Credit Unions Springing Forward With Ai And Chatbots

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Credit Unions Springing Forward With Ai And Chatbots

We're happy to have been invited to talk with Credit Union Executives at CUTech's Spring Forum in Miami. We'll be hosting a session to demonstrate our AI-powered Virtual People and talk about chatbot solutions overall for credit unions as the execs gather to learn, share and collaborate on new technologies.

Here's an excerpt from our news release:

Actionable Sciences will show attendees how advances in natural language technology, machine learning and process automation are allowing the development of smart enterprise bots that can handle routine and repetitive tasks by engaging with customers over chat or voice, learning and then taking actions.

“The gains in these technologies are enabling the rapid evolution of AI-powered solutions like our virtual people,” said Saurabh Kumar, Actionable Science CEO and co-founder. “Credit unions and other financial institutions that adopt these kinds of agents can create real value for customers and employees.”

“A large portion of customer inquiries to credit unions are routine in nature. Institutions that employ smart technology to efficiently handle these basics will then have more human capacity to deliver on complex needs and truly delight their clients,” said Manish Sharma, Actionable Science co-founder. “The institutions that are early adopters of AI-powered agents have the potential to gain the most because these bots learn more over time.”

Read the full news release.

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