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SLA Configuration for Ticketing System ticketing system is now enabled with SLA calculation and reporting capabilities. With this new feature, each queue can now have a Calander and SLA Goals mapped to it.

Access level needed - Tenant Admin

Configuring Calendars - A calendar is used for defining the availability of a queue. To create a calendar Tenant Admin needs to select the business hours and holidays.

Tenant admin can go to - Admin App > Global Settings > Calendar to add or update a calendar. 

To configure a calendar select the Business hours and Holidays.



Business Hours Configuration - Tenant admin can add business hours from Admin App > Global Settings > Business Hours.

This screen is used for configuring the working hours, working days and week offs.


Holidays Configuration - Tenant admin can add Holiday list by going to Admin App > Global Settings > Holidays 

Click Create button and name your holiday list.


  • Click on the 'Plus +' action button to add a new holiday.
  • Type the name of the Holiday and select the date.
  • Click save once you add a holiday.
  • Click 'Create' once you are done adding all your holidays. 

Access level needed - Ticket Admin

Configuring SLA Goals - Ticket Admin can create Different SLA goals for different queues. To add SLA goals, go to Ticket Management > Settings > SLA Goals

Currently, Ticket Admin can configure the Ticket Resolution SLA goals for High, Medium, and Low priority tickets.



Mapping SLA Goals and Calander to a Queue - Once the calendar and SLA goals are configured Ticket Admin can use them while creating a queue.


SLA Reporting - The current 'Ticket Detail Report' is enhanced to give you the SLA Met and Not Met insights. 

This report now shows two new columns - Resolution Time (in Minutes) and SLA.

To download this report, navigate to Ticket Management > Reports.


Note - In case a ticket is still open the Resolution Time shows as 'N/A' and SLA is calculated by considering Resolution time as Current Time.  

if you do not set up SLA Goals or Calendar, it will use the default values.

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