How Microsoft Teams Can Accelerate Your Business Roi And Reduce Risks

How Microsoft Teams Can Accelerate Your Business Roi And Reduce Risks

How Microsoft Teams Can Accelerate Your Business Roi And Reduce Risks

How Microsoft Teams Can Accelerate Your Business Roi And Reduce Risks
MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most prominent players in the market for online collaborative platforms. Along with the trust and credibility of Microsoft, Teams provides users with a platform that helps them interact with their colleagues and work in a virtual workspace. 

Especially if an organization functions remotely or has a few remote employees, Microsoft Teams helps everyone within an organization to communicate and effectively collaborate. While remote working was already growing as a trend before 2020, the COVID situation increased platforms like Microsoft Teams. According to Aternity, Microsoft Teams witnessed a growth of 894% from March to June 2020, surpassing Zoom. 

The Challenges Resolved By Microsoft Teams

Since the launch of the collaborative platform, Microsoft Teams has been helping professionals resolve a range of challenges, some of which include: 

  • Lack Of Efficient Employee Support

    The traditional employee service desks are no longer relevant to provide holistic support to employees. With a fragmented approach, traditional service desks provided generic answers to specific questions. Also, they provided employees with a ticketing system that was pretty complicated and not suited non-technical employees. This often resulted in employees being confused and clueless when it came to obtaining personalized support.

  • Working With Colleagues Located In Different Locations

    As most professionals were habituated to on-premise working, it became increasingly difficult for them to work with colleagues located at different locations, whether it is a different city, state, or country. The difference in time, culture, and work environment made organizations struggle to streamline their business processes.

    Also, employees working from different locations rarely use the same tools and platforms to work from. This resulted in a lack of uniformity across an organization.

  • Onboarding Remote Employees

    HR managers struggled with onboarding employees working remotely due to a lack of effective communication. A switch from traditional on-premise onboarding made it difficult for managers to reach out to the new employees, inform them about their roles, train them, and make them feel comfortable in their new work environment.

  • Meeting Increasing Competition

    Organizations often struggle with meeting the increasing competition in the industry. As competition increased, companies resorted to more innovation and technological advancements. This often-pressured companies to improve collaboration and communication across the board to get an edge over their competitors.

  • Shifting To Cloud-based Platforms Smoothly

    While it is always advisable for companies to switch to digital and cloud-based platforms, making a smooth switch not to hamper the traditional infrastructure is important. Organizations struggled to find the right balance between traditional and modern approaches to take a giant leap.

    Organizations also struggled with switching to mobile customizations from the traditional on-premise platforms, making it challenging to retain the functionality of both platforms.

  • Dealing With System Security

    As the need for working remotely and the prominence of digital platforms increased, organizations faced the challenge of keeping their systems secure. With increasing technological advancements, systems become prone to threats like data leaks, data breaches, unauthorized access, and a range of frauds. This made it difficult to maintain the security and privacy of all the data stored on a centralized platform.

    All these challenges (and many more) were resolved as organizations implemented Microsoft Teams within their systems.

Accelerating Business ROI And Reducing Risks With Microsoft Teams

  • Streamlined Employee Support

    Microsoft Teams can provide streamlined and automated support to your employees by integrating it with is an AI-driven service desk that provides personalized support to your employees and comes up with tailored solutions specifically for them. By integrating with Microsoft Teams, your employees can obtain seamless support on the same platform that they work on. This helps save the time and effort required to keep switching platforms for creating tickets and obtaining support from the agents.

    By integrating with Microsoft Teams, uses conversational AI to provide solutions to the issues faced by your employees. It allows them to auto-resolve their issues by interacting with dedicated AI chatbots. These chatbots scan your knowledge base and all relevant details stored within your MS Teams account to provide your employees with the most suitable solutions.

    These chatbots understand the context of the questions asked and provide solutions accordingly. This allows your employees to obtain quick and effective answers to their problems. Once they obtain satisfactory answers, they can get back to work without wasting any more of their time, helping you leverage your business ROI.

    Moreover, the service desk integrated with Microsoft Teams allows your employees to get their cases routed to suitable support agents to obtain better insights and holistic support. also allows your employees to have live interactions with support agents via chat or calls.

  • Getting Your Employees Trained

    Trained employees drive home more business ROI than their peers. Through Microsoft Teams, allows the management to get the employees trained in specific micro-skills. The microlearning features help you add all necessary training resources into your knowledge base. This allows your employees to get self-trained by accessing these resources according to their convenience.

    In order to increase their productivity by making them retain information better, the service desk allows you to provide training resources in an engaging content format. Plain text often tends to bore readers and make them lose the consumed information quickly.

    Through integrated with Microsoft Teams, you can provide your employees with videos, infographics, animations, and pictures for better knowledge consumption. You can also set milestones for your employees to achieve to help them keep track of their progress.

    When your employees (especially the recruits) can learn micro-skills by themselves, it gives them a sense of motivation and makes them genuinely driven towards work. This results in high engagement and productivity of employees within your organization.

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  • Reducing The Number Of Internal Emails

    While emails are great for interacting with clients, suppliers, and other external public, many internal emails only take up your employees’ time. Employees find themselves sending emails and having conversations in email threads with their colleagues. This hampers their productivity as their valuable time is utilized in sending emails and waiting for replies.

    Microsoft Teams eliminated this issue by providing the option of quick chat. This allows your employees across different departments to interact with each other over online chats. Instead of charting dedicated emails, they can communicate and share all necessary documents over live chat. As the conversations in chats occur in real-time, it facilitates smooth and effective communication between your employees.

  • Reducing The Frequency Of Video Meetings

    When it comes to working remotely, organizations often make the mistake of assuming that regular video meetings are suitable for employee productivity. However, the opposite is true. A lot of video calls for team meetings and regular monitoring only end up distracting the employees from their work. Microsoft Teams solves this issue by providing team leads and their employees with streamlined group chats. Group chats allow the team leaders to interact with their subordinates on a centralized platform without making video calls every now and then.

    This keeps the communication across your organization precise and effective. Your employees can now focus more on their work and achieving the desired target instead of interacting with their team on group chats.

  • Smooth Onboarding Of Employees

    Especially in the case of remote employees, effective onboarding is necessary to increase their productivity over time. The first few weeks spent by your employees working with you are often the defining ones. HR managers need to ensure that the new employees are comfortable with the new work environment and can go well with their teams.’s integrated with Microsoft Teams allows your managers to streamline the onboarding processes using a centralized platform. Once an employee joins your organization, the service desk helps you send personalized and automated emails to welcome them to your organization. These emails contain a personalized welcome note, brief about their role, details about their team members, contact details about their team leaders, information about the organizational hierarchy, company policy, and other relevant information.

    Well-structured onboarding helps your employees get familiar with the organization and understand their responsibilities better, encouraging them to give their best.

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  • Flexibility In Operations

    Finally, Microsoft Teams provides the utmost flexibility in operations to your employees by providing seamless mobile customization. This helps employees with no access to desktops/laptops or the ones on the go to log into the platform and stay in sync with everything happening within the organization. As all their activities are logged into the centralized database in real-time, you can ensure congruency in the processes carried out by your team.

The Final Word

When it comes to increasing your business ROI and reducing errors while performing business processes, many Microsoft Teams’ functionality depends on – the AI-based employee service desk integrated with Teams. The platform allows your employees to obtain wholesome support, automate several processes, and collaborate with their peers with ease and efficiency.

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