage options and accessible from any part of the world; it works for everyone and everything.

  4. Multi-Channel Engagement: The chatbots can be deployed in multiple channels ranging from websites to mobile apps; it works smoothly and furnishes the employees with help at their fingertips.

  5. Automation: With the advantages of automation and equipped with the power of artificial intelligence, chatbots are continuously trained on the data sets and models, adapting themselves, and making recurring and mundane tasks and procedures entirely automated.

Despite all the advantages the chat robots offer, we can't ignore the value humans bring to the table. Humans make the processes complete and worthwhile. 

Deloitte's survey reported that 77% expect to retain or redeploy their human talent within the company! (Source

Humans bring a personalized touch to every procedure and process. 

  1. Teamwork: Humans bring integrity and compassion into the workplace, and this directly relates to the employee satisfaction rates and their productivity, which is the central aim of any organization.

  2. Leadership: Humans offer the inspiration and motivation that is required to advance and advance. Chatbots are a simple set of instructions, but humans offer personalized, tailored instructions and directives, which boosts the team's morale.

  3. Creativity: Artificial intelligence's critical insights would be mere data points if it weren't for an employee to understand them and interpret the trends.

  4. Social Skills: Social skills such as communication, interaction, team building, etc., play a significant role in employee satisfaction and productivity. The employee work experience solely depends on the behavioral interaction with the organization's faculty and environmental setup!

Chatbots augment support agents' cognitive strengths by acting as the proxy and interacting with the employees so that the agents may perform more strategic functions.

61% of business leaders agree that the human and bot's collaboration will help them achieve their strategic priorities faster and efficiently. (Source

Also, the employee service speeds up 3x times when bots and humans work together. (Source)

The bots + humans collaboratively will help create an engaged and empowered workforce! Continue reading for more valuable information and creative solutions

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