Exciting Advances In Conversational Speech Recognition Technology

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Exciting Advances In Conversational Speech Recognition Technology
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We`re excited to see the recent news from Microsoft that its conversational speech recognition system has reached a new accuracy level with an error rate comparable to professional human transcribers. Speech recognition technology continues to make rapid advances, which ultimately will enable additional use cases for conversational bots – and our Virtual People.

One of the key breakthroughs was that the Microsoft team was able to teach the system to use entire conversations for context to anticipate and predict upcoming words. This year’s study showed a 12 percent improvement in the system’s error rate over last year’s test results.

We`re already actively working with enterprises to launch programs where users interact with our Virtual People in natural language conversations to quickly complete HR tasks, conduct conversational banking and more. With ongoing advances in the technology, there is huge potential for improving customer and employee experiences as these virtual agents take on even more complex jobs.

Of course, we’re pleased to be a Microsoft partner and put their technologies to work for our clients!

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