5 Best AI tools that will transform IT support

5 Best AI tools that will transform IT support

5 Best AI tools that will transform IT support

5 Best AI tools that will transform IT support

Imagine this: You are an IT support specialist. You log into your AI-powered ITSM and notice several tickets were generated overnight. The AI ITSM automatically resolves about 60% of the tickets and categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns the tickets requiring intervention to agents.

One ticket catches your attention, indicating a potential network outage in the finance department’s server. The AI system analyzes the ticket and predicts that this issue could disrupt financial operations. The system proactively recommends potential root causes and solutions.

You can quickly connect with the IT support team to resolve the issue. The AI tool delivers real-time updates as the ticket resolution progresses and is resolved.

While this is a single scenario, AI-powered tools transform IT support in innumerable ways by enabling proactive issue addressing and analysis and providing data-driven solutions. They bring higher efficiency and foster 24/7 support availability to reduce the impact on business operations.

This blog post will discuss five AI-powered IT support tools and how they can improve IT support operations.

How AI Can Improve IT Support

As technology evolves, so does the way IT support is delivered. AI not only reshapes IT support services by making them efficient but also offers benefits that significantly uplift traditional approaches, enhancing employee experience.

Let’s check how AI improves IT support:

Smarter Employee Support

AI-powered systems automatically scan the knowledge base to find the best answer to employee queries with remarkable accuracy. This eliminates the need for employees to search for solutions and get quick help. They analyze vast amounts of data and learn from past employee interactions, enabling support teams to provide accurate and intelligent support on a single unified platform. This ensures the queries are addressed promptly and effectively, reducing downtimes and enhancing user experience.

Personalized Employee Service Desk

AI personalizes the service desk experience by tailoring solutions to meet individual employee needs. It understands users’ context and specific needs and offers proactive solutions for issues or queries. AI anticipates specific needs using intelligent algorithms to foster a deeper engagement through personalization, thereby increasing morale.

Tracking History

One key advantage of AI technology in service desks is its ability to track interaction history, create a database, and analyze it over time to provide accurate solutions and troubleshoot issues faster. It efficiently identifies patterns, trends, and recurring problems, helping the support teams implement proactive measures to prevent future incidents. This improves resolution time and helps identify areas for optimization to create a more robust IT infrastructure.

Self-Service Solutions

AI empowers self-service by helping employees resolve common issues independently and eliminates the need for the support team to get involved. It employs an intuitive chatbot or a self-help portal for employees to interact with and access relevant information, reducing dependency on traditional support channels. This frees up the time for the support team to accomplish critical complex tasks and empowers employees to take ownership of common IT challenges.

Increased Employee Productivity 

The main goal of implementing AI-powered solutions is to improve productivity by streamlining processes and minimizing disruptions. AI automates routine tasks and delivers timely assistance in a personalized manner, enabling employees to focus on their core responsibilities without getting overwhelmed or restricted by technical issues. This helps drive results faster and fosters higher employee productivity and growth.

5 Best AI Tools To Transform IT Support

1. is a GenAI-powered AITSM that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and 150+ enterprise platforms to revolutionize IT service delivery. It transforms your ITSM into a GenAI sidekick, efficiently handling and auto-resolving 65% of employee queries through an interactive chatbot. It streamlines operations and enhances the support experience with features like no-code automation studio and conversational ticketing. It learns and improves over time, gathering information from various sources with its seamless integration API for existing infrastructure, making it one of the top choices for AI-powered tools in IT service management.

Ratings & Reviews

G2: 4.8/5 (33 reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (9 reviews)

Key features

A unified GenAI-powered service desk: transforms the scattered support services into a unified solution that works within MS Teams. It creates a 3600  modern service desk inside a conversational platform, MS Teams, for employees to find help and get resolutions fast. 

Agile knowledge management: gathers and learns from online and offline sources like PDFs, URLs, websites, Sharepoint folders, and office documents. It creates a robust knowledge base that updates itself and customer interactions, provides citations and links and is available 24/7.

Process orchestration: Being an automation-first platform, automates repetitive processes like employee onboarding, configuring project management software, software installation, laptop configuration, resetting passwords, and more such processes. It saves time and resources by orchestrating these processes like clockwork with incredible accuracy.

Desktop automation: A distant dream for many tools, brings desktop automation with its incredible IT support features. It handles tasks like network printer installation, OneDrive troubleshooting, device configuration, cache cleaning, turning on and off USB drives, new system setup, fixing file system issues, proactive device monitoring, and creating tickets.

Conversational ticketing and live chat support: ditches the clunky traditional ticketing with an intelligent ticketing system that automatically creates tickets upon request. It allocates tickets to the right agent and sends notifications as the ticket matures through the resolution pipeline. Employees can also request the assistance of human agents anytime they need. 

Incident management: Besides IT support, provides robust incident management and auditability to detect, assess, and respond to IT incidents. 

Best for is best for midsize to enterprise-level organizations looking for AI-powered scalable ITSM capabilities with advanced analytics and dashboards that provide a bird’s-eye view of service delivery. It suits education, retail, healthcare, government, and public agencies.


  • User-friendly and intuitive UI for faster adoption 
  • Extensive customization options with no-code-automation features 
  • Exemplary implementation and customer support for a smooth transition
  • Unified platform for ITSM, HR, and employee engagement 
  • An agile knowledge base that helps improve agent productivity


  • No portal for signing in and accessing; runs within MS Teams

2. Freshservice

Freshservice is a comprehensive tool for streamlining IT support services. It is part of the Freshworks product suite and offers intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve support services, incident management, change management, and asset tracking.

Ratings & Reviews

G2: 4.6/5 (1181 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (572 reviews)

Key features

Improved agent productivity: It offers a comprehensive ticketing system that triages incoming tickets and provides ML-powered responses, freeing agents to focus on pressing tasks.

Leverages the Freshworks platform: Offers API for custom integration, automated workflows, ecosystem partner solutions, and marketplace, creating an all-around solution system.

Integrated platform: Unifies service management to improve resolution time, reduce costs, and enhance service quality. 

Best For

Suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their IT service management. 


  • Easy to set and use for first-time users
  • Easy to customize and modify as per need without coding needs 


  • Poor customer service
  • Issues with integrations, especially with external partners like Slack or Freddy 
  • Advanced analytics and SLA management are not available in the starter subscription.

3. Jira service management

Jira is a service management tool that helps streamline ITSM and enhance collaboration. It offers ticketing, self-service, and integration capabilities to deliver quality IT services. 

Ratings & Reviews

G2: 4.2/5 (765 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (665 reviews)

Key features

Knowledge management: Offers knowledge base management to enable self-service and deflect more requests. 

Configuration management: Offers insights into applications and services to help understand dependencies between components and ensure smooth operations. 

Request management: It simplifies service requests, promotes self-service, and manages work across teams with AI-powered virtual agents. 

Best for

Jira service management suits large enterprises and organizations that are already using Jira products.


  • Easy to create and escalate tickets 
  • Easy to integrate with product management tools and other Jira product suite


  • Poor response time due to the high frequency of users 
  • There is no option to recover once you delete something 

4. ManageEngine

ManageEngine service desk plus is a Zoho Corp. division that offers a complete suite of IT management tools for managing, monitoring, and securing IT infrastructure. It addresses IT challenges to keep businesses safe and ensure end-user satisfaction. 

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.2/5 (227 reviews)Capterra: 4.4/5 (207 reviews)

Key features 

Identity and access management: Features like Active Directory & M365 management, MFA & SSO, and Zero Trust help manage identities and privilege access to ensure security and compliance.

Unified service management: Helps design, automate, deliver, and manage IT services seamlessly. 

IT operations management: Monitors and manages servers, networks, applications, and entire IT infrastructure with network management tools, AIOps, and DEM.

Best For

It suits small to midsize companies seeking solutions to create a secured IT infrastructure. 


  • Easy to use and navigate interface 
  • Flexible deployment and easy integration with other ManageEngine products


  • Expensive compared to other tools 
  • Limited report customization 
  • Limitations on complex automation 

5. SymphonyAI

SymphonyAI is an AI-powered ITSM with comprehensive features like no-code/low-code customization, easy integration, and automated task acceleration. It helps deliver tailored service experiences to boost productivity and improve user experience.

Ratings & Reviews

G2: 4.6/ 5 (54 reviews)

Capterra: 4.4/ 5 (25 reviews) 

Key features

Unified service portal: Offers a consolidated user service portal that eliminates the complexity of multiple sites and interfaces.

Self-service: Help employees get answers to queries independently, reducing call deflection and improving service experience.

Easy administration: Help design and roll out services and workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionality in the Design Studio feature with 50+ built-in design controls. Best for Suitable for enterprises and industries with high IT demand 


  • Easy-to-navigate system 
  • Easy-to-implement modules like change, incident, and request management 


  • Lacks network monitoring and patch management functionality
  • Support services are not robust 
  • Bugs in report generation

AI for IT support: Leverage’s GenAI sidekick

Integrating AI-powered ITSM tools offers a significant advantage in creating robust automated IT support services. They efficiently manage smooth IT operations and deliver exceptional employee support services.’s GenAI sidekick transforms your IT support and enhances employee experience with intelligent features. It brings onboard:  

  • GenAI employee experience with intelligent automation and robust ITSM solutions 
  • Bright feedback loop that learns and improves with every interaction to deliver accurate responses
  • An agile knowledge base that ingests existing knowledge to provide relevant and immediate responses to queries
  • Auto-resolution of up to 65% of tickets that minimizes ticket volumes to half
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with 1000+ enterprise software applications to enable accessing resources and tools from a single platform
Want to revolutionize your IT support with an AI-powered ITSM tool?


How is AI used in IT support?

AI in IT support automates routine tasks, predicts issues through data analysis, and provides real-time assistance via chatbots, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Can IT support be replaced by AI?

AI can only partially replace IT support, as complex problem-solving and human judgment are essential, but it can handle routine queries and monitoring.

What is the use of AI in IT service management?

AI in IT service management streamlines operations by automating ticket routing, predicting service disruptions, and optimizing resource allocation, thereby improving response times and service quality.

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