Do You Have An Employee Engagement Strategy? AI Is Here To Rescue Your Day

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Do You Have An Employee Engagement Strategy? AI Is Here To Rescue Your Day

Do You Have An Employee Engagement Strategy? AI Is Here To Rescue Your Day

AI & Automation
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Do You Have An Employee Engagement Strategy? AI Is Here To Rescue Your Day
Employee Experience

It's a bit mind-boggling to think about this- Gallup reports that only 23% of employees across the globe are really happy, satisfied and engaged with their jobs and organizations. Can you believe that? Therefore, the remaining 77% are either simply going through the motions or, hold on tight, actively disengaged, as in, "I'd rather be anywhere else but here." But, hold on, here is the real kicker: businesses suffer expensive employee turnover games due to all this "meh" attitude. 

Thus, CHROs need to invest in well-designed employee engagement strategies. Engaged employees tend to be happier, more productive, and supportive of a culture of loyalty within an organization. Moreover, an engaged work culture helps organizations retain their top talents and attract potential new hires.

Think of this scenario where you are visiting a highly engaged IT company where employees are whizzing with high enthusiasm, bringing their best effort every day, celebrating other team's success, and high-fiving deadlines. Employees work together seamlessly, exchanging ideas, fervently advancing projects and saying, "Wow, our team rocks! That's so cool, right? Do you feel like it's your dream workplace? Well, what if I tell you this dream can be your reality? You heard me right; you only need to implement well-crafted employee engagement strategies. Reports state that having an effective employee engagement strategy helps organizations boost employee productivity and reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

Now, I would like to ask the question that it's worth a million dollars- Do you have a robust employee engagement strategy? If your answer is YES, you are on the right track to developing a vibrant and dynamic workforce. In any case, if the answer is anything but certain, there's a superhero that can change everything: Generative AI. In today's ever-evolving work culture, Generative AI has swooped in like a caped crusader to save your day and take your employee engagement strategy to new heights in this digital age where data and insights rule supreme.

Defining Employee Engagement and Its Importance

Employee engagement can be defined as an employee's interest in and enthusiasm towards his job and workplace. Organizations can measure and manage employee views on the critical components of their workplace culture with the help of employee engagement strategies.

This will help you determine whether your employees are genuinely invested in their work or are merely putting in the required time.

You can determine whether your team-building exercises and human resources procedures have a positive business impact or if there is room for improvement. And with the right strategies, organizations can discover how to strengthen the bond between your staff's jobs and your business.

What Makes Employee Engagement Strategies a No-Brainer for Organizations? 

In my opinion, employee engagement strategies are unequivocally important for every organization -regardless of size and industry- due to their numerous business benefits, supported by adequate data and real-world scenarios. These tactics foster a mutually beneficial relationship in which employees are interested in their work, which boosts employee performance, increases job satisfaction, and enhances overall organizational profitability.

Let me put some data that emphasize how important employee engagement is. A Gallup 2022 report found that engaged teams boost business productivity by 21%. Now, that's an attention-grabbing number, right? But hold on, here comes the BIG one. , Organizations with engaged employees outperform their business rivals by up to 202%. Now, that's something jaw-breaking. These statistics highlight the link between engagement and organizational success.

Take into account a case of two IT organizations - let's name it 'X' and 'Y.' 'X' actively employs robust employee engagement strategies. They promote an atmosphere where employees' opinions are valued, and communication is encouraged. The feeling of being heard and appreciated reduces employee turnover by 30%. Company Y, on the other hand, neglects engagement, resulting in dissatisfied employees and a turnover rate that increases recruitment costs by 50%.

Confused? Look at a different scenario demonstrating the effect on business ROI. Suppose company 'A' regularly invests in skills development workshops and quickly acknowledges employee accomplishments. Their employees' productivity has increased by 17% as a result. Contrarily, Company B disregards such tactics, resulting in a stale workplace environment and a 12% drop in productivity.

These two scenarios explain that employee engagement strategies are a no-brainer for organizations aiming to thrive in this ever-evolving economic climate.

Generative AI in Employee Engagement: The Real Game-changer

It's time to talk about technology now, specifically Generative AI. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is causing waves in almost every industry these days. Imagine having an AI ally who is more knowledgeable about your employees than you are. That is how AI boosts employee engagement, so magically.

It will become increasingly important for HR leaders to make use of AI capabilities to boost employee engagement across all sizes and fields, not just in Fortune 500 companies. AI gives CHROs and managers the tools they need to create more empowered and engaged workforces, from streamlining communication channels and providing personalized support to offering custom training opportunities and the right information at the right time. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate employee engagement strategies while incorporating fascinating data and engrossing scenarios. Imagine a workplace where Generative AI isn't just a sci-fi idea but a dynamic ally that empowers employees on a whole new level. It is a proven fact that companies with engaged employees are 21% more profitable. Imagine AI entering the scene as a perceptive partner who will revolutionize engagement, not as a cold robot.

Indeed, advanced tools like OpenAI HR helpdesks or Generative AI helpdesks have the power to offer countless benefits to every organization. It eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks and time-consuming processes, accelerating the hunt for talent, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing employee attrition. Adopting AI in employee engagement strategies helps organizations enhance the overall work environment. 

Many HR managers and CHROs continue to doubt this Generative AI technology's efficacy in dealing with traditionally human tasks like decision-making. Despite widespread skepticism regarding artificial intelligence's ability to handle tasks requiring empathy or intuition, this technology is already revolutionizing the workplace and setting new efficiency standards.

Now, let's focus on how Generative AI tools redefine employee productivity and engagement. Perhaps you've experienced the frustration of waiting for IT support when your traditional AI helpdesk fails just before a crucial presentation. Those times are the past, thanks to Generative AI IT helpdesks. They provide immediate, personalized support and are accessible around the clock. But do you have any idea how an OpenAI helpdesk enhances your employee engagement strategy? Don't worry; we have got it covered.

How Generative AI HR Helpdesks Supercharge Your Employee Engagement Strategy?

Today, Generative AI HR helpdesks have become a game-changing tool for boosting employee engagement initiatives. is a Generative AI-powered employee support and engagement software that works within Microsoft Teams that aims to improve employee experience by auto-resolving up to 65% of employee issues without any human intervention. This modern platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to give employees adequate, personalized support, ultimately enhancing their overall experience at the company. 

Let's explore how generative AI HR helpdesk like can revamp your employee engagement strategy.

ChatGPT-like AI Chatbots for Instant Employee Support and Personalized Experience

Generative AI HR helpdesks like are excellent at providing employees with instant and tailored support. Its ChatGPT-like AI chatbot uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing similar to ChatGPT, allowing it to analyze employee preferences and previous interactions to deliver personalized recommendations and responses.'s AI chatbot enables organizations to quickly browse through a range of documents, including manuals and helpdesk websites, to learn from their content. By ingesting existing knowledge, the ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot can provide immediate employee support and deliver personalized experiences with precise and relevant responses. 

When organizations provide a degree of personalization via AI Chatbot, it shows the company's commitment to understanding and meeting employees' needs, strengthening the team's relationship.


Suppose your organization's marketing expert contacts's helpdesk to apply for a leave of absence. The proactive support from the Generative AI helpdesk improves her experience by recognizing her role and providing the best plan to ensure her tasks are completed while she is away.

Easy and Effective Automation

A McKinsey study found that an employee spends nearly two hours daily at his office to find relevant information to accomplish daily tasks. As a result, the team's productivity will be hindered, and the firm's profitability will be affected. Adopting a Generative AI service desk like  is the best employee engagement strategy for HR teams as it helps them streamline their repetitive tasks and processes. This will help the HR team devote more time to strategic initiatives that affect employee engagement by automating responses to frequent queries, such as leave policies, welcome emails, medical expense reimbursements, and employee skill training registrations. 

Employees will always receive timely and accurate information thanks to this simplified process, which also lessens the administrative burden. Another McKinsey study states that helpdesk automation can increase HR process efficiency by up to 50%, freeing HR support agents to concentrate on tasks with a higher economic return.


Suppose a mid-sized IT company 'A's HR support agents are swamped with repetitive IT and HR questions. When support agents lack the proper technology and assistance, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming, lowering their effectiveness, productivity, and engagement. Thus, company A has decided to invest in an HR helpdesk powered by Generative AI. Now, the support team has more time to organize creative engagement activities that promote a positive workplace culture. 

Personalized Employee Onboarding Assistance

By giving new hires personalized engagement and support through the onboarding procedures, the Generative AI helpdesk like can quickly onboard them. AI-powered helpdesks guarantee a more seamless integration into the company by having the capacity to respond to a wide range of inquiries about corporate policies, employee benefits, and procedures. According to a recent Accenture study, 78% of employees feel personalized engagement offers make their jobs more satisfying.

Suppose your new remote employee, Peter, needs help signing up for the company's health insurance plan. When he tried to contact your support team, he was told there was a long waiting list. This leaves him frustrated and lost. This is where Generative AI comes in. With an OpenAI helpdesk, Peter receives step-by-step instructions, and it even makes a suitable plan recommendation based on his preferences.

Real-time Employee Engagement Survey

The real-time employee engagement survey is the best way to learn about what employees think and feel about their managers, jobs and organizations, what they like and dislike about the workplace, etc. Instead of going through a lengthy and resource-intensive feedback process, organizations can use OpenAI-powered employee engagement platforms to collect real-time employee feedback and immediately address any questions or issues.


Imagine this scenario where Kathy joins as the new Head of your marketing team. Kathy has always been passionate about fostering a positive workplace environment and ensuring her staff members feel appreciated and motivated. Since your company often relied on traditional employee surveys, which took weeks to gather and analyze. This prolonged the feedback loop and made it challenging to address issues as soon as they arose.

Kathy knew there had to be a more effective way to gather and respond to employee feedback instantly. At that point, she introduced an OpenAI-integrated employee engagement solution that works within MS Teams. This helped her create and conduct real-time employee feedback in a single click. 

Employee Training and Skill Development

A LinkedIn survey reported that more than 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it supported their professional growth. This can be achieved through an OpenAI helpdesk like that can create and suggest bit-sized training programs and skill development opportunities specific to a given employee's career path. This improves employee skills and shows how committed the company is to their career development. 


Consider this scenario: your long-term software developer wants to learn more about a new technology. An OpenAI helpdesk like compiles a list of courses, workshops, and resources to assist him in upskilling. This will elevate employee engagement and experience. 


That's it-Generative AI and employee engagement are being combined to redefine HR's playbook. I hope that now you know better about the significance of a thoughtful employee engagement strategy, its amazing advantages, and how Generative AI elevates employee engagement to the new heights.

HR teams can now concentrate on developing long-lasting relationships with employees by utilizing AI for employee engagement. And while the term AI in the context of HR can be intimidating, we believe it is the best option for enhancing employee engagement.

In other words, AI-powered tools like are not there to take your place but to help you become more powerful.

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  1. How can OpenAI helpdesk elevate employee engagement?
    OpenAI helpdesk can increase employee engagement by providing personalized support and experiences, such as personalized skill training, seamless employee recognition programs, real-time feedback and team collaboration. It can explore employee opinion, determine patterns, and suggest the right solutions to elevate employee engagement, job satisfaction, work-life balance, and career growth.

  2. Can AI help in onboarding new employees?
    Indeed. Organizations can adopt AI-powered service desks to streamline employee onboarding by providing personalized training materials, answering repetitive queries, auto-resolving their issues, and facilitating communications with HR. AI chatbots like can guide new hires through the manual paperwork, provide work policies, and help them adapt to their roles faster.

  3. What part does AI play in managing employee performance?
    AI can analyze various metrics and feedback to offer data-driven insights into employee performance. It can assist in establishing sensible objectives, monitoring development, and providing pertinent feedback. This helps managers make defensible raises, promotions, or skill development choices.

  4. Can AI be used to measure employee satisfaction?
    AI can measure employee satisfaction by analyzing the sentiment of surveys, feedback, and communication channels. It can spot patterns and issues, enabling HR to quickly address problems and develop plans to raise general job satisfaction.
  5. Can AI be used to improve team collaboration?
    Yes, AI can improve employee communication by automating routine messages, providing instant responses to inquiries, and ensuring consistent updates.
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